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    I have been feeding our male Wheaton terrier this food for about 10 days. He will have some normal movements but mostly soft or loose. I thought it may be the oats, so I tried some of the Acana Grasslands as it is grain free. I did start out with only small portions mixed with the P&J. Well that didn’t go so well, doggy gas and explosive poops!
    I’m looking at other foods as I am wondering if he is sensitive to some of the ingredients.
    Anyone experience similar results with your puppy?

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    This could be a transition issue. What was he eating before and for how long? You can try adding some canned pure pumpkin to his food for a few days. Probiotics could also be helpful, as would digestive enzymes. If dogs have been on the same food for a while, their bodies adjust to eating that food, and readjusting can take time.

    If you are seeing itchiness, eye or ear discharge, reddened skin, etc., then it might be a food intolerance issue.

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    Try going back to chicken or beef (grain/gluten free). The exotic lamb, duck, venison variety may be a little much for your terrier. Orijen’s 6 Fish is outstanding. Probiotics is a must for any diarrhea issues.

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    Thanks for the replies. I have tried the pumpkin, it has helped some, but the end of day poops are not pretty. Going to switch to a grain free food today. The breeder had them on GO food. Will give it a try. I was really hoping the Acana would be the right choice for him. I liked the fact that it is made in Canada.

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    Hi Eric,

    I like Go! (Petcurean) products a lot. They’re also manufactured in Canada.

    Am I understanding that your pup has only been eating his current food for a few days?

    Also, how much does your dog weigh and how much are you feeding? How old is your pup?

    It could be that you’re overfeeding, but it sounds also to me like it’s more of a transition issue.

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    Thanks for pointing out that GO! is made in Canada….
    Leo has been on the P&J for two weeks.
    He was getting 1/4 three times a day to start for 5-6 days and them increased it too 1/3 cup. He’ll be 11 weeks this Tuesday.
    Yesterday I picked up the Acana Pacifica on the recommendation of the employee at the store. He had his first serving of 1/4 cup at lunch and 1/2 cup at supper. I did mix in a teaspoon pumpkin at both feedings. All went well last night. He had 1/2 this morning and all was well when he went out this morning. We want to gradually eliminate the lunch feeding over the next few weeks. He weighs 9 pounds.
    He’ll likely sleep all day today as he was romping around with his older brother (11 months old) last night. It was priceless watching the two of them play, and crash next to each other in the grass.

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