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Frenky C

Well, unfortunately my post didn’t have any traction.
Spent two days investigating Merrick cat food and turns out this brand is a wise choice for feline owners as well.

The Cons. I read this Merrick review by Claudine Sievert where she informs that it was recalled hour times (last recall was in 2018) and ofcourse its quality was downgraded after brand was acquired by Purina.

However, it’s still a very decent option for the price.

The Pros. They have grain free and limited ingredient formulas which is awesome for pets with allergies and digestion problems. Also you will stay on the safe side if your pet is overweight or a picky eater because these formulas tend to taste really well for our cats.

Wrapping it up just want to say that I already ordered a Purrfect Bistro Complete Care Grain Free recipe and later will share my experience.