Blue Buffalo Dog Food Recall of February 2017


February 13, 2017 — Blue Buffalo Company has issued a voluntary recall for specific lots of Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight due to possible aluminum metal contamination.

What’s Recalled?

The recalled product includes:

  • Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Healthy Weight, Chicken Dinner with Garden Vegetables
  • 12.5 ounce can
  • UPC: 8-40243-10017-0
  • Codes: Best By 08/03/2019

The “Best By” date is on the bottom of the can.

No other Blue Buffalo products are involved. The company has not received any reports of illness or injury as a result of the problems giving rise to this recall.

What to Do?

Customers are invited to return the impacted product to your local retailer for a full refund. For additional information, call 866-800-2917.

U.S. citizens can report complaints about FDA-regulated pet food products by calling the consumer complaint coordinator in your area.

Or go to

Canadians can report any health or safety incidents related to the use of this product by filling out the Consumer Product Incident Report Form.

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  • Pitlove

    I currently work with a vet that believes the exact opposite. She promotes feeding canned as much as possible, even adding water to the canned diet.

  • anon101

    I use kibble as a base, add a little water and add a bit of scrambled egg or something. In general, I tend to avoid canned foods when possible.
    But, It depends on the dog, some dogs, especially seniors, do better on soft or canned food or by having their kibble presoaked.
    Brushing the teeth once a day and annual dental exams/checkups, professional cleanings and extractions (as needed) is the best way to care for a dog’s teeth.

  • haleycookie

    Wet food is better simply because it tends to be less processed and also has more meat and cleaner ingredients. Kibble is extremely processed with tons of filler carbs and the vets youve talked with probably still believed in the myth that hard food cleans dogs teeth and wet food rots them. Both will cause tarter on a dogs teeth. The only thing that will clean a dogs teeth is brushing them and allowing them to chew on things like nylabones, raw bones, etc. wet food also adds moisture to the diet which kibble strips away. An all wet diet can greatly help with decreasing bladder crystals as well.

  • Veronika

    But raw could essentially be called wet I mean if you use mince and you add water like me it’s like a damned soup haha but Rusty man he loves it!

    Dry isn’t much of anything, I mean it can help your dog with some minor stuff but I wouldn’t give dry to help with anything else, I buy dry and I use them as treats nowadays, I give half the bag to a friend who can’t afford food like that and it’s all good. Don’t use it for teeth it doesn’t work unless it has that toothpaste ingredient in it. One is hexam something and the other trypolyphosphate.

    I really wish vet was for me it seems the world needs me, but it’s not, but Holistic Nutritionist is, so that’s always something.

  • Morningstar Quaid

    My vet has told me wet isn’t good for them all the time, Its better to feed dry, I’ve been told this by many different vets over the years

  • Morningstar Quaid

    How about science diet,

  • Joanne

    My kitty was on the regular dry chicken kitten food and I was short on money one month so my mom bought her a small bag of the wilderness instead of her regular kind and she had bad gas and diarrhea. It had too much protein or something else in it for her I think. After a week I got her regular BB kitten food and she was fine again. I threw out the remaining wilderness that was left. I think some pets have issues digesting the wilderness line. Many brands of pet food have been recalled for one reason or another. You would have to really research pet food recalls to find a brand that hasn’t been at one point or another. Hell, even human food is recalled all the time for whatever reason and people still eat those brands after. Only difference is humans can talk and say what is happening inside them but pets can’t.

  • Our dog has been on taste of the wild for about a year or so now and it has been ok, but we just opened a new bag the other day and he got really sick afterwards. I racked my brain trying to think of what it could be and then I remembered, new bag of dog food!

  • Todd88

    We just switched this week to the senior mix for our labs (9 yrs. old). Within 24 hours, our chocolate lab has reacted so severely, that she’s been to emergency vet 2 times in 2 days. Extreme fire red skin, swollen joints, and the ears and eyes swelled up. She ‘s been very sick now for 3 days. The blonde lab started vomiting last night and can’t keep food down. The common denominator is the food change. These were healthy dogs until they ate the food. The chocolate lab has gained nearly 8 lbs of fluid in 3 days, and is miserable. Just received a shot to try and get skin reaction under control.. most severe Red color all over.

  • Jason Nagy

    Those foods werent impacted. This recall pertains to a specific can only.

  • Janie Dressendorfer

    I’ve been feeding both of my Shih Tzus half wet/half dry blue buffalo for about 2 years now. 2 years ago, my oldest one was so ill and barely did anything. Today, the are both very healthy and act like younger dogs. I have been praising this company like nobodies business. I had no idea there had bed that many recalls. I don’t want to change brands, but it almost seems like there is no quality control where this stuff is packaged. I’m at a loss. I don’t want my babies to go back to the way they were. If anyone has recommendations please let me know! Please email me asap at [email protected]. Thank you!

  • Margaret Sukra Devi Peck

    My dog has been on Blue Wilderness dry for a couple of years I just purchased a bag of the BW senior. Should I take it back. Any suggestions on a great senior food he is 8, lab Aussie mix.

  • Tiana

    Rachel Ray zero grain has a very imbalanced ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3, meaning the food is highly inflammatory. It will make environmental allergies, arthritis, or any health conditions worse. The Beef formula and Turkey formula both have an Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio of 15:1 and even the salmon formula is 7.5:1 and isn’t even a true salmon formula given that the predominant source of protein is chicken meal and manhaden fish meal. Don’t be fooled by the first ingredient being salmon, the ingredients are lined up by weight and whole salmon is 80% water and very little protein, whereas your chicken meal and menhaden fish meal is a concentrated moisture free protein powder. Omega 6 is inflammatory which is good when your pet has something like a bacterial infection to fight, but not good when there is not enough Omega 3 to counteract the inflammatory properties. Omega 3 is your anti inflammatory omega. You need to find a food that has a ratio of 5:1 or less. Balance is key, and the balance between the two is even very important for humans as well.

  • Ashley Royster

    I had to take my pitt/terrier off of the same choices because she was vomiting every so often after she ate it. Mind you it was recommended by her vet. I switched to the brand Verus and within days her coat and paws did a 360. She looks amazing. The vet kept telling me the patches of missing hair was due to allergies and give her bebadryl. NOPE! It was that damn blue buffalo food. I will NEVER buy that brand again for her.

  • Nancy C. Reader

    I recently started my French on Rachel Ray Peak & he loves it! Can purchase in supermarket, Target…

  • Jennifer

    has anyone heard anything bad about Rachel Ray’s zero grain or just 5 dog foods? I have done the blue buffalo, then they had bunch of recalls-then the lady at the store recommended victory ( i think that was the name) said it was same as BB less money no recalls’my dog didn’t really care for it’ ran out of it couldn’t get to a Pet Store to get the food, so i got Rachel Ray, just 6 -my dog loves it and he also loves the zero grain one she makes’there’s been no recalls and one dog food comparison list from Forbes gave it 4 stars- i have an all black beautiful king Shepard with a killer blood line- I don’t mind spending money for good food for him – he’s an awesome dog and friend, and companion. I started feeding him this other holistic food -i cant even remember the name -might be called that- he was so so about it and also I noticed occasional loose BM – I live about 20-25min from pet smart and pet plus(where they sell the ” supposed better and more expensive dog food” so if I run out i end up going to walmart and getting the Rachel Ray-which looks exactly like the last brand of the “better dog food” i was feeding him-so I ran out and went to walmart and got the Rachel Ray again- he loves it , he eats more regularly , normal BM -I haven’t heard anything bad . Would someone please tell me if they have. thanks

  • Jennifer

    it did say ” possible aluminum metal contamination” I hope your dog is okay

  • critter

    Don’t change to another a blue buffalo. Switch to a product specially made in the USA AND has ingredients that humans would be safe eating. It’s not risk losing a beloved family member. It hurts too much❤

  • Stephanie

    I would be careful. I had my Boston on BB Grain Free for 2 months. About a month ago he had a seizure and then 2 weeks later he had another seizure. I completely stopped the food after the 2nd seizure because that was the only thing I changed. He hasn’t had a seizure in about 2.5 weeks.

  • n mu

    wetfood is much better then dry (in general)

  • Sherri Smith


  • BlueBloodedAmerican

    Sherri, she seems fine. The case was eaten the month of January and one can from February. I think the recall say “may” contain and I’m thinking ours “didn’t” contain. The vet said in all probability, she’d have been exhibiting symptoms after consuming so many cans. She’s also on the healthy weight BB dry food–I’ve pretty much had it with BB and with most foods. I’ll find a dry one I’m confident about, use vitamins, and give her my own boiled chicken. I’ve about had enough with these companies.

  • Sherri Smith

    OMG Please let us know if your fur baby is ok! We have a Yorkie as well and he has refused to eat the food from 3 different bags of Blue Buffalo limited ingredient, grain free lamb and potato recipe over the last 6 months! I called BB and they suggested that I switch him to the Salmon flavored….As if. I swear up and down that something is wrong with these 3 bags and he knows it. In the process of transitioning him to the wet version of this food and so far he is loving it!! I wished that the Government would hold ALL dog food companies to a standard of safety and quality closer to that of what they allow us humans to consume!

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Just keep an eye on him.
    Any vomiting, diarrhea? Changes in appetite or behavior, call your vet.
    “The company has not received any reports of illness or injury as a result of the problems giving rise to this recall.”
    Call the 866 number for more info.
    “Customers are invited to return the impacted product to your local retailer for a full refund. For additional information, call 866-800-2917.”

  • BlueBloodedAmerican

    My tiny Yorkie ate an ENTIRE CASE of this exact stuff, before I got the notice of the recall from Amazon. Now what?

  • Pitlove

    I already stated to you that Champion uses EU regulations because of how lax Canada’s are. I’m assuming you weren’t aware prior to that email that they used EU regulations since you kept insisting Canada had very strict pet food regulations, which Champion confirmed they do not.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Please give them the credit they deserve. They exceed the regulations that we have in the US for our pets.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Teddi-

    Thanks for confirming what I’ve been trying to explain this whole time.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    I contacted the manufacture of my pet food that comes out of Canada. I hope you now understand a little better why I trust this company for all my beloved pets.

    Hi Teddi,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

    Canadian regulations for pet food are not strict, however the EU regulations that we follow when making our foods are the toughest regulations in the world. Both our Canadian NorthStar kitchens and our Kentucky DogStar kitchens, which are serving our US market, meet EU and FDA regulations, and are designed to make the safest pet food on earth. Unlike any other pet food kitchen on earth, our food safety and track and trace capabilities exceed the regulatory requirements expected of a human food facility.

    I have added your information to Champion’s First Alert Program. The First Alert Pet Food Recall Program is a voluntary effort and consists of a coalition of responsible pet food manufacturers who have agreed to alert their customers and consumers in the event one of our products is involved in a pet food recall. Champion Petfoods is committed to the safety of our products and to the health and wellbeing of our end consumer – your companion cats and dogs. In the unlikely event of a recall of one of our products, we will contact you immediately with information regarding the products that are affected, the reason for the recall, and any steps that may need to be taken. We will post this information on our website, and will notify our customers and the appropriate regulatory agencies.

    If you have any questions please let me know.


    Customer Care

    Champion Petfoods LP

  • Carol (Wilson) Bice and family

    I spoke to my vet and the only recall is the weight management canned HOMESTYLE Chicken dinner. He told me just to watch her, it’s most likely the transistion from old food to new. Takes about two weeks for their tummy to adjust. I am keeping an eye on her today and she has eaten breakfast and held it down and no problem with her bowel movements.

  • Seyna

    This makes me question the food that I give my puppy. He is a 3 month old boston terrier and I just started giving him the blue wilderness puppy food the dry and the wet (1/2 and 1/2). He actually loves it but I saw on facebook that the blue bufallo had a recall. Should I stop giving him blue wilderness? I’m confused.

  • Carol (Wilson) Bice and family

    I just started my 6 year old Pit on Blue Wilderness Healthy weight dry with a little wet not quite a week ago. I did the half and half step down (still am actually) Last night we were up all night with her vomiting and still this morning. Is it the transition or should I report this to pet stores? Very worried after reading reviews on the brand. Thank you…Blue Wilderness high protein grain free turkey and chicken grill can (I add 1/3 can to her dry which is the Blue Wilderness Chicken healthy weight adult dry

  • kellyduggan

    Had you given Kona any oral pesticide before you noticed her bad smell?? I have heard Bravecto causes an awful smell and soft/bloody stools. See the FB group: Does Bravecto Kill Dogs?

  • Crazy4cats

    Thanks for the warning.

  • Sherry Rivas

    I’ve fed mine the life protection for yrs they’ve all done great on it but with a recall every year I’ve decided to look for a new dogfood I love my dogs there like my children I spend a lot of money to keep them gappy and healthy n I can no linger take a chance with blue buffalo

  • Jerry

    Just a heads up – we found foreign material that appears to be metal because it doesn’t break up in the BLUE Homestyle Recipe CHICKEN DINNER with Garden Vegetables.

    NOT the Healthy Weight yellow label that has been recalled – but the blue regular Homestyle Chicken label.
    It’s best by date is OCT 07 19.
    It looks like larger pieces of flat pepper (dark) and even water does not dissolve. Rubbed between fingers does not break and feels gritty.

  • Because it’s cat food.

  • They haven’t, the poster was confused. Champion is the name of the company that makes Orijen and Acana, it’s right on their bags. They don’t farm out their manufacturing.

  • You may be a totally normal customer but you sure sound like you’re on their payroll.

    The Lifesource bits are a bad idea (or any cold formed nutrition chunks, Blue isn’t the only one). There are dogs and cats who hate the taste and will avoid eating them. Or it all falls to the bottom of the bag so they’re not getting that nutrition for most of the month, then they get all of it at once.

  • Cheri Hobbs

    Bought the blue buffallo dry food and made my dog vomit so switched to Taste of the Wild and no problems since…

  • Shirley

    Oh damn… my bad, see what happens when you don’t read each word. Yes you are correct it is Companion NOT Champion. Do you realize how many manufactures there are out there, make your head spin for sure.
    Sorry about that.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Here is Orijens website. I have been using this food as well as their treats for the last 5 years.
    I have never had any issues. All manufacturing is done by them.
    Acana is also one of their brands and it is one of the highest rated.

  • ZeekandT

    Are you referring to the “Companion” recall? Companion is very different from Champion…

  • ZeekandT

    Could you show where it is stated that Champion has had a recall in 2017? 20 minutes of research has shown no recall history except in 2008 limited to Australia and their irradiation laws.

  • Crazy4cats

    Kona is super cute!

  • Shirley

    Do you know who manufactures Orijen? It’s Champion Petfoods, keep an eye on the manufacture also. Here’s a link for you about what happened to cats: Champion Dog foods had a recall on dog food on Feb 9th 2017 here on dogfoodadvisor even though it doesn’t show Orijen that product is still made by Champion as far as I can see. We can’t stop it but we can keep a sharp look out if the manufactures work at being honest straight forward with us. I watch the manufactures of the product most of all. Just me though… LOL

  • Ray D

    Im glad i almost never feed my pup wet food….he just got over being really sick…this would have killed him.

  • Ray D
  • Teddi Rutschman

    This is just me….I follow these recalls thanks to this site. If they have too many issues I would NEVER use their foods.Wellness, Blue and Stella’s have all had to many for me. I am very happy with Orijen’s brand as I have not seen any recalls.

  • Shirley

    Yes, you are correct. It was for cat food.

  • Sheryl

    This is sickening! Why isn’t this on the news? Everyone needs to know about it

  • Stacey Mowrey

    This stuff was exploded on deliveries and they made many different dog foods

  • Stacey Mowrey

    I know about plant in Pennsauken New Jersey that I would never buy anything from they had a problem with cans exploded they would pay his company to drive it around for 2 hours in a tractor trailer bring it back and see if it was alright

  • Teddi Rutschman

    I think it was the cat food for that recall?????

  • 808Kai

    ALOOOOHA!!! My lab/pitbull dog Kona is just finishing up her Blue Wilderness grain free dry food and wet food. NOT THE RECALL ONE. The biggest difference I noticed since she started on Blue in general, is that she has a terrible doggy odor. She has never smelt this bad EVER!!! Plus I noticed since being on this food, she had small dry patches on her skin, slight hair loss on the patches & softer than usual stool. After a few weeks the patches went away, stool still a little soft…but she reeks!! I’m going BACK to Solid Gold Barking at the Moon, dry & wet. She had the best results from Solid Gold. I tried Blue Buffalo Wilderness because I got a free 24lb bag…ugh, don’t get me wrong, Kona LOVES it, but the smell of her and the soft stool is nasty. Since being on Solid Gold grain free, which I bought after researching the Dog Food Advisors top 5 star grain free foods…she’s been digesting her food way better. I was hoping she would like the Blue because it’s less expensive, but since Solid Gold was/is working I just got her a 24lb bag & case of wet food. Not sure if anyone else had similar experiences with the insane stinky doggy smell…I’m sorry to hear about the dogs and their families who were affected by this brand/recall.

  • Beth Brockhoff

    My dogs thrive on Blue and have for years. I totally trust this company and know many people who feed it. It is a 2 part product with a cold formed vitamin kibble – the Lifesource bits – It is all about a healthy oxidative base for you and your pet – with the high temp cooking a lot of nutrition is lost – I feed the Rocky Mountain Wilderness dry and Blue Freedom Grillers.

  • Shirley

    You too Hon…

  • Betina Newkirk

    Us too! We feel so badly that we picked this brand and he had to go through this:(

  • Betina Newkirk

    Blue Wilderness Chicken Senior Food, dry kibble, made my poor dog so sick.
    Poor thing he felt horrible for a whole week. He’s already 13 and I thought that kibble was going to be the death of my best friend:(
    He is feeling better today thank God!

  • Cheryll Ohman Nolte

    I fed my dogd Blue Buffalo dry food for over 5 years and she had a “sensitive stomach” (wouldn’t eat, would vomit bile). Then one day she vomited bloody bile, twice in 20 minutes. Took her to the vet and she had explosive diarrhea that was mostly blood. Thought I was going to loose her. She was on an IV to re hydrate and an antibiotic just in case. After 3 days and testing it turns out it was the food she was on. She has been on Hills Science Diet since then and not one issue. BTW I switched my cat to Blue Buffalo and he had crazy diarrhea from it as well. Cannot believe I put my poor animals through that.

  • Crazy4cats

    Haha! Got it. Maybe this information will be helpful to others. Have a nice day!

  • Shirley

    Look, I don’t care what pet manufacture you bash, I don’t work for any of them and that was not my point. The point is, sorry to say, what ever the manufacture makes there will always be some sort of recall. Hamster, bird, cat, dog etc. It’s finding the one with the LEAST recalls for DOG food that I look for because I only have dogs. If I had birds I would be doing the same for them.

  • DH

    I rarely use Blue, every now and then I’ll use some of the pouches. I’m glad they jumped on it. This can happen to any company until the guidelines become stricter. Nothing is safe anymore!

  • Crazy4cats

    I’m not bashing Wellness or any other company that has a recall. You’re right, they do happen. What I’m saying is that Wellness had a canned cat food recall just this week and it may be made in the same plant as the canned dog food. I am going to play it safe and not feed either until I feel they have had time to do all the tests that need to be done. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I understand why The Dog Food Advisor does not post cat food recalls, but I think it could be important information for dog owners as well since a lot of pet food is made at the same manufacturing facilities.

  • Shirley

    Cat food/Dog food recall will never settle down, it happens to ALL pet food also bird food etc. It’s the luck of the draw sorry to say. But Wellness has had a good track record compared to all of the rest imo.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Sooooo true. They have had too many to be trusted.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    They only do dog food. I still wish they would get involved in the cat food as well.

  • Crazy4cats

    But don’t you s’pose that the canned cat food may be made at the same plant, using the same equipment and some of the same ingredients as the dog food? I’m holding off on using either the Wellness canned cat or dog food until all these recall settle down myself.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Sign up on this site to get all recalls.

  • Shirley

    That is exactly what I was getting at when I the other peoples questions. They were say Wellness had a lot of recalls but I found only 2 for DOGS one in 2009 and one in 2012. But they keep posting I was wrong. They were seeing the CAT food recalls only. It was a point I was trying to make but it didn’t sink in for them I guess.

  • Storm’s Mom

    Because this is a site about dog food – hence “Dog Food Advisor”..I don’t recall this site ever posting a recall that only involved cat food. If it involved cat food and dog food, it would be posted here, but not solely cat food. Granted, there is no “Cat Food Advisor” site, but still, Dr Mike can only do so much…

  • Shirley

    I just checked the listing for “recall pet foods” on this site and there isn’t anything about Wellness Feb 10, 2017 that I could find.

  • Shirley

    Why isn’t dogfoodadvisor not posting or sent out a recall notice for Wellness Cat food on Feb 10, 2017?

  • Shirley

    That also was Cat food not Dog food. People should lump it all in one. Read the whole article first.

  • Shirley

    That is canned Cat food not Dog food.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    October 2012

    Hope this will help you.

    Dated: Feb.10, 2017

    Cause: Possible moisture contamination. Announcement: Company announcement on Facebook, Oct. 30, 2012 (screen capture here). What was recalled: Wellness Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food, 12 lb. package with “Best by” date of Aug. 18, 2013.

    May 2012

    Cause: Potential for salmonella. Announcement: FDA report dated May 4, 2012. What was recalled: Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed Puppy, 15 lb. and 30 lb. bags and 5 oz. sample bags with “Best by” dates of Jan. 9–11, 2013.

  • Phil

    So many Blue Buffalo recalls the last couple years.
    The company can’t be trusted!

  • Teddi Rutschman
  • Teddi Rutschman

    I would have thought you would have been able to find it on your own.

  • Neil Powell

    What most people don’t understand, since it is difficult to educate people on the facts in today’s world of react-before-thinking, is that voluntary pet food recalls are actually a GOOD thing. Before the laws changed 7 years ago, you had major recalls ONLY after pets were sick and dying. Now, respectable companies are following strict guidelines for quality control, and perform in-house voluntary recalls to make sure pets don’t get sick. It’s actually the most responsible way to make sure a serious outbreak doesn’t occur. Kudos to Blue and other food companies that are willing to stick their necks out publicly to make sure their food is safe. Also, UC Davis vet school published a study a year or two ago that showed 95% of pet owners home-cooking their pets food were missing key nutrients found in pet foods. Don’t believe all the “alternative facts” nowadays.

  • Renee

    I found a huge staple in my yorkies dry Healthy Weight blue buffalo dog food years ago. I posted a picture on Blue Buffalo’s Facebook page and sent them the staple and their response was we did not find a issue with any machines. Here is a bag of treats. 🙁 🙁 CRAZY! I never get Blue Buffalo dog food!

  • Pitlove

    Hi Teddi-

    Thanks for the link, however it did not answer my question. Perhaps this time, you could answer like I asked?

  • Harold-Julie Miller

    So sorry to hear of your loss. I don’t trust any commercially made dog food. I like to cook my dogs their own food. At least I know what goes into it. When I was younger I used to accompany my Momma on her daily courier runs. The most disgusting factory I had ever seen was a dog food processing plant. There are zero regulations and anything and everything goes into dog food. The ingredients list… may contain…..hell if they can’t tell you what’s in this food….well that speaks volumes as to the quality of ingredients.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Here is something you may be interested in too…on the Origins site.

  • E Droz

    I want to thank you for taking the action of voluntary recall and looking out for pet mommies and daddies…we do luv our fury fellows…and my yorkie is so happy with Blue

  • AngryPatriot5

    Right on! Good for you for sharing this. Everyone must be vigilant and not trust that the food/flea product/vaccine/etc. is safe. The supposed expert, like traditional veterinarians, may not know the truth and they pass on the bad information with animals being harmed as a result.

  • Shirley

    That was NOT dog food…. it was CAT food. Here is the link read it for yourself:

  • Pitlove

    Hi Teddy-

    Maybe you can help me understand why a rep from Champion Pet Foods explanied to me that Champion adheres to EU pet food standards because none existed in Canada?

  • Shirley

    Where exactly can I find that info? I didn’t get a recall from dogfoodadvisor and it wasn’t on the FDA site. Went through it with a fine tooth comb.

  • Laurie Cederstrom Matson

    Wellness just had a canned food recall last week!!

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Here is the link showing some facts.

  • Michael Roszkowski

    Thank you for the explanation. Odd .how more than brand is
    involved..Wonder if it is the can itself or the food. I would suspect it
    is the food itself. Sounds like another melamine-type fiasco. Would not
    surprise me if it’s due to ingredients from China.again. Why can’t
    the dog food companies learn from past experience ?

  • Just ask the AXIS

    Wall Street is obviously putting pressure on all companies to increase profit for stockholders. It’s an inherent fault of capitalism. Of course they’ll deny it. All you can do is stop buying the products.

  • Shirley

    Two one for cats and one for dogs. Here’s the link:

  • Shirley

    I went all the way back to 2009 on the FDA site and for WellPet recalls there was one on Feb 28, 2011 for Cats because of inadequate amounts of Thiamine. There was one for dogs Mar 7, 2012 for possible salmonella contamination.
    Here is the link: help yourself, you are getting WellPet mixed up with some other food brand.
    Now it’s your turn to GET INFORMED!

  • Lee Chaney

    Blue was sued by Purina for having ingredients in their products that they had specifically marketed against.. IE.. chicken by products and grains in grain free products

  • Lee Chaney

    I’ve been wondering the identity of the plant too.. I know that there were two main plants for canned food with a possible third popping up a couple of years ago.

  • Loboe Rex

    Chunks of aluminum metal in the food. Not only toxic but potentially fatal.

  • Pitlove

    Hi Teddi-

    Unfortunetly pet foods in Canada are not regulated at all. It seems to be a common misconception that Canada enforces more strict pet food regulations. It is important to make sure that Canadian made dog foods are either following EU or U.S regulations if you want a safe Canadian product.

  • Shirley

    Yes that was CAT food in Feb 2017 & they also said this: “Our Quality team learned that a foreign material was found in NON-WELLPET products made in the SAME FACILITY, and so we are taking
    this conservative step to ensure the well-being of cats and to put our
    consumers’ minds at ease.”
    It was not Wellness but another food made at the same place. They were being cautious even thought it wasn’t their food.
    Last Wellness recall was in 2012 for Dog food. Moisture and Samonella detected. Since then it has been clean so far.

  • Diana Johnson

    Yes, service is great for us dog parents. And I also want to thank you so much. I depend on your site for my furbaby. My question is, why does it seem that just lately we have had a lot of recalls? Are the dog food company’s getting lazy and cutting corners, or just don’t care??

  • Teddi Rutschman

    Wellness has had several recalls.

  • Michael Roszkowski

    Does anyone know exactly what “aluminum metal contamination” means?

  • JoAnn

    Fabulous service to dog parents. Thank you so much. The information is invaluable. I’ve been a subscriber for years and this site sends out current alerts. I feel so safe because of this site.

  • Lee Chaney
  • Progressive Liberal

    TY so much for sending along this info. We all need to say THANKS!

  • Dee

    You are 100% wrong. Go to the FDA and get informed.

    In a message dated 2/14/2017 4:05:38 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:

    “Wellness has had only 1 recall and that was in 2012. Where do you get your information about Wellness or anyother dog food?” (
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  • Fabienne Lawrence

    Another awful pet food to feed your dog. Fresh Pet has one or two of these ingredients in all of their food:

    Dextrose : Sugar, feeds cancer, causes hyperactivity, weight gain.

    Cane Sugar

    Beta-Carotene (for color).


    Citrus Pulp: Citrus Pulp is the dried residue of peel, pulp and seeds of oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruit. This inexpensive byproduct is mainly used as a bulk carbohydrate concentrate in cattle feed but also added as a source of fiber in dog food. Since the peel and some twigs and leaves are also included, there is a possibility of residues from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers

  • Ja Koe

    Who’s the supplier to these companies!?! 2nd one now with metal contamination. Sure hoping this isn’t going to be like the melamine poisoning we had a few years ago. So many food were affected.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    I am so sorry for the loss of your pet.

  • Barbara Johnson

    I am using Fresh Pet among others sometimes cooking , or people food for one of my special needs dogs. You really can’t trust any of the foods for animals

  • Elaine

    My dog was really sick for 5 days after eating Blue Buffalo canned Salmon and Sweet Potatoes 3 weeks ago. BEWARE of ALL cans purchased due to contamination

  • Shirley

    Wellness has had only 1 recall and that was in 2012 and that was about to much moisture in it. Where do you get your information about Wellness or anyother dog food?

  • Dee

    yes it can. And contamination can happen in your own kitchen. Get alerts – be informed. Check on the number of recalls a food has had. Wellness has had so many it’s ridiculous. The Blue brand has been pretty good as faras I know.

  • Teddi Rutschman

    I hope everyone will place a link on their Facebook to the Dog Food Advisor. If it were not tor them we would never know we were doing harm to our beloved friends.
    I personally buy only Canadian pet food brands as they have fewer recalls and strict regulations.

  • beryl

    blue buffalo had melamine in it several years ago – lost my lab because of their food

  • Alix

    This is a popular brand, I’m surprised and goes to show me that this can happen to any dog food.

    I love this site!!

  • Melissa Nelson

    In this case, it’s bits of aluminum.

  • shaz

    What is metal contamination and how is it detected?

  • Atomic Veteran

    My pup loves Nature’s Variety Chicken Grain Free in the small can mixed with a bit of boiled chicken thigh.

  • Atomic Veteran