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Anna L

I have a 15 year old golden doodle who’s practically healthy other than arthritis, recently we took him to the vet and his blood work showed kidney failure( first phase) my vet prescribed the hills K/d dog food. I was hesitant as my dog has been fed food cooked by me his whole life and he’s been very healthy until now. The first day I gave it to him he didn’t even want to try it (he’s very picky) so what I did was mix it with his other wet food but he would rather not eat at all. I kept doing it for over a week until he finally tried it. The first time he ate. I noticed his behavior changed he was acting anxious and just weird in my opinion. I also noticed he kept losing his balance. I paid no mine to it and fed him a few more days but he was just not eating all his food and I noticed he was losing some weight until I decided to go back to my cooked meals again and suddenly he went back to normal. Recently, I had a friend come by my house and she told me her dog had the same condition as my dog(kidney failure) and she feeds him the same food. I felt guilty and so I started my dog again on the k/d food again. This time I only mix the can of food with rice and he it all which I was surprised. I was happy for a moment until the symptoms started. The next day he woke up limping extremely and losing his balance to the point he falls. I’ve been carrying him outside to use the bathroom. I believe this food does something to dogs who suffer from arthritis. It may cause inflammation. I stopped immediately the use of the food. Today he’s a little better but still loses his balance. He is scheduled to see the vet on Friday. I don’t think I will be using this food anymore.