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    Tera H

    I am looking for help from someone who knows alot about the different foods out there. My golden retriever has food allergies. She has been on prescription diet royal canine potato and venison for about a year. She just turned 1 in Sept. She had many vet visits to the vet because of diarrhea and skin issues. She does well on this food. We were told to try another type of food after being on that brand for at least 4 months. We tried others types and have not found one that does not cause more issues. Wondering if anyone knows of a different dog food that uses venison and potato that is of quality? Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Similar situation. It will go on and on. I did Response FP (fish and potato) for 8 years. Dog was fine until he got sick of it and wouldn’t eat. I went to Taste of the Wild Venison and Bison which he loved for ONE year. 🙁 I then switched to Blue Wilderness salmon and potato for a month then he turned his nose at it so now we are trying Fromm Duck. He can’t have beef and it all must be grain free. If you want venison, try Taste of the Wild. Blue Wilderness salmon is good and well tolerated by most. Good luck!

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    Rosemary h

    My golden does great on Fromms game recipe and duck & sweet potato..

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    Do you know what your dog is allergic to? You said skin issues; what are they exactly? That being said, there are other venison foods out there.

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