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    I just got the bad news that all 3 of my dogs have come down with Lepto. We caught it early I believe and they are all on Doxicycline for a month. My vet would like to support the kidneys for one dog who is showing poor kidney values from her blood test with Hills Prescription K/D, which is a blend with low protein and low phosphorus. I have been reading that the low protein diet is not necessary and may even be harmful. But, I have also read that a low phosphorus diet could be beneficial. They have been eating Taste of the Wild grain free foods for years. Does anybody have a feel for what might be a good food for this condition that costs less than the Hills ($85 for a 30lb. bag)? Thank you much!

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    I think you are dead on right with low protein diet can be harmful! From what I read from other readers that have dogs with kidney issues…..they all pretty said the same thing…it has nothing to do with protein…you just need to watch the phosphorus intake!
    From what I am reading….I think I would get rid of Hills Prescription k/d dog food. It is NOT a good dog food. Feed your dog grain free/high protein good quality dog food.
    Do some research on dog food first and go from there!
    Hope this helps!!! If I find more information…I will let you know!!!

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