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Patricia A

Aimee it really comes down to us pet owners to keep pet food manufactures honest. Trust was lost in 2007 recall of brands of cat and dog foods due to contamination with melamine causing so many deaths. How horrible to put down your pets food dish with his tail wagging and the food kills them? What awake up call .
Thousands are on websites now questioning ingredients, transparency etc. Forums like DFA and others will let manufactures know pet owners are now savvy and educated and will call them out and stop feeding when their answers to our questions appear uneducated or deceitful.
A neighbor feeds kibble n bits. Uhhh not the best choice of course. But I’m not going to PREACH and go on and on . I don’t want to be one of THOSE people lol. So when she’s walking her dog and I bump into her and chatting I sort of nudge topic to let’s say “Oh so hard to think of what’s for dinner today and too costly to eat out.” “But made a chicken casserole that even these three enjoyed.” Boiled chicken and string beans as topper to their kibble.” So not being obnoxious but just a little hint, hint. lol
Love you educating me further Aimee. Taking care of my mom who has dementia so try to make some time every few days to keep informed. Happy Holidays to you.