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    Heather T

    Hello! I have an 11 year old Chihuahua who has just had her gallbladder removed. She is still in ICU but I need to figure out how to best feed her when she gets home. She needs a low-fat gallbladder diet. It has to be corn free as she doesn’t tolerate (bloating/constipation) which leaves out some of more recommended formulas. On top of that she has no teeth and “snarfs” swallows kibble whole so the pieces can’t be on the larger size. She does not really like wet food, and seems to feel like it’s a treat not food and acts starving and offended if we try a wet food only diet as we did when her teeth were removed. Pre-op she was eating Fromm Salmon Tunalini. I am thinking that the Fromm weight loss formula may be appropriate, she is a little overweight, or was. I’m not sure to be honest she hasn’t eaten in days and I can’t see her in the ICU (Covid) and will be tube fed today if she doesn’t eat on her own. I assume she will have lost some weight over this whole stressful ordeal. Does anyone have any insight? It would be gratefully appreciated!

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