Any suggestions on how to better my recipe?

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    Jesus M

    25% ground turkey, 5% beef liver, 20% beef heart, 5% peas, 5% carrots, 5% yogurt, 10% pumpkin, 5% sweet potato, and usually 15% egg in the morning, and in the evening I substitude the egg for turkey and heart. Plus I mix in BullyMax supplements. Half a pill in the morning and half a pill in the evening. Along with their hip and joint level 3 powder.

    Whatchu you guys think of my recipe? My Boston Terrier seems to love it. She weighs almost 16lbs and she is about 8months old.

    What can I change. What can I add? I recently started buying rib bones and beef gullet to give to her on the side (I feel like of her bowl is full enough, that bones might distract her to much but im open to suggestions on what type of bone to add).

    Also, when she stands, she legit has the body of a Bully type dog. Her hind legs are swoll AF.

    I also wanna add, that her coat is shiny and smooth. She has plenty of energy, and her breath doesnt really stink plus she shows no signs of any abnormalities. Ive been having her on this diet for about a month now.

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    Is this a raw or cooked diet? If cooked, BalanceiT’s website can help you formulate balanced recipes.

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