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    After many trial and error attempts, we found a great food for our little sensitive mutt-but one issue: bad breath. Sammy loves his food, and I add a bit of flax seed powder to it for fiber (keeps his anal glands clear). I’ve always added flax to his food, so I can’t blame the flax seed…the only thing I can think of that’s different is medication he’s on (zonisamide and azathiaprine) which the vet said shouldn’t have anything to do with his breath, and the food switch almost a year ago now. Sam has a seizure disorder and he gets blood labs every 2 months, and his blood work is great. His checkups have been great, and the vet says his teeth look good. I brush his teeth, he has nylabones and chews a lot, and he has all natural dog breath tablets. NONE of this helps at all. Has anyone else noticed this with Acana (duck and pear) or with high protein food? His breath smells straight up like a fishing pier-like rotting fish.

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    I can’t feed Acana but do use high protein kibbles. Normally I feed Earthborn or Natures Logic but recently tried a TOTW formula – my Greyhound loved it but after a few days I did notice a terrible change to the way his breath smelled. I assumed it was connected with digestion and won’t feed it again. Back on his regular food & breath is much improved.

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    hmmm interesting. I wonder if I should risk changing his food again. He gets so sick on a lot of foods.

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    I don’t know too much…but I read an article once of someone who added activated charcoal and chlorophyll to fix bad breath. I personally haven’t tried it myself (my dogs get kinda smelly breath too, especially after their raw eggs, so I got into the habit of regular brushing/water additives/gel/etc.). I definitely understand not wanting to risk a food switch again. Hope you find something that works!

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    Hmm..something to look into! Thanks!

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    Kristiina D

    Hi, i’ve actually noticed the same! We were just discussing her behavioral change, weight gain despite us cutting her feeding dose to half and bad breath. I not sure it is the food but this has been a major change for her. She has severe allergies so food options are limited.

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