FDA Issues Chinese Dog Treats Update


March 9, 2012 – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has today issued an important update for consumers regarding the safety of Chinese-made chicken jerky products for pets.

As published here in a November 2011 article, these treats may be associated with serious illness in dogs.

Since then, the FDA has continued to receive additional complaints regarding these same products. So, on Friday, March 9, 2012, the agency issued another important update which you can read in this official FDA link.

In summary, the most recent FDA bulletin concludes:

No specific products have been recalled because a definitive cause has not been determined. The FDA continues to actively investigate the problem and its origin. If the FDA identifies the cause, the agency will take appropriate action and notify the public.

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  • PAW

    This type of treat killed my chihuahua. I am going to start posting warnings in places that sell them.

  • rc

    Now I’m a democratic, but when go old Clinton make China most favored trading partner to the USA all these companies went apesh @#$. They all want it cheaper and you know cheaper ain’t always better.

  • Staalmarilyn

    Why do we have to have dog treats made in China ? Can’t they be made in good old U.S.A.?

  • EvesHumanMom

    Hi Deoborah,
    I don’t know why you think that but I do not believe Champion sells a line of treats, just the dog food, Orijen and Acana.  NOT chicken jerky and NOT from China.

  • I would have never guessed a name brand like Champion would sell these and not insist on a recall.   Naive me.   Money is money eh.

  • Marie

    If you had cared to read what I was replying to, you’d see the equally absurb assertion that someone should be able to feed their dog 50+ large chicken treats and not expect consequences.

  • Dancingann96

    Why are you even saying such an absurb thing???

  • Dancingann96

    We all also need to read the WHOLE package…as they can and are misleading!! I found a few bags that ‘claimed’ on the front of the package in BIG letters to be made in the USA but when I read the smaller print on the back, it was the ‘package’ that is made in the USA!!! The actual food/treats were made in CHINA!!! that should be FALSE advertising….but I can see how they get away with it. Check the WHOLE package and do your research. China EATS dogs and cats, so please they could care less!!

  • Dancingann96

    This is EXACTLY what happened to my pom mix. She was given these chicken and also the duck jerky strips as a treat–not a bag full– for years. Then I ended up with the unlucky bad batch and she was close to death within ONE DAY!!! Thank goodness I did not blow it off as a stomach flu….and I took her to the vet THAT day…or she would not be here. Chinese products are ALL garbadge. They are doing this crap on purpose and OUR goverment needs to wake up already!! I have done loads of research and if the food/treats had ANY ingrediants from China forget it. I will only buy if made in the USA from here on out.

  • Marie

    If someone is willing to give their 4 pound Yorkie 50 chicken treats from China, perhaps they should accept the risk that their dog might be severely ill or dead as a result.

    Would you take 50 tablets of Tylenol and expect to be alive afterwards?

  • Rottpamela

    You should be able to feed your dog 50 jerky treats a day if you want and not have them keel over from it. China products suck. They have no ethical behavior for melamine in baby’s formula much less what they put in pet treats. Buy a dehydrator!

  • Starmarie65

    Do you know where you’r dog food company is getting their ingredients? Lot’s of them get them from CHINA!

  • Rick

    No, it doesn’t.  We were definitely not feeding our dog too many.  I have also read countless stories where the dog had a reaction after eating only 1/2-1 treat.  My dog was nothing like that, but in the end we were very surprised to hear she had advanced kidney failure and she was dead two days later.  So in less than one week, we went from healthy happy dog to RIDICULOUS vet bills and no more dog. 🙁

    Of course it is up to you to play Russian Roulette with your pet, but I choose to not put the gun up to their head now that I know.

  • LS

    There are some that aren’t. Try Trader Joes and also a brand called Thinkers

  • Marian

    Considering all the different things our dogs eat, I don’t know how they can pin this on just chicken jerky.  There doesn’t seem to be anything being done to see if it’s in combination with other foods.  Some breeds are prone to Franconi’s.  But they say this produces Franconi-like symptoms.  A lot of rawhide products are made in China.  All of Dingo products are.  I have heard that rawhide from other countries can carry salmonella.  

  • Marian

    I have read that some small dogs have been given too much.  I have used the treats for a couple of  years with dachshunds but fed less than one treat per day and never a whole strip.  Prefer jerky wrapped yams and apples.

  • Kathy Jergenson

    Thank you for sending me the link. It was quite
    informative. So I guess no dog food is totally safe

  • Hi Tapperone,

    You may wish to read my recent article, “Still Think Your Dog Food Is 100% China Free?“.

    Hope this helps.

  • tapperone

    Have you heard that the vitamins in Nutro Natural dry dog food is made in China?

  • Marie

    Not all. Just the cheapest ones. Blue buffalo makes chicken jerky here in the USA, for example.

    But I am very sorry to hear about your dog. 🙁

  • Faith Wilkisson

    I have a healthy 3 year old 85 lb MUTT that has never been sick. For three years I gave him chicken jerky treats without incident. On Thurs. 2/23 he vomitted and a few times over the weekend. Otherwise he was acting fine. I took him to the Vet on Monday and found out he was in STAGE 3 KIDNEY FAILURE ! If you get a bad batch these chicken jerky treats can be toxic. Not worth the risk. Why do ALL chicken jerky treats get made in China ? 

  • Gvs087

    I  started giving chicken jerky treats to my dog 8 year old Siberian Husky a month  ago,  and she had a seizure.  She has never had one before. After blood test, urine test, and xrays. Vet was not able to figure out the cause.  everything apeared to be normal in her blood work.  
    our Vet.  thinks it could be the treats that happen to be from china, which i had no idea dog food or treats come from china..  That is the last time i will ever feed my dog anything from this company (Canyon Creek Ranch) and any company that makes there products in china.  
     its not worth the risk. 

  • Baseball15

    Why take the chance 

  • Marie

    Yeah, that’s really not an answer. Just because something comes from one particular country doesn’t automatically make it ‘crap’, especially if testing doesn’t come up with anything specific….yet.

  • Ro257

    yea China CRAP

  • Marie

    I’m not saying the treats aren’t to blame, but if a direct contaminant isn’t found, could this mean people are feeding too many to their dog in one day? Maybe it makes up too large a part of their diet? I know that can’t be true of EVERY case here but does anyone have any other ideas???