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    Carol K

    What would be our best food choice for a dog with allergy and yeast issues?

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    Are the yeast issues all over or just in the ears. If the yeast is just in the ears, then try limited ingredient diets that don’t have the protein and carb source that she usually gets. Once she is eating a food that does not have the ingredients she is reacting to in it, the ears should get better. Zymox is a great cleaning solution.

    If the yeast is all over, then in addition to getting off the offending ingredients, you also need to go low carb, as low as you can go, to starve out the yeast.

    Doing an elimination diet is the best way to figure out what your dog is reacting to. Pick one protein source and one carb source that your dog has not been exposed to and feed only that for at least 10 weeks. When your dog is not longer showing signs of allergy, start adding single foods back in, one every couple weeks, while watching closely for any reaction. If you see a reaction, then go back to foods you know are safe for a while, until there is no reaction again, and start trying new foods again.

    When I had to do an elimination diet for my dog, I started with a particular food in mind, and the ingredients for that food were what I tried first, then I has a food I could move him onto to continue testing other ingredients.

    If you want kibbles to try, my first choices would be Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient Diets or Canine Caviar Holistic. Those brands each have a few flavors to choose from.

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    Kristin C

    Best food choice would be anything with low starch (including rice and potato, sweet potato). Maybe add some coconut oil into whatever diet you chose. We feed our dogs mostly raw so kibble recommendation is not our thing, but we feed Orijen once or twice per week as needed, which is low grain.

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