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    Martin G

    I have a 11 week old German Rottweiler and he has been on Purina one large breed puppy food. I’ve quickly found out that this food was only good for the first few weeks. Now I’ve started him on wellness core: puppy rated a 5 on DFA. he had about 18 pounds of Purina and I added 12 pounds of wellness. He also is being fed blue wilderness wet puppy food as a topper should I take him completely off of wet food or should I just switch?

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    Hi, slowly start adding the Wellness Core Large Breed kibble with his old food, it tells you on the kibble bag how to add new kibble, first 2 days you feed 1/4 cup new kibble & take away 1/4 cup of the old kibble then 3rd & 4th day feed 1/2 Wellness & 1/2 old kibble & so on…..Maybe feed just kibble for breakfast & lunch & for dinner feed Kibble with the wet tin food or add some cooked fresh meat & veggies with his kibble instead of wet tin food what ever your cooking….Once he’s on the Wellness Core, I’d start looking for another 4-5 star kibble & start rotating in his diet so he gets use to different foods….Wellness Core is very Potato Heavy, I feed a grain free kibble that’s Lamb, Sweet potato, egg & peas then a Chicken Fish & Lamb Brown rice, oats, peas & potato, kibble…..
    Canidae has Life Stages Duck Meal Brown Rice & Lentils Formula Large Breed puppies & as they get older its just Large breed…..also has the matching wet tin food…
    Canidae is a 5 star food as soon as it comes to Australia, its sold out, Canidae can not keep up with the demand, so people have been feeding the Taste Of The Wild cause Canidae is always sold out for back orders TOTW is also a good kibble that is a best seller in Australia…
    Wellness is only sold thru Pet Barn no where else in Australia, so it doesn’t sell that well, Wellness gave my Patch sloppy poos & wind/gas from the peas & potatoes….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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