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    My puppy and 6 year old have been on Whole Earth Farms Chicken and Turkey dry and wet for the past few months now (after switching from Ideal Balance puppy and adult dry foods). I’m not exactly thrilled at Merrick’s decision to partner up with Purina, despite the company’s saying that it won’t be changing the formula. For now. And since WEF is owned by Merrick, I really don’t want to support Purina by way of buying a Merrick product.

    I’m not running out tomorrow to make a change…any change to the product will most likely take time if it happens. But I’m not fully invested in the brand and neither dog ‘loves’ the food. I’m really just biding my time until the puppy is old enough to eat adult food and I can switch both to an “Adult” quality food.

    For now, I’m stuck with All Life Stages food. I saw in the ratings that Berkley & Jensen dry food is 4 stars. It’s the same price per pound as the WEF dry (BJs Chicken formula) and it has some really good reviews. Does anyone have experience with the brand? And I see that they also have a wet food line, but it isn’t rated here.

    During a recent trip to the vet, the doc admonished me on choosing a ‘holistic brand’ because they typically lead to stool, hair and digestive issues. She told me that she only buys Royal Canin for her dogs and recommended that. The previous vet told me (when I was feeding my adult dog Blue Buffalo) that the BB was terrible and to feed my dog what he feeds his: Purina Pro Plan.

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    jakes mom

    I have an 11 year old beagle mix. He did fine on the BJ’s food (dry). I’ve used it as part of his rotation diet in the past but now he gets mostly raw.

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