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Lisa V

I posted about my dog last year, I didn’t not mention that we were on our third round of some type of auto immune disease/PLE/Lymphangeictasia, I only mentioned 2 rounds. He started at age 4 and he is now age 9. I wrote that last year we decided to take him off meds, he is still on Metronidazole twice/day but that’s it. We also give him a B-12 shot once/month. The next day his stools are good. His vet from Tufts said he would die within days or weeks. That was almost 1 year ago and he’s still doing well. I mostly feed him boiled chicken breast and rice (not instant if possible) with steamed veggies (I steam and puree veggies before mixing with the rice). I also cook up some beef or chicken liver and add that to the rice mixture. We used to use a GNC supplement but that appears to have been discontinued it was awesome! His stools have softened over the last few months since that product was discontinued so I’m experimenting again with enzymes and supplements but haven’t found anything great yet, but sometimes his stools are loose and sometimes they are pretty good, they have shape. I supplement a little in the morning with added Hydrolized protein dry food because it has some vitamins and texture that he likes. However, it seems that the more kibble he gets, the looser the stools are the next day. If I kept him on pure chicken, rice, liver and pumpkin he’d probably have better stools. I am home so I try to feed him 3 smaller meals/day, lunch is canned Salmon/mackerel. Maybe go real simple for a few days. Good luck!