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Diane L

I wish I had seen this forum before ordering Dr. Marty dog food. I signed up for a one-time shipment. If I had paid closer attention, I would have noticed they changed that to a subscription. I received an email saying the next shipment would be processed. I responded saying I wanted to cancel. The auto response said someone would get back to me within 24 hours. Three days later (today), still no response, so I resent the email and also called to speak to someone. Meanwhile, I got another email saying the shipment had been processed and was on the way. The customer service associate claimed I signed up for auto shipment. I did not. It’s not my MO to subscribe to anything I haven’t tried. A couple weeks ago, I also received a shipment of a probiotic that I remember reading about in their website, but I do not recall actually ordering, since we have tried probiotics with our dog in the past and had poor results. I am going to return the two unopened bags I have and hope to get a full refund. I will also be returning the probiotics powder. I question the business practices of this company and would caution anyone who decides to try their products to be very careful.

Recent Replies