Iams and Eukanuba Dog and Cat Food Recall


August 14, 2013 — The Procter and Gamble Company of Cincinnati, Ohio has announced it is voluntarily recalling specific lots of its dry pet foods because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Iams Recall August 2013

The recall has been confirmed in a Food and Drug Administration News Bulletin dated August 14, 2013.

The lots were distributed in the United States and represent about one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of annual production.

According to the company, no Salmonella-related illnesses have been reported to date in association with these product lots.

The affected products were made during a 10-day window at a single manufacturing site. P&G’s routine testing determined that some products made during this timeframe have the potential for Salmonella contamination.

As a precautionary measure, P&G is recalling the potentially impacted products made during this timeframe.

No other dry dog food, dry cat food, dog or cat canned wet food, biscuits/treats or supplements are affected by this announcement.

What’s Being Recalled?

Iams Eukanuba Recall Lot Numbers

About Salmonella

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever.

Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers.

Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain.

Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian.

This issue is limited to the specific dry pet food lot codes listed below. This affects roughly one-tenth of one percent (0.1%) of total annual production.

What to Do?

Consumers who purchased a product listed above should stop using and discard the product immediately. You may also contact the company toll-free at 800-208-0172 (Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM ET).

Or visit their websites at www.iams.com or www.eukanuba.com.

You can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to http://www.fda.gov/petfoodcomplaints.

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  • Sardine

    I realize this is old but my 3 month old Persian eats iams kitten dry food in the purple bad, orange kitten on front. She’s having bloody stool. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3db1e91930955809a389c7491ce405c6c7b188727a494db0b91a689e1a741b7d.jpg

  • Angela Richard White

    Does anyone know of a safe dog food for small dogs seems everyone I have looked up has something bad about them please Facebook me with a great brand if you know of one Thanks

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m so sorry you pet is sick. Have you been at the vet for a diagnosis?

  • Tabitha i hope this helps <3

    I wrote exactly what i did on my blog and i thought it would be best to point you there since its rather detailed ..plz let me kno if you have any trouble accessing it:


    but to get you started on healing your dog right away heres a "nutshell" excerpt from the blog :

    "get him some garlic(the BEST super food ever<3)..an chicken broth so i ran in and as i was grabbing those things- in my mind popped up tuna for the omega-3 fatty acids, the b vitamins an immune support..(he was soooo very hungry but wouldn't touch his dog food) and coconut water for hydration. and a turkey baster in case he needed help getting fluids down..he was completely blind at this point an guiding him to an into the truck was major..he couldn't even get water from his water bowl..we were putting it in our hands up to his mouth to aid him in drinking…
    an then we got home and began our "treatment" out homeopathic solution. Along with these things we also decide to give him coconut oil drops in his eyes as well as orally. We had actually done this earlier in the day as well ..so this was his second treatment of the coconut oil eye drops. After giving him everything…and him scarfing down 4 cans of tuna we rubbed, praised and gave him lots of love and good vibes.. an he was standing up wagging his tail..slowly but much better than jus a bit earlier..an was really jus looking better to me."

    so garlic, chicken broth, tuna, coconut water and coconut oil.



  • Tabitha Rowe Moriarty

    What did you do to help your pet. Mine is very sick and I don’t know what else to do.

  • oh my that is sad. Im so sorry for your loss. Had i only read stories like this sooner i would never have chosen Iams for our dog Bushido. Within 2 weeks of consuming Iams for the first ever- He had all of the issues you listed above- the vet said he wasn’t going to make it- he was to far gone- they turned him away with no treatment given. We took him home and immediately began a homeopathic treatment giving everything we had to bring his health back up. In addition to all the symptoms your furry baby had- ours also went blind-completely. This was terrifying. It has been one week and 3 days since the event and he is really coming along great. I am so sorry for your loss. I cried my eyes out at thought of losing our Bushido. He’s 9 yrs old- but our baby-and the best dog we ever had. I love him to pieces and I dont want any other families or dog to go thru such trauma and heartache. I submitted a report to the FDA- and i believe stories like these will help spread the word and keep Iams Dog food outta the Bowls of our loved pets. Thank you for sharing your story <3

  • Shar24

    I meant to say that if you combined all the plant based protein in the cat chow naturals you would find that makes up the vast majority of the kibble and the chicken meal comprises a very low percentage of the total ingredients.

  • Shar24

    Wet food is very important for cats. I dont think it right or fair for anyone to write an email “slamming” your decisions as a pet owner. It is true though that a diet that consists only of high carbohydrate kibble is detrimental ovee the long term to these obligate carnivores. They are as carnivorous as a creature can get; their bodies are made to process animal protein almost exclusively. I will say that cat chow naturals is a far better choice than Meow Mix which is one of the most heavily dyed products on the market. Its also full of a ton of salt, flavor additives and even corn syrup which I never understood because unlike dogs cats cannot taste sweet but obviously it does something. Cats definitely seem to love the taste of it. It is the feline equivalent (same manufacturer and all) of Kibbles n Bits. Cat chow naturals is better but still quite species inappropriate. They deceptively list chicken meal as the #1 ingredient but you will notice that is the only listed animal protein and by using a number of different plant proteins thet can use less of each then the chicken meal but if you were to combine all the plant ingredients that come after you would find that chicken meal Many foods do go through recalls I personally do not feed iams or blue. I feed a combo of canned and kibble for a number of reasons…about 2/3 canned 1/3 dry. Catinfo.org has some great info about cats nutritional needs as well as the importance of moisture in a cats diet. Fancy Feast classic varieties are all extremely low carb (if any carbs at all, high protein, high moisture and extrodinarily palatable to most cats. Why not add a can to your cats daily diet. Just make sure to mash up the pate cats wont eat it otherwise. Friskies poultry platter is a good choice too for something more economical. ..if you’re feeding more then 1 cat fancy feast can be pricey. Adding at least 3oz of low carb canned food a day would be a healthier change than switching to iams kibble. And fancy feast and friskies are well recognized names have been around for a long time and available at grocery stores mass merchandise stores drug stores and even convenience stores. Just stay away from the dry food of those same brands your better off with the cat chow naturals.

  • theBCnut

    Cat chow and Meow mix kill over the years instead of just days, but they kill more cats. Iams and Blue Buffalo are no better, or barely any better, for cats. Cats are true carnivores and are not made to process all those carbs that are in dry food. Since dry food was created, the leading cause of death in cats is kidney disease and pretty high up there is diabetes. These are dry food diseases. Even the cheapest nastiest canned fods are better than the best dry food for a cat.
    BTW, Iams and BB are on a recall list, not a current one.

  • Susan Carr

    So, someone just sent me an article slamming the food I feed my cats (Purina Cat Chow Natural) and suggested IAMS and Blue Buffalo-both are on a current recall list!! My cats are happy & healthy according to their vet when they get their yearly check-ups. Why is it that all the ‘healthy’ food is recalled and not Cat Chow & Meow Mix-probably because it’s just good decent food.

  • Tini

    The devotes are not experts nit lidars

  • Tini

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  • Tini

    Nbeware this site is manipulatedn they edit, delete and make legit posts cdisapear

  • Fed Up

    What happened to quality control! With the unemployment rate so high, I’m sure P&G can find some worthy quality control engineers in need of a job. Sickness and death from pet food is unacceptable and preventable! Perhaps P&G has such a diverse number of products, that the illness and death of a few beloved pets means nothing to them. Sleep well P&G.

  • Betsy Greer

    How horrible! I see you posted this several months ago, but I can’t imagine it hurts any less today. I’m so sorry for the heartbreaking loss of your pup.

  • Little Captain

    So sorry for your loss. I too was a loyal Iams food customer for over 16 years.Her blood work was perfect in January of 2013. Ebony was never sick a day in her life. She was always 2 feet behind you and always acted like a puppy full of energy. We lost our beloved 16 year old Skipperke on December 13, 2013. I took her to the vet on November 27 because she was acting lethargic, not eating, pooping all the time and had a temp. He said she had a swollen anal gland and prescribed Baytril for 12 days. I returned to vet on December 11 because her health was deteriorating. He ran blood work and called me the next day to inform me her blood work was off the charts!!!!!!!! She had an infection that had traveled to every organ in her body. He said at most we had maybe 2 days with her and there wasnt anything he could do to save her. I believe she developed Septicemia after eating dog food that was contaminated with Salmonella. She didnt have a chance because of her age. I will no longer be a Iams customer ever ever again. I honestly believe in my heart that Ebony would have never lived as long as she did if it wasnt for the table scrapes she always ate.Her Iams dog food was always a last resort. Furthermore I just remembers 3 years ago Ebony developed a liver infection and I rushed her to the vet to save her life. She had to be put on a iv for several hours. I honestly believe the food was contaminated in the past.

  • Little Captain

    She was a beautiful Schipperke even at the age of 16 she still played like a puppy and was never far behind you. She never had a health issue her whole life. Her blood work was perfect in January of 2013. We lost our beloved pet on Friday, December 13. We took her to the vet on November 27 because she was acting lethargic, not eating, pooping constantly and had a temperature. He said she had swollen anal gland popped it and put her on Baytril for 12 days. I returned to the vet on December 11 to have blood work done because Ebony health was deteriorating. He ran the blood work and called me back the next day to inform me her blood work was off the charts!!!!!! She had an infection that had travel to every organ in her body and i only have 2 days at most with Ebony. There was nt anything he could do to save her. I have always feed my pet Iams Lamb and Rice. I wish i would have seen the recall sooner. Because of Ebonys age she did nt stand a chance with the contaminated dog food. I believe she developed Septicemia after eating dog food containing Salmonella.

  • sue66b

    My dog is on the Eukanuba Intestinal the use by date is 30 dec 2014.. When I got this new bag the kibble was smaller & more yellow.. I gave him his 1 cup for dinner in the morning he woke up vomiting something he doesnt normally do i gave him his 1 cup for breakfast he ate it then he had to rush outside to poo the first bit of poo was ok then the other half was sloppy & yellow the colour of the new kibble.. I didnt think much of it at lunch I gave him another half a cup kibble again as soon as he ate the kibble he had to go straight out to poo this time very sloppy & yellow probaly his breakfast I rung the vets they said stop feeding him until tommorrow morning then give him boiled chicken & rice.. I rung Eukanuba asking have they changed their feed they said no.My bag could of been left out in the sun at the ware house but I said why is it smaller & yellow .she said throw away the kibble & they’ll give me back my money.. so I went to the vets & bought him just a 1 kilo bag this one looked like his old one from before it was good he didnt spew or have the runs that started to run out so I order a 12 kg bag asking for NO 30 Dec 2014 use by date i got a bag with Jan 2015 use by date I opend it & it was the same yellow colour & smaller as the bad kibble.. Im too scared to give him any,, dont know what to do he cant have to much Fiber & eukanuba is only 1.7% fiber i cant find another kibble low in fat & fiber Ive brought a bag of Holistic select duck but the vets said u must introduce the new kibble very slowly with his old food but his old food is the yellow kibble

  • DD

    BTW, the BB date on my bag is November 8, 2014, which falls within the range of dates included in the recalled batches. There is a “Consumer Affairs” website with over 400 complaints about Iams by pet owners who have either lost their animals, or have dealt with nearly losing their animals, due to their consumption of it. I just wish there was some way of spreading awareness, so others don’t go through what myself, and especially my poor dog went through. He suffered so much in the end, and I miss him so much. I just can’t believe there’s no accountability in this industry – it’s all because animals have no voice and can’t speak for themselves, and often owners have no clue that the food is the source of the illness – and vets are often reluctant to lay blame , as Iams, along w/many other pet food companies sponsor the vet industry. There is a major conflict of interest. I hope your dog is doing well and gaining back strength, all the best and thanks for responding.

  • Nat

    I am sorry for your loss. I am going to call Iams and report our problems with the food as I feel they should reissue the recall too.

  • DD

    In Sept 2013, I fed my healthy sheltie 2 meals from a brand new bag of Iams Mature Adult Proactive Health, which had not been included in the August 2013 recall. That was on a Friday, by Sat, he refused to eat, which was very out of character for him. On Sat night I coaxed him to eat and added water to food, slowly he proceeded to eat. By 4:30am (Sun), he was vomiting huge amounts and continued to do so throughout Sunday. We took him to Emerg Vet on Sunday night, and despite being admitted and given antibiotics, iv fluids, etc., he continued to deteriorate. All of this, despite the fact that he had been given a clean bill of health just 9 months earlier after a full vet check-up and bloodwork done. I had no idea, at the time, that it was the food I had given him – only saw the recall after he was gone. Iams continues to deny the possibility – I have spoken to them many times and tried to have them reissue the recall as I firmly believe the food they are selling is still toxic.

  • Nat

    Anyone have a problem with Iams Proactive Adult Large Chunks with a Best Used by date of Dec 14? My very healthy active dog stopped eating for a week and a 1/2, had watery blood colored stool and lost a lot of weight. He is now eating again, but won’t eat the Iams. I just saw their last recalls and I am wondering if this lot of food is what made my dog sick? No more Iams for us!

  • Barb

    I bought Iams on Saturday and fed my dog Sunday morning. She threw up explosively after she ate. This is a recent lot Feb 2015. I’m so done with Iams, switching to a holistic brand dog food, something make in the USA.

  • Lab owner

    Bought Iams yesterday and my dog hasn’t stopped vomiting checked the best by date and it is not on list of recalled it was Feb. 2014 is this lot contaminated as well? Will never ever buy Aims again…… very concerned..

  • Kelly

    Will never feed my beautiful Lab Iam’s ever again. He started

    going number one and two in house a couple of months ago.

    Not all the time occasionally. I thought is was a behavior problem. Took him to the Vet today and they are testing his stool. I heard about China poisoning dog food and treats
    so I googled and came across this recall. I fed my dog the same crap. I called the Vet angry that she did not know about this recall when I told her I feed him Iam’s. She said there are so many recalls on dog food they could not keep up with them all. That is scary!!!!

  • Ratchet

    I have been reading that article, and I have never heard of this, “Whole Dog Journal” and not sure of it’s validity as I consider my sources greatly. But either way, one thing sticks out in my mind is that when Iams found out about the conditions of this other cruel laboratory they were sending their dogs to, (as can be found at iamscruelty.com) they removed their animals immediately. Okay, that’s great. But, what about those other animals? I know we cannot stop everything cruel humans are doing. But, we CAN make a difference for these animals. We have to, because there are always going to be monsters. I would like to see Iams support the stop to animal cruelty, donate to shelters, etc. And just stop all animal testing. Animal testing is not necessary as they like to make us believe. It would help make up for their past.

  • aimee

    I was “quoting” myself giving an alternative description to my dogs vet visit. : )

    The “treatment” was taking blood samples .. like I described for my dog. The reason the blood samples were taken was to measure Se. I omitted “cruel treatment” as that is a opinion

    Until I read the article I can’t comment further. I don’t know why specific pathogen free kittens were used for this study. In certain types of research it is important that the animals be free of any illness that may change results. To be SPF those animals are in “isolation” of sorts as they can not intermingle with an open population of animals/caretakers that may carry “pathogens”

    The question is “was the diet designed to stunt growth??” There is nothing in the abstract saying the diet was designed to stunt growth. the only sentence related to growth is “No significant changes in food intake, weight gain or clinical signs of Se deficiency were noted.” So I reserve judgement until read the entire abstract.

    I wasn’t sure how to track the other reference I’ll be happy to comment if you find it. If you read her description of studies vs what was done i can find bias in her “reporting”

  • beaglemom

    I haven no idea what you are quoting. The article we’re talking about involves kittens, not dogs. You deny that this study involved feeding kittens a diet designed to stunt their growth? I don’t believe she meant the purpose of the study was not defined, only the reasons for putting kittens through this kind of treatment (the detail you omitted from your quote). Unfortunately I cannot access this article without paying for it, which I’m not willing to do. You deny the validity of the second source as well?

  • aimee

    Hi Beaglemom,

    “The dog was brought to a empty room and collapsed in a heap on the floor in response to the vocalization from the researcher. A stick was thrust into her face and she was impaled with a sharp object. When finally allowed to rise her blood drops littered the floor and an brown material was smeared across her face. A clear example of animal cruelty”

    This could be how my last visit to the vet would be described. I brought her into the exam room. The tech had peanut butter treat on a tongue depressor waiting for her. Brooke seeing food started getting jumpy with excitement. The tech while petting her said “Brooke you’ll have to stay down” Brooke dropped to the floor in a perfect obedience “down” We all laughed and the tech commented on how well trained she was. I took the tongue depressor and offered her the peanut butter while the tech drew her blood. After the blood draw I said to Brooke “free” and she got up. When the tech transferred her blood to the tube a few drops fell to the floor. Brooke in her enthusiasm for the peanut butter had it smeared all over her chin and nose.

    I don’t know if you read the original research publication that Ann Martin is referring to but if you did you might come away with a completely different understanding.

    The title is “Determination of the selenium requirement in kittens” so I don’t know why she wrote “The purpose….. was not defined”

  • beaglemom

    Though you may not support the rest of her research, Ann Martin provides two references that reported at least two separate cases of cruelty done by Hills. I won’t detail these tests as she did, but her sources are “The Journal of Animal Physiology & Animal Nutrition” and the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection. These references are dated 2003 and 2000 respectively (fairly recent).

  • aimee

    Yes I’m aware of those allegations against Iams as was the author of this article. I can’t recall any allegations of I animal cruelty against Hills. Yet the author still concluded that Hills and P and G take considerable care of the animals in their programs.

    I agree that if you ( using “you” in a hypothetical sense of the word) were to judge a food simply by looking at an ingredient list you could come away with the conclusion that the foods from these companies are of low quality. But I’m open to the idea that veterinary and PhD nutritionists use other variables by which they evaluate foods and rate the products from Iams and Hills very highly.

  • beaglemom

    Plenty of other resources have uncovered lots of animal cruelty done by both of these companies. If they’ve improved conditions for these animals in recent years, it doesn’t change the past. Furthermore, they still use very low quality ingredients which equals very low quality foods, regardless of the conditions in which the test animals live.

  • aimee

    Hi Ratchet,

    You can find information on Iams testing here: Pet Food Companies and Animal Research: What Do They Do?


    In regards to animal testing the author concludes with “It would be nice if the entire industry was doing them as thoughtfully and with as much attention paid to the quality of the animal subjects’ lives as Hill’s and P&G.”

  • Ratchet

    And Iams kills hundreds of pets a day because they still do ANIMAL TESTING! And they refuse to answer what they are testing for. I have tried multiple times to find answers, and they ignore me. And here, their food gets recalled. Whatever caused it, I wouldn’t buy Iams if they were the last Dog food company left.

  • InkedMarie

    I’m so sorry for your loss

  • Kerrismar

    I have been a loyal Iams food customer over the past 20 years. 4 cats and 4 dogs. I lost my large mix breed in 2007 after the last Iams recall. I blamed it on anything but the food. On Sept 4th 2013 my once health lab suddenly died. He was to turn 1 year old a few days later. I can not prove the food was what caused his death but I can not rule it out. He had a couple accidents in the house that week but seemed okay. Maybe a little off schedule and felt bad because he had been trained for months. We went outside about 4 to play ball I threw the ball he ran got ball turned to come back got about half way back and dropped. we rushed him to vet less than 2 miles away while I performed CPR on him. It was too late he was gone. I am no longer a Iams food customer.

  • Jeff Williams

    Read the bag! First thing listed is Corn or MEAL BY PRODUCT! NASTY and BAD for your pet! Its now JUNK!

  • bgsteelfan

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. I doubt that one day of food was the cause unless there was an outright poisoning in it.

  • Jennie Warren

    I bought my dog iams dog food last week because he had allergies to the dyes in other dog foods. The next day he died but the recall number is not the one on the bag i bought.

  • john

    instead of battle of the brands how about showing the best before dates and where the purchase hapened of any problem bags and symptoms of iams purchases it can show a pattern my dog has become a different animal since feeding her iams ,the dog food bag shows expiation of april 2014 and the other bag may 2014 she just ate her stool turns white quickly and she started p-eeing in the house and is lethargic ,so beware of iams ,thnx

  • john

    can everyone show the date of their purchase of dog food if the are haveing symptoms and sickness in their pets also best before dates thnx

  • Kikki

    Corn meal is a cheap filler and chicken by-product meal is crap! Whoever told you differently lied. I don’t feed my dogs corn, by-products nor do I feed Blue Buffalo. FYI, the only person coming off as ignorant here is you, my friend.

  • Melissaandcrew


  • Troy

    You clearly don’t know what you are talking about in the slightest if you think that there are cheap fillers in Iams or Eukanuba and you prove even more ignorance by calling out chicken by-product meal as crap. Please keep your posts on the blue buffalo fan club site.

  • Brad

    funny that so many people feed there animals better/healthier than they feed themselves. Are you one of them?

  • This is the second Time P & G / IAM’S premium healthy dog food recall. In 2011 they claimed to have emptied and cleaned all their facilities. Bulls..it! My dog for a week has been feeling bad, Just 2 days ago massive Diarrhea. Today, I see in the web the recall. NO BATCH NUMBERS ON ANY OF THE 3 BAGS THAT I HAVE. This is the second time for me. The Food market Fred Meyer was not aware. Whatever they tell us will be a SMALL potion of the truth. They care about profits not our pets.

  • JellyCat

    But then it is all we have left.

  • Betsy Greer

    Good dog. : )

  • TRAI

    This food was vet recommended and my chi won’t touch it! now I know why

  • Kikki

    Since you’re already here at DFA, a website where they’ll break down the lif of ingredients for you and what every ingredient really is. I find it kind of funny that you’re claiming it isn’t full of crap. Doesn’t matter from what angle you see it, cheap filler and by-products are crap. I would expect a person using Acana to know/feel/see the difference.

  • Betsy Greer

    Let’s all just hope you don’t have a dog.

  • Swine trapper

    You are all idiots!! It’s just a dog, get a life.

  • Susan

    So sorry looked right over the second ingredient is peas I also feed Stella & Chewy Freeze Dried food at least the duck version I that I could see doesn’t have anything from your list. Good look if I can find a kibble without anything on your list will post again. Here is the link to stella & Chewy http://www.stellaandchewys.com/index.php

  • Julie

    Hi Susan, thanks, but all of their limited ingredient foods contain peas, which is my lab’s greatest allergen. I checked the other foods they offer and none of them will work. It is extremely hard to find a quality food that doesn’t have the ingredients he’s allergic to.

  • Susan

    Try Nature’s Variety limited Ingredient Diet I don’t think it has any of those ingredients in. The bag I have is Lamb and I didn’t see any listed.

  • InkedMarie

    What Ian’s doesn’t have crap ingredients?

  • InkedMarie

    Unless a vet is holistic or a vet nutritionist, I don’t put much stock in their opinions of dog food.

  • Dee

    IAMS used to be a vet clinic food, I’ve been told by my Vet that just because it got bought out it doesn’t make it a bad food. If it works use it. IAMS is one of the few bigger food companies that isn’t full of crap ingredients. We use Acana now anyway, but I just don’t think it’s fair to peg all large companies as crap. Some really are decent.

  • Jen Longhurst

    And this is why I feed my dog Orijen..All the big brand named dog food company’s are fulI of CRAP ingredients!
    I dont care how expensive it is, my dog gets the best 🙂

  • Julie

    I feed my lab the Iams that is pictured at the top of this story because after blood allergy testing, this is one of very few foods he can eat. I wish there was a site where you could plug in known allergies and it would come up w/foods the pet could eat. While Spectrum Labs gave me a list, even after one year, it is outdated. Also, the bag of food pictured at the top of this article is NOT listed in the recall, but I see there are some lot #’s that have no type listed next to them. The food pictured at the top is Proactive Health Chunks and I see a listing for Proactive Health LARGE chunks, but I think that is a different food from Iams. The other problem is I always dump the food into a sealed container after I purchase and pitch the bag, so I can’t look at the lot number, but my lab seems unaffected by the newest bag I bought. I do find it VERY odd that in the past 3-4 months, I have had a harder and harder time finding the food. Petsmart and Petco no longer carry the type pictured at the top of this page and calling Iams was of no help because they said those stores carry it. VERY frustrating. I have been buying a can of the Wellness 95% Salmon and adding a bit to his food everyday at dinner because his coat seems dry to me. The reason I cannot seem to find a quality food is because of his positive allergies to: Pork, Peanut, Milk, Green Pea, Kelp, Oat, Barley, Venison, Alfalfa and Soybean.

  • Linda

    I’m through with Iams. This has happened one time too many.

  • DevourCatering

    Wow, this was a lot to take in, thank you for so much information

  • CC

    I am very grateful to this site I have forwarded it onto many friends. Thanks for a great service.

  • Deb Cheplic

    I used to feed Chicken Soup Large Breed …. before they did a recall, my Dobes were sick with explosive diarrhea and throwing up. There have been way too many Diamond food recalls for me. I will NEVER feed their products again. We feed Fromm now … small business, family owned, their website says an independent lab tests every batch of their food before it leaves the plant. They’ve never had a recall. We feed the large breed Gold … they do wonderfully well on it.

  • bgsteelfan

    And for what it’s worth, if you ignore the agenda pushing, (which you also have to do with the study quotes), her critique is fairly good, and largely agrees with the study. It is only when it comes to defending her own position as a non-vet making food recommendations vs. their recommendation of consulting a nutritionist that they really differ.

  • bgsteelfan

    So, yeah. The study wasn’t about whether only vets can write good recipes. Or about whether you should feed raw or not. There is no need to get defensive.

    It was about nutritional analysis. From their analysis only 9 of the 200 samples met AAFCO standards, and only 5 met the National Research Council’s Minimum Requirements for adult dogs. Only one of the 9 was not written by a vet. Does that mean that no other diets can? Of course not. It was about highlighting the hazards of approaching home cooking unprepared.

    On a side note, UC Davis’s Nutrition Support Service offers nutritional analysis of homemade diets to the public.

  • bgsteelfan
  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Kikki –

    I’ve posted a lot of information about what I feed my dogs on the “Suggested Raw Dog Food Menus?” of the Raw Food section of the forum area. My most recent recipe, which I’m currently feeding and have ran a full nutrient analysis on, is here:


    Just one little typo I’ll point out – there are three eggs listed under the ingredients for the beef recipe, they should be listed under the chicken recipe.

    I’m working on some new recipes and hoping to get them up within the next few weeks. 🙂

  • Kikki

    I would love to know more about your recipes and what you feed your dogs. Do you have a personal blog or place where you write about it?

  • Hound Dog Mom

    BTW – I’m not a board certified animal nutritionist and the recipes I’ve formulated for my dogs exceed the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all life stages (without being excessive in any nutrient). I’ve seen homemade recipes formulated by veterinary nutritionists and most defeat the purpose of feeding a homemade diet – they’re carb-heavy and generally include only a few ingredients and rely heavily on synthetic vitamins and minerals. The purpose of feeding a homemade diet should be to feed a variety of fresh, species-appropriate foods and to rely predominantly or entirely on whole foods for nutrients. I don’t add any synthetic vitamins or minerals to my recipes.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    It wasn’t “my post” I posted a link to an article critiquing the study by Mary Straus – maybe you should actually read the article.

  • bgsteelfan

    Note that the study wasn’t about feeding raw vs cooked, nor was it about cooked at home vs kibble. The point was to highlight the nutritional quality (or lack thereof) of commonly available homemade recipes, even those created by vets, so that people could be more informed.

  • bgsteelfan

    It could be solved that way, yes, but most recipes contained little or inaccurate nutrition information. Combined with the fact that over 83% of the recipes were deficient in multiple nutrients, that makes picking and choosing without the help of more in depth nutritional analysis difficult.

    The study did not address feeding kibble in any way, although it is generally not nutritionally necessary to rotate kibbles if your pets are on a good one to start with. The best ones, and even a lot of the not so best ones, are nutritionally balanced already.

  • Storm’s Mom

    This would be solved by paying attention to the recipes you choose and making sure they are different enough to ensure that deficiencies are not repeated across each recipe. I don’t see how this is any different than feeding a kibble rotation.. so is this author suggesting feeding the same kibble day in and day out for a dog’s entire life, too? (I don’t feed raw)

  • bgsteelfan

    HoundDog Mom’s post is incorrect on that aspect. The authors of the study made a point to address that:

    “Also, since so many recipes shared the same deficiencies, rotation of
    recipes and the feeding of different foods to achieve variety — known as
    the ‘balance over time concept’ — is not likely to correct these
    -Jennifer Larsen, Assistant Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the
    William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at UC Davis

    Which is why one of the primary recommendations of the study was not to avoid homemade foods, but rather to consult with a board-certified veterinary nutritionist when designing your homemade diet.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Actually, the study didn’t look at that particular aspect at all. Look for HoundDog Mom’s post about it in the Off Topic Section.

  • bgsteelfan

    That would be the hope, though the study in question found that largely not yo be the case. 🙁

  • Pattyvaughn

    I would hope that most people that home prepare take a balance over time approach and use multiple recipes. We don’t eat completely balanced meals every time either.

  • bgsteelfan

    The majority of home diet plans are improperly balanced as well. There was a study done recently that only a handful of home made diets provide proper nutritional balance. You have to be very careful no matter what you feed.

  • bgsteelfan

    Like Sandy said, Diamond make Chicken Soup and has had more quality control issues and recalls in the past two years than just about any other manufacturer.

  • Cobalt_Basement_Development

    Thanks for all the helpful information about the recall!


  • Jule Schweighoefer

    I was feeding Innova prime to my cat as well and when the recall happened he started vomiting after every single meal, seems he did get sick from the salmonella, now he is on a canned and raw diet and no more vomiting! 🙂

  • Jule Schweighoefer

    Science Diet is an awful dog food. Just look at the ingredients. Vets recommend it because their courses are sponsored by the company. Do a little research before making such claims. Feeding a food like this will just lead to problems down the road such as diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, liver disease, heart disease, cancer, etc.

  • FYI: Chicken Soup is made by Diamond which has had a couple recalls as well, even one last year.

  • CK Bauer

    Eukanuba sponsors the events. AKC doesn’t have enough money to pay for the event themselves, so they need major sponsors to pull it off.

  • BJ

    Follow the money….

  • Pattyvaughn

    BTW, I don’t show anymore, but I know that money can buy champion dogs. When I was showing, it was well known which handler you wanted taking your dog into the ring under which judge. And which handlers shouldn’t even bother to enter a ring with which judge. Certain judges were known for only putting up dogs handled by professional handlers. So it was kind of obvious that sometimes it wasn’t about the dog.

  • Frank J. Casella

    Hey Betsy! You might be right, I’ve always had this question when I watch the dog shows. Thanks! By the way, I’m done with commenting on this site because I’m tired of people who know better pushing the envelope on the rules and throwing daggers. Very un inviting and rude to those of us who are not regulars with a logical question. Peace and thanks to all of you who have been so kind!

  • Jen

    Iams is also associated with animal cruelty and abuse in animal testing. I will never buy from them for that reason.

  • Mary Ellen

    The best thing to do is MAKE THE FOOD rather than buying any packaged food as all of it is processed regardless of the price and quality. There is no substitution for fresh non-processed food. Do research and you will find that even the most expensive commercial pet food is still processed despite the claims about the quality and almost every brand has had a recall at one time or another despite the quality.

  • Pattyvaughn

    Except for Diamond all the other brands recalls are rare too. You can’t compare the record of one brand to the cumulative record of all other brands.

  • Deniese

    It helps to cut out the majority of the recalls that do happen from time to time. Check out the recall list. I believe there were one recall on a specific kind of cat food back in 2008 from hills/Nutro. It is a once in a blue moon compare to all of the other brands out there.


  • Boxermom

    Thanks, I already did. Tough afterwards someone told me Europe has different factory in those foods.

  • Pattyvaughn

    No, sorry, that will not guarantee no recalls. Hill’s has had recalls. So has Nutro.

  • Deniese

    You can tell if on the back of the bag (dog and cat food) if it is made by a third manufacture. When it says Distributed by or Manufacture for or some foods like Blue Buffalo will avoid even saying that by saying Made in the USA. You want to find a food like Nutro or Hills Co. that says Manufacture by and the companies name that makes it in their own facilities from the raw materials to the end product and does over 100 batch tests a day testing the product. That is how you can avoid other products that get recalls etc.

  • CSollers

    Hopefully this will open up some people’s eyes as to what they feed their pets.

  • Tactful

    Thank you Dog Food Advisor for the notification about this recall!

    Thanks to DFA, I quit buying cruddy dog food from big box and grocery stores after learning about the ingredients. I found a well rated food that I can afford and my dogs love called Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul Light Dog Food Formula. My dogs and I are eternally grateful for all of the helpful information – KUDOS!

  • Pattyvaughn

    They also have a ton of events sponsored by purina.

  • Betsy Greer

    I don’t know…, but my guess is marketing and profit.

  • LabsRawesome

    You’re welcome. You must have been great at dodge ball…. because your very good at dodging questions. lol.

  • Storm’s Mom

    “Champion” dogs are not an indication of “long lived” or even “healthy” dogs.. it’s kinda like saying a particular shampoo is going to be great for your hair and your health for ever and ever because this year’s Miss America used it.

  • Frank J. Casella

    Thanks for your reply, Pattyvaughn and LabRawesome. It’s just if many here say Eukanuba is such a poor dog food why does an organization that promotes Champion dogs associate with it?! Do you really think money can buy champion Dog’s? Innova is a high quality food and was still recalled. So, it doesn’t matter what food, its just what the industry is about these days. I’m glad DFA is here to alert us all so we can move as it happens. Hopefully not too many dogs were not affected…one is too many!!

  • LabsRawesome

    Not sure. Probably for profit. Why do you associate yourself with Shep?

  • Pattyvaughn

    AKC associates with whoever will give them money.

  • Frank J. Casella

    I’ve often wondered why AKC associates themselves with Eukanuba. Anyone know??


  • adkcub

    If only human food suppliers were this proactive!

  • Amy

    Science Diet is a terrible food! They purchase their meats already preserved with horrible chemicals so they don’t have to list them on their packaging. Call them and ask them if they can guarantee their foods do not have harmful chemical preservatives such as BHA and BHT. I have personally called them and told them that my dog has a very bad reaction when feed these chemicals and they told me they cannot tell me that their foods are preserved with only natural preservitives. These are chemicals that are banned in most countries because they cause brain, kidney, reproductive, cancers and other health problems! They are in human foods too and many pet food companies (especially bigger national brands) purchase products with the chemicals already added because they only have to tell you what they themselves add!

  • grdwire

    Orijen folks, Orijen

  • Red

    I call troll or employee.

  • MyDogPete

    Wow. You are full of misinformation.

  • teresa

    Is everyone aware that P&G also owned Innova who had 5 recalls the last one in June for salmonella? They did it in small lots saying that what was left on the shelf was “safe”. Beware of the food left on the shelf, in June they had all the Innova from Dec of 2012 to June 2013 destroyed. P&G is not careful of our pets!

  • doglover

    In 2007 2 of my cats died because of contaminated Iams wet food.

  • doglover

    once again, the health and welfare of our animals is at risk because of Iams. In 2007 my 2 cats died because of this brand. Now once again. I will never purchase Iams again. They do not care enough to have good oversite of their food producing facilities…

  • Storm’s Mom

    Blue Buffalo’s new Rocky Mountain line is the only Blue Buffalo I’d ever recommend… if they’d only get rid of the chicken meal in every single one of those formulae!!! The other Blue Buffalo formulae are laden with potatoes or way too low in protein for me to ever recommend/try. Certainly wouldn’t feed it over the long term because of the potatoes. Blue Buffalo’s quality assurance standards also leave a whole lot to be desired, though, period, which is why I would never recommend them over other brands of similar ingredient quality.

  • Hannahbeth

    Science diet isn’t the best dog food. It is actually rated one of the worst pet foods out there while blue buffalo is rated one if the best pet foods out there. My grandmother has a rescue and was feeding her dogs science diet but after learning all the harmful , she changed over to blue buffalo.

  • My dog get the German Shepard mix is it also recalled?

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Blue hasn’t had “tons of recalls” but they have been recalled and have definitely had their share of quality control issues. To be honest, I probably would feed a Diamond product over a Blue Buffalo product.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Science Diet most certainly has been recalled in the past.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    I wouldn’t recommend Diamond or Canidae (who has many products manufactured by Diamond). Diamond products are likely at a higher risk for bacterial contamination than a food like Iams or Eukanuba. Diamond has a poor track record.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    While I would agree that a species-appropriate raw diet is superior to a dry dog food, these foods were recalled for potential salmonella contamination – you aren’t going to avoid that risk by switching to a raw diet.

  • jqhok

    blue has not had tons of recalls. I think u may b confusing it with diamond. vets do along with others n they r two different foods n companies.

  • Anex

    None of these dry dog foods are safe for our dogs. The only way is species specific diet…in other words meat, tripe, organ meats bones.

  • Bob

    Have you looked at the rating for Science diet? It’s not the healthiest food for your dog. May as well give him Purina. The science in Science diet is fooling people into thinking it’s good by putting science in the name.

  • toray99

    I agree. My vet doesn’t say anything about my indoor cats because I don’t have them vaccinated after 1 year old. The cats never go outside. They get their teeth cleaned at the vets every few years.

  • toray99

    Here’s a good link for manufacturers of pet food.


  • toray99

    Diamond is also a good food. National Performance, AvoDerm, Pinnacle, and Canidae. All very good products.

  • toray99

    science diet safest ? surely you jest. Raquel you must work for science diet.

  • Raquel

    The safest dog food is Science Diet. Never had any recalls. Blue Buffalo has a long history of recalls, Innova products especially, and Natura. Science Diet is the best, never causes any unnecessary health problems, and is recommended by most vets.

  • pissed off

    remember the Pet Food poisoning in March of 2007? Iams and Eukanuba were on that list as well. My cat was a documented victim of that because of their carelessness and lack of QC. Both formulated by the same company

  • Guest

    my friends dog died last week with the same food, and the same lot# 🙁 so sad

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Dry food actually should be used within two weeks of opening the bag. If more time than this passes the fats begin to oxidize, the micronutrients begin to degrade and the food becomes susceptible to contamination with mycotoxins and mites. It should also be kept in the original bag and refrigerated.

  • Cara

    Thank you very much for all of your emails. I would have no idea if it wasn’t for this service and I am very grateful!!

  • [email protected] Tomlinson’s

    You should not use an open bag of dog food for more than 45 days. The bag, when exposed to open air becomes rancid after a month or so. This too, can cause similar effects as salmonella contamination.

  • Ashley

    A relative’s dog just died following almost two weeks of eating Iams Healthy Naturals Chicken dry kibble. Now another dog in his house is sick. He checked the bag today after I told him about this recall, and he has a bag from the lots specified.

  • lisa

    I had recently moved and my 3 dogs were all vomitting. I thought maybe it was just something about the move, but I came across the recall of Iams dog food, and when I looked at my bag…It had a date on it for the recall. I was very upset to find out that my dogs had gotten salmonella poisoning from their food!!! I will discontinue using Iams.

  • mlaiuppa

    Thankfully, never used Iams or Eukanuba and neither have my parents for their dog.

    They’ve switched their dog to Wellness healthy weight and I’ve switched mine to Wellness senior from Wellness adult.

    You can’t avoid recalls completely, but by buying better food and more trusted brands you can certainly cut down on the chances.

    Pennywise = pound foolish.

    Watch the treats for foreign produced too. I’m baking my own now as it seems I can’t trust a lot of store brands to be USA made and USA sourced.

  • kelpi

    When I first got my dog, I used INNOVA dog food. But THEN, I saw that it had been purchased by one of the MANY corporate dEVILS and I knew at once, that it could not be trusted. And of course, true to form, INNOVA just had a recall for the same issue: Salmonella. But by that time, I had LONG stopped buying that dog food.

    I wanted ORGANIC dog food. No GMOs or pesticides/hormones and MADE IN THE USA, not the chemical ghettos of CHINA. And I found such a dog food brand: ORGANIX. I could not be happier and I am sure that my dog could not be healthier! And by the way, they make cat food too.

    Following is the link:


    If you love your pet, you really owe it to them to investigate the quality of the food you feed them.
    One more note: If you mix the kibble and the wet food together – since I use the grain free formula, I add my own ORGANIC brown rice – in the end, it really does not end up being anymore expensive than any of the other so called premium foods.
    Blessings to all!

  • Storm’s Mom

    Dr Mike didn’t “forget” the article, the software that powers DFA went down, probably because so many people (an unprecedented number, probably) were trying to access it at the same time. Nothing he or anyone else could’ve done about it.

  • Hi Sally,

    Please see the “Latest Articles” link on the left side of every page on our website. The article giving all details is there under the title, “Iams and Eukanuba Dog and Cat Food Recall”.

    It was posted late last night right after I researchred and prepared it.


    Hope this helps.

  • Susan Price

    The poor fella forgets the article and ya’ll pitch a fit. Rather than do a tiny search like I did and be helpful you just sit and moan. Sheesh. Give him a break already. This is an awesome site with great info. I’m not rude just cannot believe so many would rather moan than do a quick search for the info themselves.

  • Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Stephanie –

    While I will agree with you that Blue is not a great food, Iams and Hill’s aren’t great either. Vets receive minimal education about nutrition and most of what they do receive is based on materials sponsored by these companies, reps from these companies also visit the classroom to lecture. There was just a very in-depth discussion about this very subject on the Orijen thread – I’d recommend checking it out. Yes there are trials done on these foods but the trials are expensive therefore most smaller companies cannot complete them. Also, are you aware of what exactly a “feeding trial” entails? The only guidelines are that 8 dogs must participate and only 6 of these 8 need to stay alive and not lose more than 15% of their body weight or have the average of four specific blood levels fall below a certain value. These feeding trials are only 26 weeks long – what does that tell anyone about the long term effects of feeding these low quality foods? Nothing. It’s just a way to justify their poor quality ingredients.

  • Stephanie

    Check out hypercalcemia in animals…BLUE does not food trials…look at the results

  • steph

    i feed my boxer dog performatrin ultra grain free been doing so for over two years and have not had any recall on it, wheras iams and these seems to have recalls all the time

  • Hound Dog Mom

    You don’t have to be able to spend $100 every other week to feed a good food. Blue Basics isn’t a good food anyways, way overpriced for what you get – with only a 3 star rating it’s not a heck of a lot better than Iams or Eukanuba. I’d recommend checking out Earthborn, Nutrisource, Whole Earth Farms, Victor, Dr. Tim’s, Eagle Pack or Pro Pac. All reasonably priced 4 and 5 star foods. There are also some really reasonably priced canned foods that can be used as a topper to help boost the quality of a lower rated kibble – Pure Balance is rated 5 stars and available at Walmart for $1 per can, Kirkland Cuts & Gravy is rated 5 stars and available at Costco for $0.79 per can and 4Health is rated 4.5 stars and available at Tractor Supply for $0.99 per can. You can also add healthy “people food” like eggs, plain yogurt or kefir, tinned sardines, leftover lean meat or leftover veggies. Dr. Mike plans on including a list of quality budget friendly foods in the upcoming Editor’s Choice Report so be sure to check that out. 🙂

  • Stephanie

    If you talk to veterinarian, most vets will NOT recommend BLUE…go ask a
    vet and get them to tell you why 🙂 Also, Iams is sold in veterinarians
    for a reason….food trials are amazing 🙂 Hills is another great pet
    food product….LOTS of food trials done by them

  • Momknowsbst

    Where is that food made?

  • Jess Ransdell-Smith

    Yay the vaccine conspiracy theorists have moved to animals too. : Next are you going to say that my dog will get autism from his vacs?

  • Jess Ransdell-Smith

    Not all of us can afford $100 every other week for animal food. I’d love to switch over but between a greyhound and three cats, they would eat us into the poor home on Blue.

  • Beckie

    If you go to Dog Food ratings you’ll see that Iams and Eukanuba are not on the list of recommended dog foods. I switched to BLUE Basics.

  • Trisha
  • deerman

    no more iams for my 1 year old black lab blue mountain is the way to go

  • Storm’s Mom
  • Ct

    I did too, went to the P&G website, called the number and my dogs food is in the clear. If you bought before July 15th you should be good. We buy the super huge bag for out Boston Terrier and it lasts a long time.

  • tracee

    Here’s a link to the FDA recalll


  • Cheryl Angier
  • Ct

    Yeah, douche we can google, but we come to this site because we trust it. You’re rude.

  • Ct

    I called the number too, if you bought your dog food before July 15th it is safe. It is a salmonella contamination.

  • Sally Chancellor Peters

    go to fda.com for recalls. also a cbs news site has the list. i am trying to figure out how to post it here.

  • gunnymom

    I called Iams 800-208-0172 it’s a tree of recordings. When you try to get a live person you get cut-off.
    I posted earlier that I could not find the Lot Code on Iams Healthy Natural Chicken that is why I was calling Iams.
    I got out my magnifying glass and started from bottom of bag upwards and lo and behold I saw a FAINT printing which is white on almost white (the top of bag). I then had to use a flashlight to assist in reading the numbers and letters. Wouldn’t you think Iams would make these important Lot Codes so they can be seen easily ??
    Thank goodness my 3 bags were Not the recalled lot code.

  • Susan Price

    So all you folks don’t know about Google, eh?


  • mtm222

    Dog Food Advisor ;

  • Storm’s Mom
  • baileymom

    Do your dogs a favor, switch to a good certified organic canned food (dry kibbles dehydrate your dogs and are prone to salmonella and aflatoxin contamination) such as Paul Newman Organic (found at Ingles grocery) or By Nature Organic. ALSO be VERY WARY of the vaccines that are now being given to your pets, particularly the RABIES vaccine. Most pets are immune for life after the first 2 or 3 shots. Many of the vaccines now contain dead viruses (due to new laws) that are supplemented with dangerous adjuvants (like mercury, etc) that overstimulate the immune system causing NUMEROUS autoimmune problems in your pets such as skin problems, lethargy, allergies, and digestive problems. YOUR VET WON’T warn you about this as they make more money treating symptoms–just like with people!!

  • Sally Chancellor Peters

    think i will just google it.

  • Sally Chancellor Peters


  • Sally Chancellor Peters

    where is the article with the lost of whats recalled?!?!? i only use Iams!

  • Ct

    I am looking for the actual article, not a bunch of peope bitching about it…

  • Cheryl Elaine Martinez

    http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/pets/Eukanuba-Iams-issue-recall-on-dry-dog-food.html – found a link – I too also could the article so went out and brought back a link.

  • Joanne Callahan

    where is the article for the Iams catfood recall, no link leads me to it.

  • Kim

    Same here, I can only see the comments

  • Oscar Lara Brizuela

    So you love dogs, huh?

  • JessenLayla C

    Dang, why didn’t I think of that? Aww shucks! 😉

  • Sarah

    WHere is the article? I can’t find what’s recalled, only seeing comments.

  • Laurie

    Where is the article??? All I get is the “posts” from folks. I need the info with the codes, etc. Everything I click on brings me back to the posts/comments??

  • Daniel Bain

    avoid foods manufactured by large companies like procter and gamble and Mars. Fromm is a great food and family owned

  • fed up

    So true Stephanie. I have even MORE faith in a product which is so thoughly tested.

  • fed up

    GOSH….what pinheads most of you are! If you don’t like the company or their product……DO NOT BUY IT! It’s pretty dang simple…..stop complaining like a bunch of angry people. Just cook for your dog! It’s always the big bad money hungry companies fault. geeze what a crock.

  • Stephanie

    Iams/Eukanuba are GREAT products! I appreciate the fact that they take such precautionary measures to ensure pet safety. If anything, this has made me more secure in the product I have chosen for my pets. To know that they care enough to routinely check and test their facilities, then send out recalls even though there have been no reported cases of salmonella poison… it says a lot about their company. Yes, it may be a little inconvenient, but wouldn’t you rather have a company you know you can trust??

  • milliesmom

    First return your food where you bought it, they should give you a refund or call P&G customer service they will not doubt have to make this right with you.

    The best decision you can make is to “get educated” about pet food. big bags with a cheap price are NOT the best way to go even if you have a budget or fixed income. better quality food with less ingredients are much much better for any pet, young or old, active or not, health problems or none. GOOD quality food may cost more up front but you feed A LOT less and your pet is satisfied, healthier and you have less clean up in the yard or litter box.
    Find a good INDEPENDENT PET RETAILER and talk to them about nutrition, a girlfriend of mine had a diabetic cat, switched her to a complete raw diet and the diabetes is gone! I have a 13 year old setter that looks and acts like she is 5 years old, she eats fish and sweet potato kibble with a little freeze dried raw mixed in. Good Luck!

  • gunnymom

    Just last month I changed dog food due to problems with Pedigree dry. My dog was throwing up and had diarrhea. Now Iams Natural..Where do you find a safe, healthy dry dog food? This is maddening.

  • gunnymom

    Where is the Lot Code located on Iams Healthy Naturals Chicken? There is a Proof of purchase on lower right side on back of bag but no Lot code. This is dog food.

  • Jerry-Lynn

    Send it to everyone one you know if there is any chance for an animal or human to get sick don’t take that chance

  • toni

    at least they are up front about and not trying to cover it up–like with the chicken treats from China–they’ve been stonewalling on that one for 6 or 7 years–people food gets contaminated with salmonella a few times a year too–

  • Deborah Carney

    My dogs wouldn’t eat Life Abundance. It doesn’t help that it is a great dog food if your dogs won’t eat it.

  • Linda

    It’s pretty bad when you can’t even trust a company like this. Fortunately I no longer feed my dogs Eukanuba.

  • Disgusted consumer

    This is typical of large money hungry companys

  • Pattyvaughn

    People need suggestions of foods that they can actually get today and that are easy to transition to.

  • Deborah Smith

    Thanks this isn’t what I use thank goodness

  • Storm’s Mom

    I have to say, it drives me nuts every time there’s a recall someone professing to use this brand immediately comes on the recall thread and professes something similar, and generally promotes the product. Especially when it rarely ever happens when there’s not a recall.

    Coming on a thread set up specifically to help people who are facing a recall, people who are probably extremely stressed out and scared, and promoting a product (and apparently one that you can only get online/via shipping, not in stores) that’s just the height of opportunism and tactlessness. Makes me less and less inclined to ever try the brand, personally.

  • InkedMarie

    Just a suggestion: always save the bag or at least the UPC symbol in case of something like this. Where did you buy the food? They should refund your money.

  • helen klaw

    i am so mad i just checked my bag and it is the number for kitten food and i just had one kitten die last week was perfectly fine and one day got sick and diarreah and within hours was dead only 5 wks old where do i find out who to contact

  • Aden’s mommy

    With working in a pet store I can help a little on what to do. Before throwing if out call the place u got it from and see if they will take it back most places will I know my company does. Try switching ur animal to maybe Canada its a cheap food and easy on the belly. Made in usa.

  • Valerie

    I no longer have the bag and must have had it a week but my puppy uses the Iams puppy, what do I do…obviously trash it but now money lost? 🙁

  • Beth Thursby

    Stop feeding this garbage…check out http://www.lifesabundance.com/beththursby
    NEVER had a recall, American-owned company using American products, 94% digestable, absolutely the best dog food I’ve ever fed and I’m working with dogs for over 45 yrs.

  • Valerie

    I No longer have the bag,only the front label.I have Proactive health,small a toy petites,Adult 1-6 years. 13.3 lb. bag.Has this been recalled?

  • Pam

    It is mostly for people handling the food, since they wouldn’t take the same precautions as those who handle raw meat. But, for those dogs who have compromised immune systems and can’t handle the pathogens like healthy dogs can, they can get sick.

  • Deborah Smith

    Wouldn’t it be more for people handling the food?

  • Nat

    Ok sorry, the second and fourth paragraph.

  • Nat

    It clearly states in the first paragraph that they were distributed in the US only and that the products were made only in one distribution plant.

  • nir

    I join boxermom question.
    Is the recall is world wide ?
    How does this recall work ? does the company inform all the importers ?

  • Christine Beresford

    thats a lot of food maybe you should be a bit more careful in the future i would imagine youve just lost a hell of a lot of money there , are the UK products safe .

  • Boxermom

    Does P&G say if it’s only for the U.S or worldwide? I know it says “The lots were distributed in the United States”, but I wonder if they usually announce when it’s worldwide or do they give each country it’s own recall…? How does it work?
    I want to share this with my friends, but I don’t want to panic them for no reason. Thanks