2 Year Old Border Collie (may) have developed an intolerance to her food – help

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    Beth S

    I have a 2 year old border collie. We have been feeding her Eukanuba Performance for over a year with no issues. During a vacation the last two weeks of June, she developed diarrhea within 2 days of staying with a relative. She essentially had it the entire time we were gone since my father-in-law did not really let us in on the severity. When we returned, we had her tested to ensure there were no parasites. She came up clear, so we made her chicken and rice with Metronidazole and Endosorb for 5 days (she was normal but not her usual schedule of once after breakfast and before bed), then worked her food back in. 4 days afterward, she started having diarrhea again. We thought maybe it was stress since she is more than a little high-strung. We switched back to chicken and rice and everything was fine, if a bit irregular. After a week we went back to dog food – diarrhea again within 2 days. I can’t help but think it’s her food now. Maybe the stress of us leaving made her develop an intolerance?

    We originally started feeding her Nutro Ultra right after her puppy food, but switched her off of it (to the Eukanuba) as the Nutro seemed to caused loose stools as well. I should mention that the diarrhea itself is (typically) a bit of solid followed by splat with a lot of mucus (snot) but no blood unless she’s had it for a few days, so we think it may be large colon issues – if that has any bearing.

    A) It seems the Eukanuba Performance packaging was changed recently, but it seemed that the ingredients had not been changed. Not sure if anyone else has had issues.

    B)If her food is the culprit, how do I go about trying new foods – she has eaten Eukanuba for 23 of her 24 months. Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated!

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    Hi, it sounds like you have to change her kibble, the fat is very high 20%min so max fat would be about 22-23% fat, she may not be able to handle the higher fat now she’s getting older…I looked at the ingredients in the Performance & there’s fish meal & dry egg maybe one of these ingredients she has become sensitive too, my boy got real bad diarrhea on the Eukanuba FP Fish & Potato, I blamed the potatoes it could of been their fish….

    My boy has IBD & the only kibble that worked for him at the time was vet diet “Eukanuba Intestinal” fiber is only 1.7% & fat is 10%, the Eukanuba Intestinal is a low residue kibble so it breaks down pretty easy, so less work on the stomach & bowel….Eukanuba Intestinal has dried chicken & turkey & less fiber…… the Iams Intestinal Plus low residue has chicken by-products meal & fish meal & higher fiber, I wouldn’t try the Iams its made North America, where Eukanuba Intestinal is made Switzerland..

    Sometimes when a dog eats the same kibble for years they can have an intolerance to an ingredient in that kibble…. if you don’t want to try the Eukanuba Intestinal, I would look for a limited ingredient, lower fat kibble, I always recommend the “California Natural Lamb & Rice” cause it has just 4 ingredients or there’s “California Natural Chicken & Rice” with 5 ingredients, if she does good on the Lamb & Rice then also buy the Chicken & Rice & rotate both kibbles so she’s having Chicken & also Lamb in her diet… here’s their link http://www.californianaturalpet.com/products still feed the cooked chicken & rice for breakfast or dinner & feed the kibble for the other meal, so she is having variety in her diet, not just the same food…I was cooking once a fortnight & then freezing the meals…

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