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    Anand V

    Hi there,

    I’ve been feeding my 9 1/2 y/o Alaskan Malmaute a dehydrated raw diet….she was already on it when I adopted her 3 years ago. She eats Honest Kitchen Thrive – Chicken and Quinoa. It has done her well but she does have some skin issues and it was suggested I try a raw diet from Big Country Raw (BCR). They’re not too far away from me towards the Niagara region. I haven’t found any reviews that you have done on this product under your rating system. I have read some others mention that supplements may be needed. Any input you can provide would be greatly appreciated. It sounds like a great product and is also budget friendly versus Honest Kitchen. That’s not the main reason I want to switch…doing it more to help my dog have healthier skin and fur….that means more than the $$$ I spend on her food.


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    Pam M

    I just started BCR today. My 14 week old shih-tzu, Brody, has been having a terrible time. I had him on Petcurean, no soy, no grain, no eggs and no chicken. This was my third food as I started out with what the breeder was using, but he’s been chewing his paws and having a terrible time. I had my last dog on raw food, and like most owners, it was out of necessity. I’m hoping this will settle things down. If I have a positive outcome I’ll be sure to post with the results.

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    Tom A

    We switched our two dogs to BCR about two weeks ago. The one dog is a 15 year old golden retriever, the other is a 13 month old schnauzer, both are neutered. The golden has severe arthritis and a mass on his liver, between these two issues we were considering euthanasia in near future. Within a couple of days of starting the golden on the turkey dinner which is complete other than Omega three and 6 we supplemented this with a salmon oil once a day. The golden is now showing a marked increase in vitality and activity. Although his arthritis continues to limit his physical activity since beginning the BCR we have found that instead of just lying flat on the floor all the time he now sits on the floor with his head and body upright paying attention to everything going on around him.

    We were considering euthanasia within a matter of days or weeks, however his improved vitality is causing us to rethink this plan. The only problem the Schnauzer is having is he seems to love the food so much that he eats it faster than we would like.

    We can’t help but Wonder as we read information about declining life expectancies in pure breds over the last number of years what role current dry Foods play in this. We don’t know if it is just a result of better knowledge by pet owners but we do seem to talk to more owners everyday who’s dogs are dying from cancer. Could this be a result of some of the additives which dry foods are putting in their kibbles?

    Regardless, so far we are very happy with the BCR dinners and plan to continue using them.

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    Jessica F

    I’ve been feeding my dog raw food for a couple of months now. I started by giving him raw meat from Highland packers in Stoney Creek, this is where big country raw get their meat from as I was told. he loves the raw food, however i find he doesn’t like added veggies or fruits, so instead I switched to another brand called HealthyPaws. I was told by one of the knowledgeable workers at Global pets that there is a lot of moisture in that food and not as good quality meat. I since changed to one called NaturePaws, apparently this is more organic and better quality… my dog doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much. I do add Glucosamine and salmon oil to his meals.

    I’m at a confusion point as what type of raw food to feed him.. Can anyone give me good info on some raw dinner, i prefer to buy the meals prepared.

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    Jessica: are you feeding ground? If yes, look at Hare Today, Raw Feeding Miami, My pet Carnivore & Reel Raw. All have grinds that are meat/bone/organ and some have tripe. You just weigh it and feed.

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    Sloane K


    How has your dog been? Did you decide to switch?

    Dogs shouldn’t be fed grains of any sort to my knowledge, or carbs for that matter so it’s no surprise that a food boasting chicken & quinoa wasn’t doing the trick for you. But I’m eager to hear an update. Thanks in advance.

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    Anand V

    Hi Sloan,
    I did switch but went with Quest Raw…they are a subsidiary of Pets 4 Life. She’s done very well on it and with supplements I’ve added as well, skin and fur look great. I feed her their Turkey, Salmon, Duck and beef. They’re preprepared patties…she loves them.

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    Sloane K

    Thanks for your reply, Anand!

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