IMS Trading Group Withdraws Chicken Jerky Dog Treats Due to Drug Residue


January 9, 2013 – IMS Trading Corp has announced it is voluntarily withdrawing its Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treat products sold in the United States until further notice.
Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treats

The Company is taking this action after learning this week the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets found traces of antibiotic residue in samples of Cadet brand Chicken Jerky Treat products.

These antibiotics are approved for use in poultry in China and other major countries, but are not among those approved in the U.S.

According to the company, Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treats are safe to feed as directed and have not been linked to any illnesses in dogs or humans.

However, the company claims that…

“…due to regulatory inconsistencies among countries, the presence of antibiotic residue is technically considered an adulteration in the United States.”

At first, New York State authorities requested that IMS Trading Corp remove Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky treats from retail locations only in the state of New York.

Because of this request, the company has decided to conduct a voluntary withdrawal of these chicken treat products nationwide.

According to a statement by IMS Trading Corp…

“A double testing program is being established to check for these antibiotics in China (point of origin) and the United States before we consider to sell these products in the future.

“Testing will be based on a scientifically sound statistical sampling program.”

The announcement goes on to read…

“There is no indication that the trace amounts of antibiotic residue are linked to the FDA’s ongoing investigation of chicken jerky products.

“The trace amounts of antibiotic residue (in the parts-per-billion range) do not pose a health or pet safety risk.”

What to Do

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

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  • rescuemom

    As I’ve read through alot of your comments, I just can’t be quiet. I am not writing this to offend anyone, but I have spent days searching the internet for an alternative to purchased dog food. First let me say your dogs aren’t meant to be herbivores, they are carnivores,they need meat, that’s why they have sharp teeth. You may not see a difference right away but in the long run it’s not good.
    Second with all my reading and researching dog food, treats etc. I found something very disturbing, most of our vitamins, minerals, and supplements come from China. Which also means that flavoring and such in dog food also comes from China. It may not be on the label but chances are it may be in the food in one way or another.

    Thirdly if you feed raw make sure you add the right amount of supplements, things if your dog was living in the wild, which is what raw is supposed to imitate, they would get from the little critters they ate. Cooking meats and vegetables does not constitute raw. Seriously did you ever see a dog at a stove? Things like iron, copper, manganese, zinc, iodine, vitamins D & E, folic acid, taurine. As with people you can give too little or too much. (research)
    Fourth, your vet doesn’t get a whole lot of learning about feeding in school. There is just too much other really important things to learn. Like treating your pet. Plus for whatever reason most vets do NOT approve of raw, mainly because most people think cooking up some chicken or beef and adding some vegetables is good enough. Raw is just that RAW.
    Fifth I saw some comments about China is inspecting the plants better? Sorry I just read yesterday they are ticked off at the USA for saying their products were bad and they had NO INTENTION of inspecting their plants any better then what they were doing now.
    Sorry if I offended some of you but I see too many pets very sick from not doing the right research or trying to save money on cheaper food.

  • Hk

    I get kona treats from ca and my dog loves them and they look good. A little more money but worth it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Did you read the title of the thread you’re posting to?

    IMS Trading Group Withdrawls Chicken Jerky Due To Drug Residue

  • Allgodscreatures

    Do you mean Iaams?  Are you kidding?  Do your research on this company.  They experiment on dogs. What is IMS?

  • Allgodscreatures

    Please Diane:  Stop feeding these Chicken Jerky treats to you pet.  Anything coming from China, if it affects your dog can cause Falconi’s disease, then renal failure.  Please just stop.  I’ve already lost one dog from food bought here in the US.  Nutro Holistic Wgt. Management dog food. Canned.  She died a horrible death with renal failure.  She was healthy before this. Now I am concerned about my last dog (all rescued) – She ate those Chicken Jerky Treats from Milo’s Kitchen and now they have been recalled.  I worry everyday and I pray everyday that she doesn’t die from this.  Nothing from China should any animal eat.  They kill their own dogs over there in certain places.  Read up on it and it is so barbaric you wouldn’t believe it.  We should not even be dealing with CHINA.  Please take my advice.  I’ve lost a dog to CHINA.!

  • Allgodscreatures

    One dog who has died from this product from China has a major impact on the Guardian who loves the dog.  It does make a difference to that dog’s Mom or Dad.  It’s been 360 dogs or more and one cat the last time I looked.  That is too many to die – We should not be dealing with China to save a dollar. –

  • Allgodscreatures

    If it is coming from China – don’t use it.  Look at the back of your package!

  • Allgodscreatures

    Tell me why over 360 dogs have died and one cat from these jerky treats – Milo’s Kitchen and Waggin Train?  Something is killing them.  They died suddenly or over a week.  I am still worried about my dog. – I’ve already lost one to China ingredients.  Why do you deal with these people – to save money and kill dogs?  Tell me what is killing these dogs?  Something is and not one person is smart enough in this country to stop dealing with people who eat dogs and skin them alive as it “makes the meat more viral” – Wake up.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Not too many vitamins survive all that cooking, but that still sounds like a yummy treat.

  • Rita Jean

     I buy little carrots and doesn’t make a difference, I have to cook them a little to get them to eat carrots. I love em. They are so fussy but they get string beans, carrots and apples in their diet.

  • Rita Jean

     I cut sweet potatoes into 4ths and then bake them until they would still be chewing. Then I cut into bite size pieces for treats. They need to be chewy. I have 5 doxies and 1 Chihuahua and they all love them. Full of vitamins and minerals. My vet says best treat other than chicken I could give them. So I fix alot, freeze some and refrigerate them. Dogs get so excited when they see them. To save time I cook them in microwave and then after cutting them up put on sheet and dry them out a little in toaster oven, it just saves me time that is all. don’t peel them, its good for them

  • Hound Dog Mom

    LOL, I didn’t even notice. It’s fitting though so I won’t edit it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I liked your typo.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Nsfuller1 –

    If the suck jerky is made in China don’t use it. All jerky treats (including sweet potato jerky) manufactured in China is a risk.

  • Nsfuller1

    Does this warning also include Duck Jerky by Waggin Train????



  • Dulciesdogbowl

    I agree…..your vet should be able to perform a titer test which will let you know if your dog has immunity for parvovirus, distemper and even rabies.  There are some vaccinations for humans that you get immunity ….why not in our pets?


  • blitzen’s dad

    I just discovered this website. I quit buying the chicken jerky a few years ago when I first started hearing about recalls and poisonings, etc. I sometimes make my own jerky in my smoker, not to smoke them but just to cook and dehydrate thinly sliced chicken. I keep them in the freezer. My dog loves them.  Like other commenters, I also gave up on commercial dog food. I think that stuff increases the incidents of cancer in dogs. I was concerned whether he would get all the vitamins, etc but now that I’ve been home-cooking, rice, veg’s, chopped up chicken, cottage cheese, he has a thicker and shinier fur coat. Sometimes his dinners are better than mine.

  • they have a store locator on their website

  • They have a store locator on their website.

  • Blindsuzy

    You can google healthy homemade dog treats to get some recipes.

  • Blindsuzy

    I also feed my 3 dogs apple and carrots for a treat. They also think a green bean is a great treat. And they get a tablespoon of canned pumpkin once in a while.

  • ron

    Is this just another reason to NOT buy any dog food products made in China? We stopped about a year ago.

  • Lisha3

     where do you get Dr. Harvey’s veg to bowl? Haven’t heard of it.

  • Pattyvaughn

    I believe if your dog isn’t showing any symptoms within 2-3 days of the last one he ate, then you dodged a bullet.  Whatever it is that is killing dogs either isn’t in all of them or all dogs are not sensitive to it.

  • Nhsgrace

    I agree – when you find total USA product call and thank them for it. It will help them know they are important to us.

  • Diane

    How concerned should I be?? I have been giving my dog one of these treats every morning to take outside with him for the last 2 years. Other than his hips being bad, he seems OK. Is this something that has been in the product all along or just recently? I lost one German Shepherd to an unecessary Lyptosparosis vacine (PLEASE DON’T THINK YOUR VET ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR DOG–DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH WHEN IT COMES TO VACINES BEFORE ALLOWING THEM TO ADMINISTER) I can’t bare the thought of seeing another dog die a slow death!

  • Dulciesdogbowl

    OMG not another!  It doesn’t end…Thank you dog food advisor.  I can’t believe people still buy this junk.  But…even though I am so aware of commercial pet foods and treats…
    (I have a small pet food store of my own) my daughter who lives out of state…called me one day…and just in conversation she had said she bought chicken jerky treats for her dog at Petco.  I almost fell off my seat!    Can’t remember the brand…. but it had been recalled before.. and it was made in China!  She said she checked the ingredient and thought that it was good because the only ingredient was chicken.  Also, it was distributed in USA.  Look deeper and you will see that it was made in China…..and only sold from USA.  all in smaller print on the package.  (she then thrashed them)
    Moral if this story is…you would think that everyone is paying attention what is going on with their pets food.  Not all…That is why it is still on the shelves.  When these recalls happen…why not put recall information on television news or have more special programs about this crap.  Our dogs today are such a part of the family…
    Feed them well and give them a strong healthy mind and the results are huge!  I have three dogs that may just be human.
    #1 had since she was a baby…#2 adopted…#3 adopted.
    All great dogs.  But, #1 grew up with all homemade food and treats in a wonderful home.  Healthy as a horse and has a very healthy mind…It shows so clearly.  #2 & 3 are great dogs and are almost there.  The change in their food and home life has helped them so much. (feed nothing outside of homemade…not a speck…not-a-one) 
    Love them all……..


  • Jbrjahs

     I slice up carrots and cook them.  Its the only way my dog will eat them.  Also, just give slices of apple for treats.  They need fruits and vegetables in their diet also

  • Raedaneen

    I have commented here before and I want to add one more thing.  The people in China and other Asian countries don’t care as much about pets as we do, so they won’t be careful of what is included in their products.  It’s a good way to hurt us with out violence. I am now making my dog food and he loves it, and I know what’s in it.  He even likes the veggies I mix in with the food.  A little heads up for some… I mix cooked rice in with the food because it’s actually good for the digestive system.  Not a lot, just a couple tblspns.  It works really well for a base, and is healthy in the right amounts.

  • Giftscreated4you

     can you send me information on how to make healthy treats for my lil Pomeranian he is diabetic?

    [email protected]

  • TerieV

    Doesn’t anyone realize how easy it is to make your own dog treats and dog food? After losing BJ to a stupid chicken jerky treat I decided to take control. They get simple organic food. They love fresh veggies too. My dogs eat better than most people in America. Yes it takes some time, but my dogs are worth it. jerky is easy to make, wish I’d thought of it before I lost a dog.

  • Leasejr

    I can”t say more, but believe me corporate american does use raw materials from from China….our animals are not safe…our animals &our families, we need to outlaw raw materials from China

  • Toranado

    Thank You. 

  • Guevante

    For “homemade” treats for dogs made in Oakdale, Ca go to Kona’s They are the only thing I will let my dogs have. I think they should ban ALL junk from China. It’s poison to our pets!!

  • Honeybearlady

    Thank you dog food advisor for doing this service

  • Elizabeth

    I buy hormone free antibiotic free chicken/turkey ground, and mix it with Dr. Harvey’s veg to bowl.  Never recalled his food in 30 years.  Everything comes from USA and is organic.  No more kibble for me.

  • Honeybearlady

    Personally I won’t buy ANYTHING from China be it food or products. We need to boycott them and get things made in USA

  • Honeybearlady

    Even human grade meat has steroids, hormones and antibiodics in it. Either organic or vegetarian is the safest way to go

  • Thayna

     I also agree with you, Barbee1. We make the best foods for our ‘family’ members with 4 legs. With the United Kingdom, I think we love our furbies more than most other countries in the world. Even toys made in China can hurt dogs, giving them diarrhea, and are not to be trusted. I think it’s the same with other countries,too.

  • Elizabeth

    Bottom line, stop feeding and selling anything with ingredients made in China.  Wording is everything.  Check with Whole Dog Journal, and dog food adviser to see what foods are healthy and NOT road kill, euthanized pets, and garbage fillers.  You have to know what you are feeding!  Do your research.  Make your own dog treats or give them a carrot.  HUMAN grade meat should be at the top of the list.  This is getting so bad recall after recall, and people still go with foods that are harmful.  Even when you see these foods at your vets, doesn’t make them safe.

  • Thayna

    I agree,  Dalm1000. I also recently saw food and treats from Brazil, of all places in a Petflow online catalog. Won’t buy foreign food. If domestic food is questionable, that could hurt my boy, won’t get in my household, either. He’s the child of my heart, and I know he doesn’t know better for himself. It’s up to me to find out what’s good and what’s not. Like the caption of a cartoon; I would break out all kinds of crazy if anything should even LOOK like it would hurt my boy.

  • Barbee1

    I am so tired of everything coming from China.Why can’t we make things right here in our own country. 

  • Dalm1000

    You should be concerned about anything from CHINA.

  • Sean

    We carry 8″ pressed bones from IMS/Cadet and have never had a issue in 15 years, but this concerns me a bit.  It’s the only product outside of the USA that we carry