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Elihu L

I am so happy to have found all the information on this thread! It has been so helpful. Our pup would lay beside me and lick and lick at the floor. I could hear his tummy gurgling and he would gag like he was trying to throw up a hairball. Sometimes he didn’t even want to eat…so I knew he must be uncomfortable. We tried several different foods, prilosec, pepcid, famotadine, etc. Our vet just wanted to give us other drugs to try, but none of them were helping. I really wanted to fix what was causing his tummy upset and not just give him pills.
We tried slippery elm and it seemed to help for a few days, but it made his stool loose. We went to the page that YorkiLover4 suggested: https://www.askariel.com/remedies-for-acid-reflux-in-pets-s/1880.htm
The probiotic and gastro combination finally stopped the licking and gurgling. We changed his protein too. It did take a little time because we changed his diet really slowly…to avoid any further tummy upset. It’s been a few months now and it still seems to be working. This seems to be a great alternative to all the OTC drugs.