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Lauren O

I’m going through a similar issue with my dog. Long story short, she started vomiting one day, I took her to the vet. The vet incorrectly diagnosed her with Irritable Bowel Disease and switched her food to Hill’s Prescription Diet Multi Benefit and put her on a high fiber diet. Almost immediately, she started itching everywhere, to the point of getting a little burn under her arm from scratching so much and losing hair on her leg from licking. I left her on that food for about a month and did as much internet research as I could. I found another food that most people said was a good food for dogs that need high fiber but have skin allergies. So she got switched to Earthborn Holistic Venture Alaskan Pollock Meal and Pumpkin. Two weeks later, she was still itching. I tried another food, that she ate a quarter cup of and vomited. I was ready to scream. The problem is there are SO MANY INGREDIENTS in dog food so trying to eliminate a common denominator is exhausting, not to mention, you have to wait several weeks in between switching. It’s all trial and error with a significant wait time in between the trial and the error. So I was overwhelmed. I wanted to find a food that had the smallest number of ingredients possible. Then I found Just Food for Dogs. They have several different flavors, and if you live in California, you can meet with one of their employees and custom make your dog’s food, however I live in Texas so I had to settle for a pre-made recipe, but the best part is: her current food has 6 ingredients and each of those ingredients-I know exactly what they are. No mixed tocopherols, choline chloride or Rosemary extracts; just cod, safflower oil, broccoli, green beans, russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. And amazingly, Lulu stopped scratching. BUT THEN, Lulu started having potty issues. There isn’t enough fiber in this food. Also, the 9oz bag is $25, so I’m paying roughly $125 a month for dog food, which is pretty expensive for me. I don’t really care about the money, if my dog isn’t scratching and miserable-I’ll pay for it, but with other digestive issues due to the lack of fiber, I had to start doing research again. After studying the list of ingredients of all of the foods that Lulu had problems with, I noticed the one thing that was in every food that wasn’t a vitamin was FLAXSEED.
Tonight I googled dog food allergies to flaxseed and ended up here. Any help, advice, comments, etc would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I keep hitting a wall. I’ve always tried to do the best for my pup and now I’m lost. I’ve always fed her grain free food because I assumed that was the best (I realize now how naive this was) and now I’m reading that grain free diets in dogs can lead to heart failure. Does anyone know anything dog food that I can feed my poor little dog that won’t make her itch like crazy and lick her paws bare?
Sorry for the length- part explanation/part venting.