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Laura L

Moni – Glad that your vet has a plan for your pup. What is the pentason? I’ve never heard of that one. My good friend was in a similar situation with her yorkie. Rocky is tiny…only 5 pounds. She was giving him cerenia and hydrocodone and he wasn’t really feeling any better. She was worried because that’s a lot of strong medication for a tiny pup. Rocky is what got me to researching CT and alternative products. It’s been about 2 years since I posted above. My friend has been using the Ultraflex and Lypozyme from this site
and Rocky is doing really good. She changed his food to raw (like you did) and it really helped. He doesn’t gag or choke anymore when he’s eating. Rocky doesn’t need the cerenia at all anymore and he only gets the hydrocodone once in a while…like during the fireworks last week.
Hope that your dog continues to do well!