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    I am looking for a single protein dry and wet dogfood other than chicken, fish or lamb that is suitable for a senior dog. I am looking for a brand that does not have grains, potatoes, rice (her glucose has gone up). R.C Prescrition Pot/Venison begain also putting soy in their formula and that ended that food. I am looking at Zignatures duck and turkey L/I formula but am unsure of the protein levels. I read that the duck was possibly more diggestiable than the turkey which I am now trying with Wild Calling canned food. I would appreciate any comments for my elder girl She began acid refdlux we feel due to the 8mos of potatoes! Also, how much protein is too much protein. Possibly +fiber is okay but that remains unknown also.

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    What did your vet advise you about protein levels?

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    They didn’t at all! They advised the pot/duck RC but that also has soy

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    She loves the Zignatues to which I am adding some pumpkin during the chamnge to Zig. Unfortunately I couldn’t transition as the RC was a problem.

    Thanks, I appreciate your time.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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