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Mikka O

My baby girl, Misty, has had a rough bout of crap thrown at her… By far the most terrifying and, thankfully, the least difficult to remedy, thank any and everything out there… was when I got her the treats I once gave my former miniature Pinscher, Daisy, like… well over a decade ago.
Anyways, Misty had eaten //maybe// two of the steak carryout treats… and we spent the night driving all over town trying to find a vet that wasn’t “only VIP members get access to overnight, emergency or weekend veterinarian care”. She was vomiting blood and having very runny, dark bloody stools. All Night.
It had tapered off by morning, and I stuck with what I’d done when she was post-stroke and any movement meant rolling around uncontrollably… which included water, a medicine syringe she hadn’t forgotten how to drink from, and carrying her all day in a sling I’d made when she was post-stroke. Waited 12 hours to begin feeding her, and even then, only 7-10 pieces of her normal food every hour, if she’d handled the previous dose of food well. She could chew by then, but outside when I slept (which had her in her nicer bed, in her smaller crate’s bottom half right next to me in bed), I just carried her aound in the sling while I did housework.
We got her in to a Vet the next monday, the incident had been friday night… and thankfully, they said I’d made a good call on caring for her. Outside that, they just told me not to give her those EVER again, and recommended a different, better treat that she’s since obsessed over and enjoyed so much more (especially more than that night).

Looking back, I know Daisy was tossed aside (locked up and ignored) by the people using her to breed because she had cancer before she was rescued… But I wonder if those treats played any part in how sick she’d gotten… The vet back then had me stop feeding her anything mass-produced and gave me recipes to hand-make meals for her, and she’d stopped having seizures and respoding to her cancer meds better… Also wonder if they caused my grandma’s sheltie’s death… She just came out of her room one morning to brush her teeth, and found him on the floor next to a small puddle of bloody bile…

With Misty, we reported what happened to the local walmart we’d gotten them from, and one CS lady said she wished she could just throw them out whenever they came in, the other just said it was “nothing new”…

Recent Replies