Fromm Dog Food Recall of March 2016


March 18, 2016 — Fromm Family Foods of Mequon, Wisconsin, has announced it is voluntarily recalling three of its canned dog foods because they may contain elevated levels of vitamin D.

What’s Being Recalled?

Fromm Gold Dog Food Recall

The company is recalling all lots of the following three Fromm Gold canned dog foods:

  • Fromm Gold Chicken Pate Dog Food
    12 ounce cans
    Can case code: #11893
    Individual can UPC: 72705 11892
  • Fromm Gold Chicken & Duck
    Can case code: #11895
    Individual can UPC: 72705 11894
  • Fromm Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate
    Can case code: #11891
    Individual UPC: 72705 11890

The affected products were shipped to distributors between December 2015 and February 2016.

About the Recall

Fromm has discovered through its own analysis that the affected canned dog foods do not contain recommended levels of vitamins and minerals.

These products may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D.

According to the company…

The recall is being implemented in an abundance of caution as symptoms should only be noted in situations where dogs have eaten the affected products as their only meal for an extended period of time and leading to depression of appetite.

While there have been no reports of any health problems, Fromm is recommending the affected products not be fed.

The company has notified the FDA and has also invited distributors as well as The Dog Food Advisor to share the details of this event with consumers.

What to Do?

Recalled product may be returned to authorized Fromm retailers for a full refund.

Consumers with questions may call Fromm Customer Service at 800-325-6331. The company has added additional hours to assist dog owners during the recall.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • Kolyna

    My dog hates it. Sits in the bowl

  • Kolyna

    My baby loves Fromm and they have a rotation diet. Different flavors but most of the ingredients are the same. Not too fond of the pork and peas formula though

  • Judy Boitt

    I used to sell dog foods AND I do believe in rotation feeding. I am also a groomer. I research to the point of exhaustion. My last dog Mini Schnauzer died in his sleep at 18yrs. Always on Fromm….never sick in his life. Yes good breeding and good food and good owner (smiles)

  • Mindy Haha
  • Mindy Haha

    Hope that helps your cat

  • Mindy Haha
  • fourdogs

    I switched to Purina Beyond grain free cans (the ground, my poodle doesn’t like the chunks). He is doing better on that tummy/digestion-wise than he did on Fromm. I used to sing the praises for all Fromm foods, now I’ve moved on.

  • redcore

    I’m interested in knowing what brand/product line you ultimately switched to, and what their recall history looks like? Was thinking about Fromm but also open to others.

  • Константин Лукша

    Oh, my. And all cats fit these formulas. For example this will fit?

  • Margaret Flanagan

    Thank you, thank you, thank you; finally found another consumer with the same results as my little Pom, 5 & 1/2lbs., experienced. He vomited the 3rd. day of feeding Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate, and his urine was light green. I received notice of the recall from Chewy on the same day as my baby was sick. I took him straight to the vet. No bladder infection; blood work-up showed elevated ALT. $250. with follow up scheduled in 2 months, and vet recommended different dog food. I emailed Fromm. A lady called me several days later and basically informed me my dog’s problem was not related to the dog food, and they would not reimburse the vet bill .. did reimburse the case of dog food. Followed up 2 months later with the vet: Lab work-up results – liver enzymes had returned to within normal limits .. another $250. Urine returned to normal color approx. 10 days after feeding recommended dog food.

  • Jeremy

    You may want to start using the cat formulas instead of the dog because the dog formulas do not contain the levels of taurine that cats require in their diet. Unless you’re adding in taurine from another source you may run into nutritional deficiencies over time that could cause some severe problems or even death.

    Here is a little more information for you

  • debheu

    You can buy different flavors of Fromm, I do, that way they don’t get bored with same food And you don’t have to change slowly to diff flavor. .I have been feeding it for 5 years,nno problems !

  • AllyCat77

    Thanks! Good to know. That makes sense.

  • theBCnut

    The longer a dog has been on a food, the slower the transition needs to be. Once the dog is used to doing rotational feeding, no transition is needed at all for most dogs.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Yes 1/3 or 1/4, I would say, depending on how long the dog has been on the same food. When I first started rotating Storm’s food, I started with mixing in 25% of the new food with 75% of his normal food (the one he’d been on for the first 10 months of his life before I got him), and then stayed with that for several days until his poops were firm, and then went to 50%/50% and did the same thing – stayed at that level for a few days and then went up to 75% new food, 25% old food. At this point in the 1st transition I did with him, he started to have issues with diarrhea, so we went back down to 50%/50% for a bit longer and then tried again. The 1st time he switched to a new food definitely took the longest and was the hardest to transition..and there were some not pleasant moments for both of us.. but we persevered and a few switches later he was fine to switch “cold turkey” …and has been like that ever since (although I do normally do a short transition (few days) anyway).

    Aussielover, the thing I like best about feeding a rotation (different brands, different proteins, different carbs as much as possible – I switch every bag) is that I don’t really care if a food I’m feeding gets recalled (although none has so far in the nearly 5 years I’ve had Storm) or if the ingredients change, because if it does, I know I can immediately switch him over to a new food without any issues and life will continue as normal. I can buy whatever dog food I want to feed him whenever I want to. If something’s on sale, I can pick it up and pop it into the rotation. I can try new stuff that comes on the market. I’m not beholden to any single company’s formula-changing whims or anything like that. I’m in control of what my dog eats. It’s a really awesome peace of mind to have. And, most importantly, I firmly believe it benefits Storm because if I did place my bets on one company to provide for all of Storm’s nutritional needs for his entire life..and I was wrong.. I would never forgive myself. It’s highly unlikely that all or even most of the companies in my rotation are making the same mistake(s) in their formulations, so it’s more likely that Storm’s getting more balanced nutrition over time with his rotation. All of that, as I said, gives me peace of mind, too. He wins, I win. The only ones who don’t are the dog food companies (because I’m not a “loyal customer” of any of them), which I think is the way it should be 🙂

  • AllyCat77

    I have never heard of rotation feeding and I am a groomer. I would certainly be willing to check it out. I research things 3 ways to Sunday myself. I do have a question. When you do the rotation do you use the by 3rds transition?

  • AllyCat77
  • theBCnut

    Reduced appetite is not the only symptom of excess Vit D. It’s the first symptom.

    The main consequence of vitamin D toxicity is a buildup of calcium in your blood (hypercalcemia), which can cause poor appetite, nausea and vomiting. Weakness, frequent urination and kidney problems also may occur.

  • LabsRawesome

    If I am reading your post correctly, you are feeding cats dog food. Taurine is essential for cats, and most dog foods do
    not contain Taurine.

  • Shari Peterson

    How unfortunate. That appears to be the only side effect of excess Vitamin D, reduction in appetite.

    I feed the Gold canned recall product to my cats and they love it. The cans of cat food are too small for two cats and the larger dog food can is ideal to feed them for two meals, so one can a day. They are picky and one cat has kidney problems so she is in a lot of discomfort eating hard food. Hopefully they will have these back on the shelves soon!

  • cherokee517

    Thank you for having my back.
    I’m apt to be far more attached & loyal to my animals than any brand.

  • cherokee517

    Wow. I don’t know why you are so defensive to me, but whatever…
    The “ridiculous” advice has come from many sources. My vets, canine nutritionists, trusted pet store owners, my trainer, this very site, hrs of independent research of science based evidence, etc. I take nothing at face value nor do I believe or share anything without first researching it to death.
    There is a lot of reasoning behind feeding a rotation diet. Do a little homework and you will see that it makes a lot of sense.
    I assume you don’t get all of your nutrition by eating the same exact meal every single day of your life. Even if it was possible to have a perfectly balanced meal it would get boring pretty quickly.
    I also never said I use luck as a barometer. Do not twist my words. What I meant is that it’s a happy accident that I have been able to avoid recalls by not sticking with just 1 brand more than a few months at a time.
    And I have no idea where you got the idea that I would switch from something safe & healthy to something unsafe & unhealthy. My dogs eat 4.5-5 star foods. Once in a while they may get 4 star. Is that safe & healthy enough in your opinion? Should I consult you before making any future decisions on my dogs’ diets?
    Believe me I have seen first hand how incredibly important it is for dogs to be fed the best food for them. I know it is a critical step to optimal health.
    Please stop trying to pick a fight with me.
    I’m sorry human error was discovered in your precious Fromm. It doesn’t make it any less wonderful. It’s just a little mistake that they owned up to. I had nothing to do with it.

  • cherokee517

    I understand people being very attached to certain brands. We love our dogs so much and want to believe we are doing everything in our means to keep them safe & healthy. It can be upsetting to some people when they find out their perfect food isn’t has made a mistake.

    I’ve also heard a lot of very bad things about salmon. Especially from the Pacific NW and that which is farmed. Not just about ethoxyquin either. I guess wild Alaskan salmon is OK tho. I just avoid it anyway. Not going to take any chances.

  • Babslynne
  • AussieLover224

    I feed my Aussies Fromm and have for years. I changed to them because I researched the company and I researched their record. My dogs stopped having bowel issues and their skin and coats showed a dramatic difference. That’s why I’m defending this food! Research and my own results.

  • AussieLover224

    Do you see the name of her store in this thread?

  • AussieLover224


  • AussieLover224

    I doubt Fromm will ever sell. Especially not to Purina.

  • AussieLover224

    I agree. There is no better track record out there. I worried at first but then I read what the recall was for and went on about feeding them as usual as their variety wasn’t recalled. Even if it were, for a vitaminD issue I’d still stick with Fromm. I’d just switch out the cases that were recalled. Pick your battles wisely people! Read Fromm’s history and check their recall history.

  • AussieLover224

    Rotate???? Where did you learn this ridiculous advice? For its safe and healthy, change to something that’s not as safe/healthy. That makes ZERO sense. Using luck as your food barometer is silly. Use fact. You’ll be better off and so will your dog.

  • AussieLover224

    They were recalled once. One time in a long family owned history. I understand how you feel. But after you search for a better recall history I bet you come back to Fromm There isn’t a better recall history. They also have a lot of varieties.

  • AussieLover224

    One recall in their VERY LONG HISTORY is incredible. They are an upstanding, family owned company. You don’t find many of those these days. They also started the recall!

    Emotionally attached? No. I’m attached because it’s a proven SAFE and healthy brand. I’d be a fool to change to a lesser brand!

  • Pet Meals on wheels

    Hi, are there any other products from this brand or a similar brand you would recommend to replace this product?

  • Even more important, this same letter was posted publicly on Fromm’s website on March 18, the very day we posted this article.

  • Crazy4cats

    I received this email yesterday:

    Dear Pet Parents,

    Thank you for signing up for our mailing list and for being a valued customer of Fromm Family Foods.

    Fromm Family Foods has discovered, through our own analysis, that our new 12 oz. Gold Chicken Pate, 12 oz. Gold Chicken & Duck Pate, and 12 oz. Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate Canned Dog Foods do not contain the recommended levels of vitamins and minerals. They may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D. These new products were shipped to distributors during a short period of time – from December 2015 through February 2016.

    We would expect this excess Vitamin D to have an impact only when dogs have eaten these products as their exclusive diet for an extended period of time (60 days or more). If dogs were fed exclusively these products for 60 days, the expected effect would be a reduction in appetite.

    We recommend that you do not feed these products to your dog. Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, we are recalling these products.

    12 oz. Gold Pate Products:

    12 oz. Gold Chicken Pate Food for Dogs: Can Case Code #11893, Individual Can UPC: 72705 11892

    12 oz. Gold Chicken & Duck Pate Food for Dogs: Can Case Code #11895, Individual Can UPC: 72705 11894

    12 oz. Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate Food for Dogs: Can Case Code #11891, Individual Can UPC: 72705 11890

    If you have any of these cans, please return them to the place of purchase or any Authorized Fromm Retailer for return to Fromm Family Foods. To find an Authorized Fromm Retailer near you, please visit

    Please note: This recall does not affect any 13 oz. Gold Dog Pate canned products, Four-Star canned dog foods, Four-Star canned cat foods, or any Fromm dry dog foods, dry cat foods, or dog treats.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call Fromm customer service at 800-325-6331.

    We very much appreciate your attention to this announcement, and as a fifth-generation family business, we look forward to earning your trust every day.

    Tom Nieman
    Fromm Family Foods

    Looks like they are being very responsible about it anyway.

  • TownWhiner

    alpo is good yummy

  • TownWhiner

    Yes Alpo same food i fed my poodle i had 15 years ago he lived to be 16

  • Bethanie Nice


  • lorreann

    The company says it is doing a voluntary recall of some canned foods because the vitamin levels that the label says it has were off. I don’t see this as anything to be concerned about and in fact it makes me even more confident with the company that they were honest and corrected it.

  • Seeker1

    I changed my cat food . I took them off purina because it made them puke all the time. I went to a more natural food for them. I do not care for purina.
    For a lot of companies, it is the money for them. If a few people report problems to that company, yes they will recall…usually. Before they start getting slapped with lawsuits. If you get enough of them, they can break you. And they don’t want to go broke.
    Like i said they need more QC….quality control.
    You would be surprised what goes on in places where things are made. Seriously.

  • Seeker1

    Some people cannot read very well. Some need to read and re-read it again so it can sink in.
    Amazing huh cherokee? Some people really amaze me.
    And here in usa, canneries are getting sloppier about the canning process. It has to be at the right temperatures, no contaminants, and nothing added to the canning.
    If it isn’t at the right temperature, you can have bacteria in it.
    Even some canned foods for humans have bacteria and botulism in them. I have saw for myself. I cannot buy from that company again. If they cannot keep up their quality control…bye bye to them. I have personally thrown away several cans. Even from big name companies.
    Best way is to grow your own. You know what is in it and it is much safer.
    And FYI to others, I would not be feeding my dogs or anything salmon. Ever since the Japan problem. Most do not realise the problems we are having about seafood. Especially off the west coast.

  • Seeker1

    True. Even people’s foods have recalls too.
    Most times I cook for the four of us. ( two of us and two dogs) But people need to be aware what dogs can and cannot have..
    I have been thinking of making them jerky treats, but I am not sure of the salt limits. Do you know what the limit would be for that?
    I like making their own food because I know what is in it for my own peace of mind as well as their own health.

  • LabsRawesome

    This is one of the reasons that diet rotation is the best way to feed dogs.
    If you are rotating different foods, from different manufacturers, then the exposure to excessive or deficient foods is limited.
    Choose several canned/kibble foods, from different manufacturers, and rotate through them.
    Once your dog is used to rotation, you can do this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
    This is how I feed my 3. And all 3 lick their bowls clean at every meal.

  • The Surprising Secret about Dog Food
    Fellow dog owner, if you’d cry if your dog died, then you need to see this. Discover the deadly secret the dog food industry spends millions to make sure you never find out…

  • SweetSydney

    I’ll have to tell my MS Specialist, who ranks as one of the tops in the U.S. that Vit. D doesn’t cause toxicity. And she no longer has to re-test me, after 12 weeks of taking it. I’m sure it will give her a laugh for the day.

  • Alison

    I recently switched to the Fromm Prairie line and my dog has never been in better shape or as healthy as he is currently the kibble is manufactured in a separate facility. I will continue feeding this to my dog with confidence that it is one of the best foods out there.

  • Catherine A Arsenault

    I am so glad there are sites like this to inform us ,dog owners. Being a new dog owner I want what’s best for her.

  • April

    Especially since the poster joined the forum the same day as the recall, sells the kibble (which I feed my Great Pyr puppy, btw) and hasn’t any other posts in any other forums. Telling folks that Fromm isn’t “at fault” is irresponsible. That’s akin to BMW, Ford and Toyota saying it wasn’t their fault because the airbags used in their cars, but not manufactured at their plants, resulted in death/injury.
    Keep in mind, I use Fromm for my Pyr puppy, but I found the coincidence of two recalls, for the same reason, within a week, puzzling.
    Telling folks what the diagnosis of ill pets is, likewise irresponsible. Demeaning posters who have a lengthy history of raising and showing dogs for discussing digestion problems, is simply rude, IMO.

  • Vicki

    I knew you had to have an investment in this product to keep promoting it….

  • SweetSydney

    Research excess Vit. D before you tell anyone that it is not a deadly issue. It causes toxicity, effects the kidneys,. I could go on & on. Bottom line, as a responsible AKC Show breeder, I never risk my dogs health. I’ve learned a lot in my 37 years of Showing.

  • SweetSydney

    No. there was no coincidence. I’ve been Showing Yorkie’s in AKC Conformation for 37 years. I know my dogs. There was an excess of Vit. D in the FROMM & it does cause vomiting.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Glad to hear your not a paid competitor as I have ran into many. But for anyone to post that there were complaints could put questions in people’s minds who won’t do the research. People hear one word and they go off on it thinking the worst. While Fromm, Earthborn and many others are good foods there is no one food for all. There is not one food that people will not complain about. There are people who love to complain about something. When you complain about a company you are affecting the livelihood of many innocent individuals whose family relies upon them to bring home a pay check that is being affected. So I will defend anyone company or individual who is being verbally or physically bashed. Its just my nature.

  • Pitlove

    Hi cherokee-

    I agree with the sentiment that too much emotion goes into choosing a dog food for some owners. I think your philosophy of not being attached to a brand of food is the right attitude. It allows us to feed what works for our dogs and not what works for us.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    TownWhiner there is no issue with their puppy gold line and Alpo really! You might want to look up denatured meats in pet food to get some educational points to consider. So how old was your poodle that died? Old age or other health issue that was diagnosed by a vet? Your statement is misleading.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Pitlove you do know that New Zealand uses no growth hormones or antibiotics in their animals? It is the best place for any of the companies to get Lamb or any meats from.

  • cherokee517

    I do not work for any dog food co. In fact I don’t work w/ dog anything (except my own). I don’t appreciate the accusation. Just because you havent heard of something does not mean it doesn’t exist.
    Look on the DFA forums and you’ll find quite a few complaints of Fromm.
    I understand everyone’s deep love & loyalty to this co. I also understand that where there’s people there’s opportunity for mistakes and/or deceit.
    This is a co that has a long history of greatness. That’s important to consider when something happens. “If you don’t know a horse look at his track record.”
    All I was pointing out is that there appears to be some complaints. Dogs have gotten ill and even died. The only commonality was the food.
    For whatever reason Fromm didn’t find these cases warranted an alert.
    One poster even admitted that the sample he had tested was negative for pathogens. (Doesn’t mean the whole bag wasn’t contaminated or had another problem.)
    I’m just not as attached to my dog food brands/diets as some. I will never trust anyone 100%. Not even your precious Fromm.

  • LittleMo

    I know too much vitamin D can be a health risk – I spent 25 years in the medical profession. My point is that “too much” – thought not good – doesn’t always equate to toxic. Most importantly, Fromm did this VOLUNTARILY and that says good things about them.

  • Krystle Borelli

    Thank you so much for you’re feedback. I really appreciate it!

  • Pitlove


    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to a class action law suit. Most, if not all companies source ingredients outside the US and still manufacture inside the US. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that considering some of the best sources for certain raw materials IS in fact other countries. Example: Rabbit from France and Lamb from New Zealand.

    Sad that this person is willing to slander the name of a company that has been around for over 100 years just to make money off of a bogus lawsuit. Doubt this will even hold up in court.

  • Krystle Borelli

    I have fed my 2 year old German Shepherd Fromm for about 6 months now. She’s thriving on it. Glossy coat, firm stools, full of energy and overall just looks happy and healthy! Yesterday I was just doing some more research on Fromm and I saw that they are being sued for mislabeling products? I messaged the Fromm company yesterday asking if this was true. They haven’t gotten back to me yet. I just want to know if anyone has seen this on the Internet and know if it’s true or not? I also heard some comments that some dogs are getting sick from Fromm. If anyone has ideas or know if this statement is true or false, please let me know.

    Thank you!

  • TownWhiner

    They better check their puppy gold line.My poodle was having excessive urinary issues and sample showed no bacteria.I switched him to alpo and symptoms are gone.My last poodle died last year and all i fed him was fromm.He started having no interest in food and water

  • Cyndi Miller-Gase

    In cherokee’s defense, we all have different opinions and he or she is entitled too. I use to feed my dogs beneful before I educated myself had no idea how bad it was and it was actually killing dogs and of course Purina would never admit to it, it was just recalled last week. My dogs rarely get sick anymore since I stopped that dog food. Purina is a big name but that does not make their food #1, corporate greed is more important to them then quality, but that is just my opinion. Most of their food in only 1 star dog food and I used their product for years but stopped~!

  • theBCnut

    The main consequence of vitamin D toxicity is a buildup of calcium in your blood (hypercalcemia), which can cause poor appetite, nausea and vomiting. Weakness, frequent urination and kidney problems also may occur.

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m sorry Debbie, but you are wrong. Vomting is a symptom of excess Vitamin D. This is a fat soluble vitamin which makes it more difficult to diffuse. Here are some links:

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m sorry Debbie, but you are wrong. Vomting is a symtom of excess Vitamin D. This is a fat soluble vitamin which makes it more difficult to diffuse. Here are some links:

  • Crazy4dogs

    I’m sorry, Debbie, but you are wrong. Vomittin is one of the first signs. Vitamin D is a fat soluable vitamin, which makes it more difficult to deal with. These are some links to excess Vitamin D intake:

  • bhscarlett

    We had always been sad since loosing a beloved pet from the china mess. thus we chose Fromms for our new dogs,all three of them.

  • April

    It was a question, not a hysterical rant. There have been many family owned companies that have been purchased by large corporations, I just wanted to know if Fromm was one of them. I had already received a cogent, thoughtful response, therefore yours was superfluous. As for something being your “number 1” I’m afraid since I don’t know whether you’re a credible source or not, your rating was a non sequitur, but thanks anyway.

  • theBCnut

    Both constipation and abdominal pain can result in vomiting or regurgitation. Poor appetite and loss of appetite can be due to nausea. People have a right to expressing themselves about their experience here. You need to quit judging.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Have never heard about any complaints with their kibble ever. What competitor are you working for. This is just a crazy crazy remark. It has been my number 1 food for over 13 years. This is verging on a slanderous remark IMO. show the proof of this or remove the remark.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Might just be a coincidence with your dog. Vomiting is not even in the list of side effects of too much. They are feeling sick or being sick

    poor appetite or loss of appetite

    feeling very thirsty

    passing urine often

    constipation or diarrhea

    abdominal pain

    muscle weakness or pain

    bone pain

    feeling confused

    feeling tired

    Do some research before you pass judgement or flip out on something. Your not doing you pup’s justice saying you won’t buy one of the best pet food that is made. SMH

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Sorry you are sooooo off in your thinking this is not Fromm’s fault it was the HUMAN cannery that makes the food that caused the error. Vitamin D is not a deadly issue geez!!

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Lee Matthews it was not their mistake. The canned is made in a human cannery who made the mistake not sure if it was human error or computer error. Regardless it is not their mistake.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Fromm is one of the best do some research.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    Absolutely not Fromm has always been made with Human grade ingredients in a cannery that makes human food. Really people are making way too much of this there is nothing to be concerned about. This has been my number 1 food for 13 years in my store.

  • sharron

    would you recommend acana for a very fussy yorkie/chihuahua – she only likes 2 dry foods, royal canin and acana – believe me, i have tried most of the dry foods made including raw, won’t eat them

  • SweetSydney

    I’ve been Showing Yorkie’s in Conformation for 37 years. My mentor was one of the top Show breeders in the country. She retired with 62 Champions to her name. I have continued her blood-line. And I produce a minimum of 2 Champions out of each breeding. Yorkie’s produce very small number of puppies in a litter. I don’t breed often. I don’t risk my dogs to any dog food that has been recalled, even once. It’s just not worth it. Each of us has to make their own decision on what we are willing to feed our dogs.

  • cherokee517

    It does look good to own your mistakes and voluntarily recall. But I wouldn’t make too much of a big deal. Purina did the same a few days ago. I wouldn’t feed that to any dog.

  • cherokee517

    Eventually all food will have a recall. I’m sure of it.
    All you can do is choose a few of the very best you can afford and rotate them every few months.
    Even if you make your own human grade foods get recalled too.
    By rotating I have been very lucky to stay ahead of recalls. But it really is luck.

  • cherokee517

    The recall explanation says it may have higher amts of vitamin D. That IS a health risk. It’s better to be deficient than have too much.

  • cherokee517

    I know back in Dec & Jan there were a lot of complaints about some of their kibble. Admittedly I have been hesitant in putting this in the rotation because of the few complaints.
    I guess what I’m saying is that this recall doesn’t come as any surprised. What does surprise me is the reason. According to complaints (posted in the forum on this site) at least 1 sample was positive for colistrium (?) bacteria.

  • SweetSydney

    My Yorkie had been eating FROMM Gold Salmon & Chicken Pate. She began vomiting this week. Received the notification that FROMM had been recalled. Just my luck, the last case I bought was on the recall list. Pet Supplies Plus refunded my money. I won’t feed FROMM again.I never feed a dog food that has been recalled. My Yorkie only weighs 3 & 1/2#s. Too much of a risk.

  • Lee Matthews

    We will continue to use Fromm as well as raw. This is an ethical company who self-identified their issue of high vit D levels. From what I’ve read, this is the first recall. Everyone makes mistakes. This company has integrity because they owned theirs. Kudos to Fromm! Thank you for your honesty!

  • Pitlove

    Hi LittleMo-

    Actually the reason they are recalling is because vitamins in excess can pose a health risk to your dog long term. Just like not enough of a certain vitamin causes a deficiency (reason for Purina recall).

    Either way you are correct that they took the right steps by recalling the food and it still shows they are reputable.

  • Mr_Juggernaut

    We have always raised our pups on Fromm puppy kibble (The Grain Free version), and then switch to Primal raw at around 6 months. We still use the Fromm kibble for treats and snacks. They have developed wonderfully, I really appreciate Fromm and all they do for our babies, like testing for the correct levels of vitamins and minerals. Keep up the great work Fromm!

  • Mr_Juggernaut

    Excellent/ Well said Pitlove.

  • crazeedogs3

    So far nothing bad and listed in the top five.

  • LittleMo

    This is not something that is posing a health risk. Fromm is recalling the canned food themselves b/c it doesn’t exactly have the amount of nutrients they have on the labels and may have over the amount of vitamin D. They are actually going above and beyond any reasonable expectation consumers may have to market a good safe product. I feed my dogs the grain-free dry food – they love the fish flavors even more than the meat.

  • dogsss

    When playing with food, stuff like this will happen. It is rare that a food company will never go through a recall. Actually, a company that does a Voluntary recall often means that they truly are a good company. They are not risking the chance of letting a little defect go through (vitamin here, not salmonella) just to save money and their reputation.

  • Judy Sharp

    I no they had a can recall, bought my first bag of dry Fromm Game Bird, we’ll see heard a lot of good things about Fromm

  • Laurie Cederstrom Matson

    Get some quality food. Aldis does not sell good quality food. Get some Fromm or Or Orijon from a quality pet supply or Amazon. Even better yet, educate yourself on feeding a raw diet!!!

  • Pitlove

    Hi Scott-

    I don’t see this recall as being sad at all! Quite the opposite. It shows that this company does something important- tests for adequate nutrient levels in their food, not only pathogens.

    There is no shame in having a recall behind your company. The only shame is when the FDA has to get involved because the company refuses to recall. This was not the case with this recall.

  • We are feeding Acana, which is also by Origen from what I understand.
    So far so good!!!!

  • Diane Shuss

    I only feed my doxies orijens. It’s expensive but no fillers. Haven’t heard anything negative. Anyone??

  • WV sheltie

    No, Fromm is a fifth generation family business.

  • WV sheltie

    Have fed my shelties Fromm Four Star Nutritionals and will continue to do so. It is an excellent food. There was a comment that Purina bought Fromm, not true.

  • bhscarlett

    I am really disappointed in you , always saying fromms is the best, what happened you cut back like everyone else did/?

  • ElfirBFG

    I’m still going to continue feeding my kitties their Grain-free line. It’s great stuff.

  • Just me

    Lots of human food gets recalled also. Glad they did it and did not try to cover it up like some… Good news is that the recall was done quickly.

  • Debbie Phillips-Csuy

    FYI Earthborn does not make their own canned. It is made however in a human cannery in Thailand which Thailand has the highest standards in the world for producing human and human quality pet food. Fromm has been in business for 110 years and Earthborn 90 years. Both are great companies but they only produce their own dry and rely upon someone else to do the canned as they do not own their own canneries. This was not any fault of Fromm so no need to switch to another company as it could happen to anyone.

  • April

    Beneful chopped wet food had a recall last week for the exact same reason. Are these products manufactured by the same conglomerate?

  • Lisa Spinelli

    Totally agree I feed earthborn dog and cat food.I have a dog with chicken allergy earthborn is the only food that she can eat.

  • ElcyIL

    I fed Fromm for years and switched to Earthborn because of the price difference, my great dane developed a horrible yeast infection after switching that I am having the hardest time getting rid of. It’s cheaper for a reason, IMO paying a few extra dollars for Fromm is totally worth it.

  • Karen Lee

    The Fromm ‘ s Company requested the recall themselves. Right? That should be a plus. Everyone can make a mistake. I feed their dry dog food and haven’t had any problems with it.

  • Patrick Goodson

    Worst dog food on the market – least amount of meat and no vegetables. Just a lot of grain. I will bet your yorkie poops big.

  • Michele Jones

    Just one quick caution. These are the 12 ounce cans from Fromm’s new cannery. Many parts of the country are still working on their original 13 ounce cans. There is no recall on those cans.

  • Daisy

    You might want to check out Earthborn Holistic. They are family owned, made in the US at their own plants, and not a recall in over 75 yrs. Pricewise, they’re comparable, maybe even a little cheaper.

  • cherokee517

    Shep brand is horrible food. I would get him off of it ASAP.

  • vinny

    When your in the business eventually it could happen a long track record ended. I will still use Fromm products.

  • AJ

    First Fromm recall ever. My two dogs eat their dry food.

  • Andrea Dyal

    You might want to read up on Shep Dog Food. It doesn’t look to be a good quality food at all. I would bet it’s not helping your baby’s tummy.

  • Wendy Hayman

    Your Yorke could of picked up giardia or coccidia. Might not be the food

  • Scott D

    Wow. First ever Fromm recall. Sad

  • Kimberly Gomez

    Was shep dog food recalled. Feed my yorkie that for a week now he has diaherria and blood in his stool. Bought from aldis store

  • Carol Loeb

    Thank you, only use their kibble

  • Nancy Wilson

    Thank you