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Tiffany L

Hi! My dog was just diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. Prior to taking him we only noticed sluggish behaviors, dry mouth, and he vomited one day only (and not much). Other wise he was playful, eating, and had healthy looking poops. The doctor recommended IV treatment, gabapentin, and Cerenia. She also recommended that we feed him royal canine gastrointestinal food. After we started this treatment his symptoms worsen significantly, more specifically after a whole day of IV fluids. Now he is very sluggish, not eating or drinking on his own, and in a lot of pain. The doctor told me to increase his food since he was eating well when I fed him. That night he ran around the house whining in pain and today he still appears to be in pain. I was hoping for some advice on if this is normal or if I should seek someone else out? and if this is normal how long do pups usually stay like this.