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    Our 10 yr old Cain terrier went to the vet who diagnosed a bit of osteoarthritis and prescribed 20Mg Galliprant – 1 tablet to start and then 1/2 tablet. The first morning she had two uncontrollable BMs and shortly there after very liquid stool and no appetite for treats, regular food or anything else.It’s now been 3 days and she still has no appetite and is passing only very liquid (and usually black) stools. She is staying well hydrated, but still has no appetite for anything we can offer. I’ve read it could take up to 7 or 10 days for her to kick the Galliprant effect. Any brilliant ideas?
    She won’t eat boiled chicken (with or without rice) and has no interest in her normal food or normal treats.

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    I would hold the med and call the vet asap. NOW
    . Some dogs cannot tolerate NSAIDS
    She is a senior, she may be dehydrated.
    It may take a week or two for her to get back to baseline.
    There are other medications the vet can prescribe.
    Bloody diarrhea and crying all night are next.

    Did you see the thread on Galliprant? Three pages, similar issues./forums/topic/galliprant-for-osteoarthritis-anyone/

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    Hi Dave,
    see vet that prescribe the Galliprant & ask vet for 200mg “Metronidazole” (Flagyl) Metronidazole is an antibiotic with an inflammatory drug & it helps heal the stomach & bowel, I can not take NSAID so I have NEVER given them to any of my pets they can cause bleeding ulcers…
    Food to feed, boiled sweet potato or boiled pumkin & add a little tuna or salmon buy the small tins of tuna in spring water or small tin of salmon in spring water & drain out all the water & put in a air tight container, add about 1 spoon tuna/salmon & 2 spoons of the sweet potato or pumkin mix or scramble 1 egg, no milk, just whisk 1 egg & cook in non stick frying pan or microwave… these are the foods I feed when Patch when he was pooing blood water or ask the vet for Hills I/d Restore Low Fat, Rice, Chicken Veggetable Stew wet can food, make sure its the I/d stew not the I/d loaf wet can food, the stews are really nice, they smell like baby food, some people buy the baby tin foods when their dogs wont eat…
    Dogs are very smart & know to rest their stomach/bowel & they dont eat, dont force her to eat any food, she will eat when she is ready, when Patch was pooing bloody water the vet made him fast for 48hrs, then started him on Metronidazole & Royal Canin Intestinal Low Fat wet can food & the matching dry kibble as well…
    Make sure evey hour she is getting a 20ml syringe with electrolytes in the water the vet has the electrolytes solution packets.. you make in a jug, Patch loved drinking the solution..
    DO NOT give treats as they may be high in fat & make matter worse, she needs a bland diet…. See vet

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