Diamond Pet Foods Suspends All Shipments from SC Plant


On Friday, April 13, 2012, Diamond Pet Foods has confirmed the company has temporarily suspended shipments of all products manufactured at its Gaston, South Carolina facility.

Logo for Diamond Pet FoodsThe only reason given for this action was “because a limited number of batches of its Diamond Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice Adult dog food did not meet its stringent quality standards”.

Diamond is a major manufacturer of some of this nation’s most popular pet food brands – including Taste of the Wild, Diamond Naturals, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul, Kirkland, Natural Balance, Canidae and many others.

In an official statement delivered to The Dog Food Advisor by email, the company said:

Diamond Pet Foods temporarily suspended delivery on April 8, of all products made at its Gaston, S.C., plant.

The company took this step because a limited number of batches of its Diamond Natural Lamb Meal & Rice dry dog food produced at the plant did not meet its stringent quality standards.

Immediately upon discovering the quality issue, the company initiated a voluntary recall of these batches, as announced on April 6.

Diamond Pet Foods is working around the clock to resume product deliveries to distributors and retailers. However, the company is committed to ensuring that the Gaston plant meets the highest possible standards of quality and will only resume full production when this can be assured.

It’s not known which brands are produced at the affected facility.

In addition to its South Carolina plant, the company also produces pet food at 2 other US locations – one in Meta, Missouri and the other in Lathrop, California.

The Bottom Line

So far, as of the time of the preparation of this report, it appears Diamond has announced no new recalls. However, since many of the company’s most popular recipes are produced at all 3 locations, it’s crucial for consumers to save all original packaging.

That way, should things change and a recall be declared, “Best By” dates and lot numbers can be properly verified.

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Notes and Updates

04/13/2012 Report published at 10:40 AM ET
04/13/2012 Report updated at 5:45 PM ET

  • Amateria

    I visit that website often and leave a lot comments here and there when I feel I need to say something about a certain food, I don’t always have that feeling otherwise I could bet I’d leave a comment on every single food :p

    So too much protein can really cause sickness? I didn’t know that as everyone always says that high protein is not a bad thing for dogs.

    Although its generally boring at least to me haha, I may just have to keep him on ziwipeak as like I said 5 whole bags and no problems!
    If anything new comes out ill try it but ill give him less and be very weary of it as in ill keep a very close eye on it to make sure he doesn’t trigger off of it.

  • Susan

    I was just on the Australian “Pet food Reviews” site, I went to have a look at how many stars the K-9 Natural got it got 5 stars & I didn’t know the Venison is very high in protein, I knew it was lower in fat then the Beef & Lamb that’s why I wanted to try it, the Venison has 42.7 % protein & 18.5 % fat, the Beef has 29.1% protein & 37.2 % fat, so maybe the protein was tooo high for your boy, now I’m to scared too try cause the protein is very high, knowing Patch he’ll get his pain…. http://www.petfoodreviews.com.au/dry-dog-food/k9-natural/

  • Amateria

    He was getting it twice a day for 3 weeks, I was generally really happy with it because it gave him so much energy and really perked him up he was very bouncy and he stopped limping which was nice to see.

    I too have heard about lentils and chickpeas not been the best choice for pets and that if your pet can eat grains, that they are much better for them. (Based off of an article by Karen Becker I think) I get new emails from her daily and read them whenever I can.

    The mussels would probably be great for our old guy but their not very cheap and I have no idea if he’d like them or not, I don’t really like wasting money on treats the dogs won’t eat as has happened several times in the past.

    I find it kinda funny that every rabbit formula I’ve seen uses lamb as its main ingredient I wonder why? I thought the idea was to have a lower fat formula and unless the lamb is beautiful red meat without any fat its not going to be very good if you want lower fat, its kinda odd to be honest.

  • Susan

    Hi, so how long was he eating the Venison K-9 Natural before he had a attack? I’ve been looking at the K-9 Natural Venison but its dearer then their Beef or Lamb, I feed K-9 Natural snacks the Green Lipped Mussels, Pip pee’s Patch loves them & the fat is low, Pet Barn sell them, I’ve emailed Holistic Select for the max fat % & fiber % in their new Rabbit & Lamb Grain Free & its Fat-15.53% the fiber-4.93%max, so I wonder why they put 6% fiber when they could of put max-fiber-5%…I’ve read Chickpeas, lentils, can all cause bad wind/gas & are harder to digest.. So I haven’t bought a bag yet, Holistic Select have told me it’s money back guaranteed if Patch gets gas, sloppy poo feels sick….. I wish it has rice instead of the chickpeas….I suppose it wouldn’t be grain free then..

  • Amateria

    I was never able to recieve a free sample from Holstic Select but once the rabbit has been around for awhile I will try again, I kinda want to try as many “different” proteins as I can find for my puppy I just want to see if there’s any flavor out there she really likes or if she’s as picky as we think she is :p

    And yeah we do need more sensitive foods that aernt utter crap that’s for sure.

    I found it quiet interesting that our pancreatitis dog was able to eat 5 entire 500g bags of ziwipeak as a hefty treat not as an actual food and k9 natural freeze dried without relapsing, he did relapse recently but I don’t believe it was the k9 but instead the bone we added to his broth, we should of just kept it the way we’ve always made it. Not all change is good. We cleaned out the bone and cut off all the fat well as much as we could, but he has reacted to raw bones before so that should of been the warning to never use it.

    It did however make me unsure about the k9 venison and ill give him the rest of the bag when he gets better and see how he goes, but ziwipeak did the best for him treat wise and he also likes alaska naturals fish treats and some beef hide, so I feel like I should maybe just stick with that instead, but I will keep an eye on it like I always do with new treats.

  • Susan

    My boy has IBD & Food sensitivities so I have to be careful I know we have some really good Australian brands I prefer to stick with the Australian brands BUT I’ve tried them all either the fat & Protein is too high he gets his pain then some have ingredients Patch cant eat & gets diarrhea & bad wind.. so he’s been eating the Wellpet brands Wellness Simple & Eagle Pack & today I’m introducing the Earthborn again, What I ment “we get the crap” is why didn’t this Arnhem Pet Company import some of the better quality foods to Australia, America has some really good foods for dogs with sensitivities, why did they pick the Nutragold made by Diamond probably cause its cheap, people like to feed cheaper foods I suppose….I’. waiting for Canidae to bring out their new grain free low fat kibbles Pure Meadow they said April, Holistic Select have just brought out their Rabbit & Lamb Grain Free, but its not sold in America. So Wellpet Holistic Select has seen there’s a need for some different kibbles for dogs with Allergies etc no Australian companies have made a Rabbit kibble in Australia yet…

  • Amateria

    Well not all our kibbles are crap, just go and check my pet warehouse or pet circle plenty of good ones to choose from, but of course there’s not very many cheap ones to choose from.

    We also have a wide array of raw and frozen cooked and freeze dried and air dried, so to say that we are insanely below the USA for dog food would be blasphemous heh.
    Not that you said that just speaking out loud.

    We do need more brands though I really enjoy reading new dog food websites and all the recipes ingredient lists.

  • Susan

    Hi, that will be right, we get the crappy kibbles probably cause no one knows about Diamond & the SC plant here in Australia…..so is Taste of the Wild only made at the SC plant or is TOTW made at some of diamonds other plants as well??, Arnhem Pet Products Pty Ltd are importing the Nutragold & emailed me & said Nutragold & TOTW are both coming from the SC Plant….

  • Susan

    Hi no we don’t have any of those kibbles in Australia, we have the Wellpet range & I have Patch on Eagle Pack Lamb & Rice he was also eating the Wellness Simple Lamb & Oatmeal as well but poos started to go yellow & sloppy on the Wellness Simple, I still have an un open bag of the Earthborn Ocean Fusion, maybe I’ll try that again Patch vomited but only once eating the Earthborn & was having his Pancreas pain right side, so I stopped feeding it & when I bought 1 bag Earthborn you got one bag free..

  • Crazy4dogs

    Hi Susan,

    DF is right. The recalls all came from that plant and food was pulled off the shelves in my area. I understand their California plant is “state of the art” with no recalls that I’m aware of, so that would be the safer bet. I thought I saw that you were using Earthborn. They have a better history. Would any of the grain free formulas work for you? Do you have access to Fromm, Orijen, Acana or Nature’s Variety?

  • DogFoodie

    Hi Susan,

    Unfortunately, the South Carolina Diamond plant has a horrible reputation. ūüôĀ

    They claim to have cleaned up their act, but their history is not good and is enough for me to shy away from their products. At the same time, when your options are limited (like mine are with my pup with lots of food and environmental sensitivities) you gotta do what you gotta do. Just be vigilant.

  • Susan

    Is Diamonds South Carolina plant a new modern plant?? We have just got a new kibble in Australia called Nutragold made by Diamond, we also have Taste of the Wild also made by Diamond, the ingredients are nilly the same, I don’t know which one to try the TOTW or NutraGold, I emailed the people importing the kibble to Australia & they said both kibbles are made at their South Carolina plant……When I look on the Reviews section, I can’t find Nutragold kibbles there’s only 3 flavours, Whitefish & Sweet Potatoes…….Duck & Sweet Potatoes…….Turkey & Sweet Potatoes….

  • April

    The “pink slime” was beef. Humans eat beef. If you want to know what goes into the pet food you buy at the grocery store, buy yourself a copy of “Food Pets Die For” by Ann N. Martin. After reading her book, you will be fine with “pink slime”.

  • Jeff Willis

    Ask your local pet store to carry Earthborn Holistic Grain Free. I do at my store in Pennsylvania and its the closest food line to Taste of the Wild but they haven’t had any recalls. Great family owned American company who makes their own foods. Support independent retailers just as this company does. Go to Earthbornholisticpetfood.com and register. They send my customers a $3 off coupon to try it right away!

  • Jcon101

    Looks like the recall has expanded to include TOTW. Here is the link: http://diamondpetrecall.com/

  • DLE13

    Hi Sharon,

      Just curious as to buying 2-3 months in advance would help if those products end up being recalled later??  You might just end up with 3 bags of a recalled lot, right?

  • DLE13

    Hmmm, insane itching.¬† Just adopted a new dog about a month ago and did months of research on food¬†after deciding I didn’t want to feed Iams/Euk anymore since they’d slid chicken so far down the ingredient deck.¬† Narrowed it down to Chicken Soup…Adult or TOTW and started him on Chicken Soup and have noticed that after a couple of weeks he’s started itchng so badly he’s scratching his hair out.¬† Have been checking him for fleas/ticks (even though he’s on preventative) and have even made him a grooming appt. for Sat to see if they can find one I’ve missed.¬† Now, I’m wondering if it isn’t the food. :/

  • Poisoned Pets

    Hate to say it, but Bob is 100% correct. If anyone thinks the pet food industry is better at trace back than the human food industry – is dreaming. The human food industry can’t even deal with the BSE issue – get real people.

  • Prefer to remain private

    oh wait, my mistake. ¬†they’re hiring at all three plants for three new Quality Control Techs.http://www.diamondpetfoodcareers.com/jobs/

  • Prefer to remain private

    Diamond is hiring a Quality Control Technician.  Imagine that.


  • Marlene

    I just started my dog on diamond chicken formula about 3 weeks ago and now wondering if i should not give her anymore after reading about diamond products… Any feedback on this .. It is not the lamb or the puppy formula but since the plant shut down maybe i should stop feeding her this stuff???¬†

  • great material. Thanks for the interesting chat. I enjoy the points spoken of.

  • Bob K

    ¬†Indianabc – All vendors are vetted in inspected to some level of detail, that’s what QC and GMP is all about.¬†¬† The supplier is just one small piece of the supply chain,¬† A supplier might get their product from other suppliers, processors, distributors and perhaps even farmers.¬† Where did the supplier get the chicken from? ¬† So a truckload comes in from Ohio – Does that really mean all the chicken in that truck came from 1 farmer or source in Ohio?¬†

    I am all with you on batch numbers, that’s exactly why Diamond recalled a few batches.¬† A batch number on a bag of kibble should include a record ofof all the ingredients that went into a specific batch.¬†¬†¬† Since many companies have multiple plants, there are many suppliers and the suppliers often change depending on price and availability.¬† The website Dr. Mike mentioned is interesting but the consumer does not really have the batch level details on what they are buying.¬† Saying Chicken can come from 5 states is really pretty worthless and no guarantee of safe ingredients or let alone a finished product in a bag that may be stored improperly.¬†

  • Indianabc

    Bob K, you come off as pretty combative so I really don’t want to get into a debate with you but I do want to mention a few things.  A company like Natura, Fromm, Orijen,  ect just doesn’t buy chicken off of the street.  The supplier has to be vetted and inspected.   The product is then inspected on the way into the plant and tracked.  So if the truckload of chicken from Ohio comes in today, that is recorded and then batched.  That is why there are batch numbers.  A manufacturer can tell the FDA where the chicken came from via the batch number.  If you have 3 different plants making the same food, each plant would have a different batch number. 

  • Sharon

    Pink slime is still judged safe for human food. As a vegetarian I have never tried it and never will, and will not feed it to my dogs.

    However, there is much worse already in dog food, as labels clearly show. Meat By-Products aka unfertilized eggs. What dog benefits from artificial coloring? The bad stuff is there for everyone to see, no need to make up new drama.

  • Sharon

    I would try to get a variety of colors, there are five fruit and vegetable color groups. Steve Brown of SeeSpotLiveLonger.com wrote a book with great information on how different color groups contain different nutrients.

    DogAware.com lists several fresh foods safe to add to kibble. Dogs love healthy fresh foods and it is gratifying to feed them.

  • Stellablue02

    Oh yeah – forgot to say – guess where all that “pink slime” that recently came to the forefront in human hamburger meat¬†is going to go now that grocers, schools, and restaurants are disallowing it! Just think what horrors go into pet food now if the “pink slime” was judged safe for human food!

  • Stellablue02

    Pet food companies sponsor Vet schools, books, tuition, fees, you name it,to impress upon the students how their products are THE best and the ONLY ones to push in their practices. Total bunk and totally UNHEALTHY for pets. Do some research, make your own pet food; you and your pets will be happier and healthier….and it’s less costly overall.

  • Bob K

     Hi Mike РWhile the website is interesting, I selected Evo and Chicken and it sourced from 5 state.  So what!!  Were the chickens really from farms in those states is is that who their supplier is located?    Maybe next month Georgia goes away and Missouri comes into the list.  If they have a problem with Chicken РWhere is the problem?  Which State?  Which Supplier?  Which Farmer?  Or is the problem in their plant, warehouse  or mfg. processes.  What happens when they start to have 3 different plants make the same food?  What happens when all of a sudden someone call them with a truck load of chicken from Texas for a huge discount, do you really believe they update their website in a day or two?  And what happens when a supplier from Georgia sells them a truckload from IL?  Do you believe they add IL to the list?  They bought it from Georgia supplier not IL.

    What they do not tell you is what is exactly in the bag you bought.¬† That’s why companies use Lot and batch tracking numbers to better manage what has been sold and processed then they should be able to track exactly what went into a specific batch then start the supply chain tracking a d tracability processes.¬† Its a huge paper.¬†

     I suspect that is why Diamond had several batches they recalled since they could track the ingredients to a specific source.   

  • Toxed2loss

    Hi Jan,
    I think that calling them is an excellent way to apply consumer pressure as well. If enough of us called they would yield to our expectations, to some degree. After all, it is supply and demand. I also get a sense about the companies integrity by how forth coming they are with their answer. If they’re hedging, I find a different company.

  • Hi Bob K,

    I understand. You’re right. It would be impossible to share this on a tiny label. However, in this Age of the Internet, it’s wouldn’t at all be impossible to openly share much more detailed information.

    Take a look at this bold new state-of-the art website P&G just created on behalf of its Natura Pet Foods product line.

    The transparency and thoroughness of what this large pet food company accomplished to create trust is truly impressive. One can only hope this is only the beginning of what many pet food companies will eventually provide to us all.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Bob K….believe it or not, I actually do agree with everything you said! ¬†I know there has to be some degree of trust that the company will be forthcoming and true in what they tell you. ¬†But it doesn’t hurt to at least ask them. ¬†I at least think they should tell me what factory they use to manufacture the food in. ¬†You are right that something from the USA doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any healthier than something from another country. ¬†All companies can have their problems. ¬†To me it means I have to find a dog food with the ingredients I want, that works for my dogs, that is from a company with a good reputation (in my estimation), that will reveal their manufacturer and hopefully reveal the source of their ingredients they use. ¬†If I can get all those points, then fantastic. ¬†If not, then it’s up to me to decide which I’m willing to sacrifice. ¬†I just have to have some degree of trust in the company and their product, I think.

  • Bob K

    Dog Food Ninja РThere are many fresh foods that come from the US that are tainted: Lettuce, Cheese, Raw meats, Melons from Colorado last year.    Its not just a processed food issue.  The answer is not more details in labels and knowing the sources of ingredients.  Its about a poor food food supply with minimal accountability.  Passing the costs along to the consumers for extensive labeling and formulation management is not the answer.   

    Apples are perishable product that have a specific shelf life, they need picked, packed, sold, stored, shipped and consumed in a define amount of time.¬† Fresh foods are often more expensive than prepared of frozen foods.¬† That’s why many of the large big box stores have limited fresh foods and lots of processed foods that have higher margins, longer shelf lives and less chance of spoilage.¬†

  • Dog Food Ninja

    bob, while you may be correct in the various companies and their inability to track the sources of their ingredients, I think that underlines the problem. When dealing with food products on this kind of scale, animals and people are bound to get sick and/or die. Maybe if these big greedy corporations were made to have better tracking of ingredients, it would chip away at the illusion of low cost you get with these processed garbage companies. Why should 300 calories of candy that contains 23 ingredients, some of which had to be shipped around the word, cost 5 times less than the same amount of calories from local apples that you buy a few miles from where they were grown? The processed food industry is not progress. It is a massive deception that makes an handful of people extremely rich and powerful, and makes the rest of us sick and malnurished eating our “cheap” food.

  • Bob K

     Mike РWhile you and Jan might want to know where the ingredients come, there are very very few formulated processed human or pet foods that provide that level of detail and if they did what does it really mean.  To expect a company  to track that level of detail and come up with new packaging and labeling to support those requirements is not realistic.    Knowing where an ingredient comes from provides no guarantee of its safety or freshness.  

    Is a chicken from Iowa healthier or safer than a chicken from Idaho or  Canada or Brazil or China?   Is a chicken from farmer Jones safer than a chicken than farmer Bob?    If there was Salmonella reported in Idaho does that make all meats supplied from Idaho tainted?    

    You don’t see ingredient supplier details from any dog food mfg. nor do you see in from Kraft, Cargill, Nestle, General Mills, Tyson, Hormel, Campbells, etc…..¬† These large companies including the larger Kibble makers have multiple plants and suppliers who may provide ingredients to one plant and perhaps a different supplier for another plant.¬†¬†¬† The meat used in a run of kibble may come from multiple suppliers.

    Perhaps you can request ingredient and supplier details with a small limited mfg. who have limited suppliers and formulas along with few production runs,  but with large companies who produce many brands, formulas with multiple plants, the request is unrealistic and would drive food costs through the roof. 

  • Mary Lou

    Jan ~ I think you are probably the sweetest person on here.¬† That was “brave” of you!¬† : )

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Mike S., you said it sooo much better than I did.¬† Boy was I out of line.¬† I apologize, again.¬† It seems like I’ve done that a lot lately.¬† I’ll try to tone my “rebuttals” down next time.

  • Bob K,

    Jan_Mom2Cavs made a very good point regarding our right to know what company is the manufacturer for a specific product. Or where the ingredients come from.

    However, it would be much appreciated if you’d soften your approach when addressing fellow commentators – especially people as kind and helpful as “Jan”.

    Using unflattering words like like “clueless” probably won’t get you deleted. But they certainly won’t win you any friends.either.

  • Momcat55

    LabsRawesome ~ all of the foods you listed are made by Diamond and may also be on the recall ūüôĀ

  • Bob K

    ¬†Jan_Mom2Cavs – If you think China is the only problematic source – you might want go Google – Salmonella, EColli, Chronic Waste, Food recalls etc…. The US food supply has its own challenges.¬† Listing source of ingredients is not the solution – Its called Q.C. and GMP processes. ¬†¬†

  • Mike P

    Nice links Sharon thanks for posting them.I feed pureed veggies 3 days a week to my non-pregnant dog.Do you recommend adding veggies every day?

  • Sharon

    Cindy – I was just reading how feeding real, fresh food to pregnant and lactating dogs can help prevent their puppies from developing atopic dermatitis – skin allergies. Please consider adding pureed vegetables to your pregnant dog’s food.¬† See DogAware.com or SeeSpotLiveLonger.com for more information on feeding real food to dogs. We recommend Diamond Naturals / Kirkland Signature + fresh food.

    Here is a link to the study: http://epicentre.massey.ac.nz/EJC/Stuff/PastPapers/Papers_2008/Nodvedt_2007_atopy.pdf

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Bob K….even though I shouldn’t even acknowledge your rude reply, I just can’t stand by and ignore it. As for being clueless,¬†I certainly am not the first person on this and many other sites that has mentioned the importance of¬†finding out where their dog food ingredients are sourced!¬† Of course, we do have to “believe or trust” what the companies tell¬†us when they say they don’t source any from China.¬† I just can’t believe the way you word your posts and how you come across.¬† I¬†suggest you get a dose of “get real” and learn some social graces so people might actually take to heart some of the things you¬†are trying to get across to them.¬† I can’t get past the rudeness to even comprehend what you might be trying to say!¬†¬†I think I might be one of the first on here to say anything, but remember the old adage “you catch more flys with honey than vinegar”?¬† You might want to “get a clue”…….

    Sorry, Mike S…….you can delete if you feel necessary.¬† I understand, but I just had to!

  • Bob K

     Jan_Mom2Cavs РYou are truly clueless about the food industry in this county. There very very few formulated processed food products sold in the US for humand or animals that list the source of the ingredients.  Food mfgs. often purchase ingredients from multiple sources based on price and availability.  Sometimes they use fresh ingredients, sometimes imported, sometimes cold storage from the US.  When was the last time you saw a product from DelMonte, General Mills, Pillsbury, Hormel, Nestle, Cargill, Kraft, or Tyson list the source of the ingredients they use in their products.  The labeling, inventory control and  production management expense of tracking and tracing source ingredients would be cost prohibitive.  Next you would need to track, shipping and warehousing to really understand a products safety.  Get Real !!!

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I’m very sorry to hear about your friend’s dogs.¬† I agree with you that we should be aware of who makes our pet’s food and where they source it.¬† That is¬†actually why I won’t feed a couple of foods that I think would be a good fit for my dogs.¬† They won’t reveal who makes them.¬† But, the funny thing is your friends¬†were feeding dog food made by the company that sells it…..it was a Diamond brand made by Diamond.¬† I just think, bottom line, we just need to be aware.¬†

  • LabsRawesome

    Hi Frieda, I got this off the Diamond website.   Diamond Pet Foods owns its own manufacturing facilities. We have three
    plants, all located in the United States. Our original plant and home of
    Diamond Pet Foods headquarters is located in central Missouri. The
    other two plants are located in northern California and South Carolina.
    No matter where you live, you will be purchasing food made in one of
    these three plants.

  • Frieda

    KNow some folks in New York State that had very, very sick dogs from this Diamond dog food. When one of the dogs was bled by his vet to see what was wrong, the owner was told there was some sort of ingredient that could only have come from the dogfood the liver could not metabolize.
    Dog food companies may be getting too big for their own good.
    Best is to buy dogfood from a company who also actually makes the food, not some big company for whom the food is made, by who knows whom.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hi Cindy, If you are looking for affordable dog foods with no corn, wheat, or soy, I would recommend these~ 4health available at Tractor Supply $20 for a 20lb bag, my 2 dogs love the Puppy formula. Kirkland Signature @ Costco’s $15 for a 20lb bag. Adult is available in 40lb only. My 2 like the puppy and adult Chicken & rice. Both are rated 4 stars on this site. ūüôā

  • Cindy

    Okay I know that this is completely off subject here but it seems like this is the most active post with people who seem to know what they are talking about. I recently adopted a pregnant female Olde English Bulldogge from a BYB who’s dogs were siezed by animal control. She is about 31 days pregnant by estimation of my vet and it is now time to switch her from her maintenance food to a higher protein puppy food. The bad thing is my Vet, who is a wonderful Vet in all other aspects, still recommends grainy grocery store dogfood. What food would you all recommend that I switch her to? What is the best food that is affordable formulated for pregnant females? I need help!!!!!

  • melissa


    Its not “cheap” on its own, but it is cheaply priced compared to some of the other brands out there today.

  • Carbonelborzoi

    30 bucks a bag is not cheap on my planet!

  • Addie

    True. I just kinda was looking at it as no matter what I did to millet, my dog wouldn’t be interested in it. At least with corn/rice/potatoes, a dog would eat it if given the chance. But, just because they’ll eat it ¬†doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Thanks.¬†

  • melissa


    There is also Hi Tek rations that is very reasonable. A 35lb bag of the chicken(corn/what/soy free) is $$28.50-30.50. Ingrediants are USA sourced(except the lamb) It did not work for my dogs(ear infections developed) but  I know alot of people in this area feeding it now in place of the Diamond and they love it.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Millet is still a grain that contains the problematic lectins just like other grains, legums, and white potatoes.

  • Addie

    What would be your take on Nature’s Logic using millet as the binder? I’ve been thinking about using it in our rotation, but the millet has made me hesitant. Seems like a good company, and is EU cert, but… just not sure.¬†

  • Addie

    I think Pro Pac is EU certified, so no GMO corn at least. 

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Yeah, those prices are hard to beat, no doubt.¬† And I’m sure you have healthy, happy doggies.¬† ūüôā¬† Most of our Diamond and TOTW customers have no problems.¬† It’s just that, out of all the foods, those two diamond products seem to have the highest instances of consumer complaints for the reasons I mentioned earlier.¬† I certainly don’t think that regular rice-based Blue Buffalo is SO MUCH BETTER than Diamond that it should literally cost more than twice as much…

  • Toxed2loss

    I agree! I hadn’t heard of any GMO rice… But I looked it up. Here’s the list.
    Maize (corn)
    Rape Seed (canola oil)
    Sugar beet
    Rice ~ on its way now to fields around the globe.


  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hey Ninja, none of the Diamond products I use contain Brewer’s rice. Though some of their foods might, I don’t know. I agree with you about the grains, dude! You are right. I don’t think salmonella is that big of a deal, for healthy dogs. I know Diamond is far from perfect, but it’s what I can afford, since I don’t want to do the corn thing. I’m not saying that one carb is better than the next. I’m not willing to do corn, but that’s just me. It seems that Diamond has cornered the market on corn, wheat, and soy free, budget friendly foods. 4health $29.99 Kirkland $25.99 Nature’s Domain $32

  • Dog Food Ninja

    That’s an American tragedy.¬† The government now protects corporations from profit losses before they protect their own people.¬† I’m only going by what the Pro Pac people have told me, which is that they do not use GMO products.¬† Take it or leave it.¬† They could very well be lying to me.¬† Plus, as I mentioned, I don’t think any grains are an appropriate food for dogs or people.¬† Grains are grass seeds, complete with evolved defenses against being consumed.¬† Seeds try not to be digested by animals so that they are able to grow more plants.¬† Almost no animal in nature can or will eat grass seeds.¬† All grain-based foods are concocted, because grains must be processed and cooked to be edible and less toxic.¬† All grain-based foods are full of inflammatory properties and anti-nutrients and n-glucosamine binding lectins.¬† Yuck!¬† Plus, are they GMO’ing rice yet?¬† If they are, then there is practically no difference anymore… ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬† ¬†

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Kirkland’s is, if I’m not mistaken, yet another Diamond product.¬† With the Brewer’s rice, I was referring to Diamond Naturals.¬† I thought one of them contained Brewer’s Rice… maybe I’m mistaken.¬† But like I said, grains are grains and hating on corn over rice isn’t that big of a deal to me any more.¬† Rice-based foods can seem to heal a dog with allergies for a while… until their already weakened immune system starts to react to the rice gluten.¬† Some of the people who’s dogs I switched up from various corn-based foods to rice-based foods early on are starting to have the same problems reoccur… itchy skin, paw chewing, ear infections… and now I am switching them to grain free (and white potato free when ever possible) and they have seen improvements yet again.¬† I think that with grains, if you have to use a grain-based food, it’s more important to find US sourced non-GMO products, which is what I know that Pro Pac is, at the very least.¬† Diamond may be getting ingredients from China for all we know, and that wouldn’t surprise me.¬† Plus, as Bob mentioned earlier, their 151 quality checks apparently aren’t that impressive if they missed salmonella for cryin’ out loud! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†

  • Toxed2loss

    Hey DFN,
    Sad news. Theyare bringing in GMO sweet corn…Walmart and other big carriers are refusing to label it, so consumers can choose… I won’t eat corn either. ūüôĀ

  • LabsRawesome

    Hey Ninja, correction I said aflatoxin, I meant melamine. I agree dogs don’t need grain. And none of them are actually good. None of the foods I use contain brewer’s rice. Kirkland’s Nature’s Domain is the cheapest grain free in my area, although I don’t really like Canola oil, I do use it with no problems occasionally. I do read a lot of complaints on Diamond foods, but also a lot of good reviews too. I have never had a problem with any of their foods. If money was not an issue, I would use Orijen or Brother’s.¬† ūüôā

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Oh, I don’t eat corn either. But I don’t think rice (particularly brewer’s rice) is that much better. Rice still has lectins and glutens and anti-nutrients. I simply don’t feed any grain based kibble any more. So, to me, all grains are bad and choosing between them is like splitting hairs. Totw is still the cheapest grain based kibble, but it’s not that much less than EB. The main reasons I would use Pro Pac before Diamond naturals is: 1) they have told me they use non-gmo US sourced produce. 2) Pro Pac has more protein meaning more meat. 3) anecdotal: everyone that buys Pro Pac from my store seems to have no problems, while many people that buy totw and diamond have stool inconsistencies, sudden vomiting, or other food related issues from one bag to the next.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hey Ninja, Earthborn is a good food. But I try to stay around $30, that way I can get them the canned, they each get 1/2 a can a day, and all the fresh foods too. I don’t feel comfortable feeding corn. I don’t even eat corn anymore. I would rather stick to corn,wheat,and soy free foods. But that’s just me. In 2007 when the afalatoxin recall happened, my dog was on Purina one lbp, so she was safe. But I agree, I wouldn’t feed Purina now.

  • Dog Food Ninja

    Hey Labs, I agree… Folks can do far worse than diamond. But for my money, Earthborn is 44.99 a bag (49.99 for grain free) and I trust the quality. Midwestern pet food also makes Pro Pac at 27.99 a bag for 33 pounds and although it’s corn-based, I do know it’s non-gmo human-grade corn. And there’s more protein and kcal/cup than Naturals, so you can feed less of it. Sadie actually ate just a little less of Pro Pac than she does now on the EB grain-free. So, there are cheap options that are potentially better than Diamond. But diamond is better than purina… I don’t care that they’ve never had a recall, their ingredients are obviously gross!

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hey DFN, I know their food is not magical. lol. But not everyone can afford $60 to $100 dollars a bag. And all kibble is not the best food for our pets anyway. It’s all over processed “fast food”. That is why I add canned, and fresh food, no matter what kibble I use. Not everyone is rich, and we need foods at different price points. I feel that the fresh foods¬† I add make a much better meal for my dogs than any plain kibble, no matter how expensive. JMO ūüôā

  • Dog Food Ninja

    I don’t trust Diamond because food can’t be magically cheap AND made from quality ingredients. Just because bulk Great Value chicken breasts at $1 a pound have the same macro-nutrients as organic chicken breasts at $4 a pound doesn’t mean they are equal quality products. The macro-nutrients and even the listed ingredients only tell part of the story. What is Diamond cutting corners on to make totw and diamond naturals so cheap? And how is the kcal/cup so much lower in their products than other premium foods in their star-rating range? And why do Diamond products regularly receive the most frequent complaints right here on DFA from consumers saying the kibbles have suddenly changed color or their dog fell ill from one bag to the next?…

  • LabsRawesome

     Hi Bludogs, I agree. I have only seen this happen at feed stores though. They will have pallets of food outside in the sun & heat. When I do buy from them, I only buy the bags from inside the store, where they have the A/C on.

  • Bludogs

    I just wanted to make a comment that many people may not be aware of whether its pet food or human food. Alot of stores, put their pallets of food/waters etc., out in the sun for sales or even just for storage for the time being. The hot sun even on a not so hot day, can make food inside these plastic lined bags start to go rancid. Just as it makes water bottles start to release dioxins into the water making it taste bad and make it a possible source of cancer chemicals entering our bodies when drinking it. The dog/cat food can become rancid in those bags and or cans, in the sun very easily. And though dogs can eat some pretty rank and rotten things before it affects them, why feed something that is on its way to become potentially leathal to some pets. We cannot blame everything on the manufacturers as business owners, grocery stores, pet food stores, etc. can all contribute to these issues.   
    Just something to think about.

  • Bludogs

    I bought a bag of Diamond dog food 2-3 weeks ago, it was the lamb and rice formula,to feed in place of the Kirkland I normally feed, but  was too ill myself to make the drive to Costco. The bag of Diamond made everyone of my dogs have diahrea,along with stomach cramps, and one that is a nursing mama, still has extremely loose stools, after being back on their normal feed for 2 weeks. Now that I know about the Salmonella, I will seek the right medication for her.  

  • Sharon

    Quickenings02 you write: “I also think Kirkland is garbage, cheap price, cheap ingredients.”

    To equate the cost of a food with the quality of the food is a reflection on you, nothing else.

    Kirkland is a perfectly fine base food. No commercial kibble is perfect, because what is known about canine nutrition changes. People need to supplement, hopefully with fresh foods. Add pureed vegetables from across the color spectrum to Kirkland and the dog is getting better food than a $3 per pound kibble.

    Read SeeSpotLiveLonger.com or DogAware.com  These are two of the top canine food experts in the country. Ask them what they think of Diamond / Kirkland + fresh food. Their opinions are based on a lot more knowledge than yours.

  • Mike P

    hi jan typing with one hand eating a huge sandwich.i agree with the trust factor.that is why i’m going wit brothers complete for two thirds of my rotation.we have richard right here at our finger tips and nobody is as honest as he.i can email him directly…how many dog food owners can you actually talk too…none

  • There are so many dog food.I bought last year ab sweet beagle. I bought some ebooks to choose the food.
    This is a good review site: http://www.free-new-articles.com

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Thanks, Labs…I’m not trying to be argumentative, but this is just something I don’t understand.¬† I also like the ingredient panel (for my dogs, of course) on Petsmarts Simply Nourish dry LID foods.¬† However, they will also not reveal who manufactures them, so it’s a “no go” for me.¬† Yes, Diamond def. has some issues and I will stay vigilant to them.¬† However, Natural Balance has been more than honest with my questions so I will continue with them.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†I agree with you, Jan. ūüôā

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Phil, in all due respect, I mentioned The Whole Dog Journal and Susan Thixton in previous posts regarding Halo.¬† I do know about these things.¬† Halo is NOT included in TWDJ’s list of approved dog foods for the very reason that they would not reveal who manufactured them!¬† Susan Thixton does rate them, however, she also says they will not tell her who manufactures them.¬† They told her it was proprietary info.¬† That is their choice, but is also my choice to not feed food from a company that won’t reveal this info.¬† In would seem to me that if they are so wonderful, natural and have good intentions toward animals they wouldn’t be so secretive. And they shouldn’t use a manufacturer that doesn’t want to be disclosed either…that seems shady, too.¬† Just my opinion, of course.¬† I hope I don’t seem rude, but this should be an easy answer.

  • Phil

    Jan, You could check out the whole dog journal. Each February issue they list their picks of dry food, and a manufacturer must disclose the company manufacturing for them in order to be listed. This would answer a lot of people’s questions on this site. A lot of these foods are made by outside plants and the relationships can be complicated.¬†Some of these companies wish¬†to ignore transperancy in favor of image. It comes down to brand image. Some of these plants don’t want their name disclosed either, for their own reasons.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Phil, I am happy with my choice atm.¬† I’m glad Halo is using the Fromm factory, if true.¬† Like I said, Halo is a good food, but unless they are more forthcoming with their procedures, such as manufacturer, then I really don’t trust them.¬† Why not shout it to the mountain tops if they are using Fromm’s factory.¬† Fromm is proud to own their factories and I trust them wholeheartedly.¬† I used to feed Fromm, but my dogs have intolerances to something in their food now that they are older (unfortunately).

  • Phil

    Jan, I know that Halo has tried to have other facilities manufacture for them. I know they couldn’t get the salmon diet produced anywhere but at Fromm. These people I know personally and they are some of the sharpest minds in the business. I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of Diamond. They have had so many recalls in the past and they have a shady reputation within the industry. Good luck on your choices. By the way, I know a lot of these people you guys are talking about and I have been in this business before it was a business.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Again, Phil….I’m not saying you’re not correct, but this is a different story than the one I had already heard. ¬†I just don’t understand why a “good” food like Halo doesn’t just come out and tell people where they’re made. ¬†I’m not feeding them anymore. ¬†I stopped because my dogs didn’t like it anymore, but this was always in the back of my mind….why they are so secretive about their manufacturer. ¬†I honestly feel more comfortable feeding a Diamond manufactured food (Natural Balance) than a food that I don’t know where it’s made.

  • Phil

    Halo has production at the new Fromm Plant in Columbus, WI.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Hmm…sorry, I thought I was putting this on Halo’s thread.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Someone on FB said Halo has its own factory in Florida!? ¬†If that is true, I wonder why they don’t “brag” about that fact. ¬†Interesting, to say the least.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hi Quickenings02,¬† That video is from the 2007 melamine pet food recall. I agree, we don’t know exactly what meat “meat” meal contains. But in Kirkland’s defense, they do not use any nondescript “meat” meals. How do you know the quality of ingredients in Kirkland? How do you know the quality of ingredients in Halo? We don’t. We are all at the mercy of the manufacturers. All we can do is go by ingredient¬† panels. Are you implying that I don’t love my dogs because I feed Kirkland? We all do the best we can for our pets, with the money that we have. My dogs also get canned Kirkland a 5 star food. They also get real “human” food. Eggs, sardines, various meats. How can you call a 4 star food garbage? It is a thousands times better than grocery store kibble. I realize it’s not the best of the best, but it’s what I can afford. And I am tired of people thinking that they are better than others because they feed raw or expensive kibble. If you can afford it, that’s great, but don’t crap on people that can’t.

  • Grovegrower

    Chicken Soup and certainly TOTW is NOT 30% less than similar foods… they are pricey, pricey, pricey.

  • Grovegrower

    Doesn’t say on the bag…call the company.¬† It depends on your supplier and where they are and buy from.¬† Mine all comes out of SC because we are in Florida and I buy small store, local.

  • Grovegrower

    Call the manufacturer.¬† Tell them what you feed and where you live…they will tell you.¬† They did tell me. Very nice and helpful.

  • Grovegrower

    I know they say they haven’t changed the formula but I fed Chicken Soup for 8 years.¬† Around Thanksgiving I changedd to grain free ¬†TOTW… Duck for dogs.¬† The cats had begun throwing up and so had 2 of the 3 dogs.¬† I called company…no formula change but the color as a little darker so perhaps one of the ingredients was from a new source.¬† So everyone stopped throwing up… and now my supplies come from SC.¬† I called, they said they will let public know when shipping again.
        I suspect the plant will be wonderful after the tests, etc. 
        Kitties had a big bag, the dogs have run out.  We are feeding Science Diet IT for easily upset tummies until we hear what the outcome is for Diamond. 
    ¬†¬†¬† I had to throw away two enormous packages of chicken breast jerkey…Chinese.¬† Made two of the dogs vomit immediately after eating.¬† Threw away 3 expensive bags of various jerkey as made in China.
    ¬†¬† I guess I could make liver “browners” for trees.
    ¬†¬†¬† Target has SOME USA sourced and made rawhide chews/throws¬† in their store brand.¬†¬† You have to dig thru the bins to make sure.¬† I have given up on all the other “parts and pieces” due to vomit factor and sources…

  • Grovegrowe

    My farm store keeps a small stock getting TOTW from the factory weekly.¬† It is very fresh.¬† Check your use by date… and good luck to each of us !

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Just an fyi…..I used to feed Halo until I couldn’t find out who made them!¬† Do you know?¬† I would love to know who manufactures this food and why do they want to keep it such a secret.¬†

  • Quickenings02

    Heres the truth everyone needs to know, purina, iams, kirkland, yuppers why do you think that some foods are cheaper than others

  • Quickenings02

    Dear LabsRawesome, I fed raw to some and Halo to others it is costly but I love my dogs . Go to the recalls and see whats on there. I also think Kirkland is garbage, cheap price, cheap ingredients.

  • Quickenings02

    The Worst Horrors of Pet Food on Video I don’t know the source of this video, it was received in a Google Alert for pet food. I do know that while it is hard to stomach, it is a video that every concerned pet lover should watch. If this video doesn’t make you fighting mad and disgusted about the pet industry as a whole, nothing will. http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/the-worst-horrors-of-pet-food-on-video.html (http://www.truthaboutpetfood.com/articles/the-worst-horrors-of-pet-food-on-video.html)
    The Worst Horrors of Pet Food on Videowww.truthaboutpetfood.comI don’t know the source of this video, it was received in a Google Alert for pet food. I do know that while it is hard to stomach, it is a video that every concerned pet lover should watch. If this video doesn’t make you fighting mad and
    11LikeUnlike · · ShareDiane March Gotta watch the whole videoApril 5 at 12:06pm · LikeUnlike

  • Ella_03

    that food contains skim milk Gizmo’s mom it could be he became intolerant to it

  • Shawna

    I agree Labs (for a healthy dog as you stated).  Salmonella is known to be a natural constiuent in the canines digestive tract after all.. 

    True, a large amount in food is problematic¬†(and even dangerous for the immune compromised)¬†but we haven’t quit eating peanut butter or hamburger or alfalfa sprouts (in¬†human foods)¬†because of the salmonela issues with them :)..¬† I’m not particularly fond on Kirkland (for reasons you know)¬†but things do happen….

  • Bob K

    melissa – Unfortunately¬† our food supply in the US is not adequate.¬† You voted with your wallet – Congratulations that’s what good consumers do.¬† Since I live in the Midwest, we do not get dog kibbles from the Diamond SC plant.¬† Diamond makes alot of kibble and they certainly did screwup.¬† They will loose customers like you. ¬† I feel a little deceived with their 151 quality checks.¬†¬†¬† I have bad experiences with Drs. and Pharmacists too but I guess I am very forgiving but I certainly do speak up and express my concerns loudly.

  • LabsRawesome

    ¬†Hi Sharon, I agree. I don’t think salmonella is that big of a deal for healthy pets. I feed my 2 dogs lightly scrambled eggs and have given them raw before. There are many people that feed raw meat, with no issues. I opened a new bag of Kirkland chicken & rice last week and my dogs are fine. Merrick, Blue Buffalo, and other top notch foods have had recalls too. But I would not hesitate to use their foods. For Easter dinner my two each got a can of Merrick. They love that stuff, it looks and smells so good¬† that I am tempted to try it.¬† ūüôā

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    I am now feeding Natural Balance duck & potato to my dogs. ¬†I have been watching this recall very closely and I’ve even called Natural Balance about it. I feel the same as you do, Sharon. ¬†I have finally found a food that is working on all levels for my dogs. ¬†It’s not exactly what I’d envisioned them eating….I truly wanted Fromm to be their food, but there were intolerances to it. ¬†Raw and homemade are not choices I’m willing to make. ¬†I am feeding dry and canned toppers. ¬†I will continue to buy Natural Balance for my dogs, even though it’s made by Diamond. ¬†Recalls are not something to take lightly, and I don’t feel I’m doing that. ¬†I will stay vigilant to the issue. ¬†But right now, I’m also not willing to change foods. ¬†

  • Photochick5d

    “including Taste of the Wild, Diamond Naturals, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover‚Äôs Soul, Kirkland, Natural Balance”I have been feeding my cat Natural Balance for about two years. The last bag I bought was darker than usual, I didn’t think anything of it. Well she started vomiting once a week and last week we finially took her to the vet. Blood test showed high enzyme levels for pancrease, kidneys, and muscles… we picked up her dry food and gave her strickly wet to help her stomach… after a terrifying night of thinking she wasn’t going to make it, (she had stopped eating and drinking for almost two days after vomiting the last time) she finialy starting eating wet food again. now that she is eating (no dry) she seems to be getting better. I’m switching her food to a different brand and waiting to see how she does. After x-rays, ultra-sound, and blood tests, the vets didn’t have a conclusion as to what made her sick. I have a strong feeling it was her food… But Natural Balance is giving me a run around telling me there is no way it could be…

  • Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for posting this interesting comment.

    After searching the FDA’s official “Animal Health” recall database, I only found 4 recall events associated with Diamond Pet dating back about 7 years – 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2012.

    Of course, folks should always be concerned about any pet (or human) recall event. That’s why I monitor them so closely.

    However, these days, food recalls are fairly common occurrences. For proof, take a look at the FDA’s official recall list for just the last few days alone.

    I’ve never been able to find any published study that scientifically proves any recall event reliably is predictive of others.

    As I say in my article, “The Problem with Dog Food Reviews”

    “… dog food recalls are inevitable, even from the very best companies. No written assurance from any manufacturer (or product reviewer) can ever guarantee safety.”

    Your best defense is to stay informed. Check Facebook or other dog-centered wesbites.

    And of course, be sure you’re included on our Dog Food Recall Alert Email Notification List.

    Thanks again for your thoughtful comment.

  • Sharon

    I intend to buy Diamond products and certainly reject the implication this means I consider recalls normal.

    In this case I do not consider salmonella a serious risk to healthy pets, and this is on the exterior of the product so it is more of a risk to humans than pets.

    There are basic things people can do to try and protect themselves from recalls, such as buying a month or two in advance, and storing in a dry, cool place the unopened bag.

    I primarily feed a homemade diet but even there is a risk, human foods are often recalled.

    Learning about the food supply and how to minimize risk is a key step. For me, paying 2-3 times the amount for a food that is only perceived as better with no way to verify it is not the solution I choose.

  • Sharon

    When was this prior major Diamond recall? I keep reading about prior Diamond recalls, but the FDA website lists relatively few Diamond related recalls. Thank you.

  • melissa

     Bob K-

    I agree with most of what you have said, but the question remains-How long is the public going to continue to forgive these recalls and occurrences? You state its not okay, and yet go on to say that you ran out an bought some-obviously you accept what occurs as “the norm”. The Naturals is a good product at a reasonable price point. However, a product is only as good as the company behind it.

    I have always said that recalls/issues should not be indicative or future problems to come-they can happen to any company, however, it seems that some companies are proving me drastically wrong. I have thought long and hard about foods made by this company and for me, I just can’t do it.

  • Bellagia1

    My German shepherd and Aussiebhave been eating the Domain salmon for a couple of weeks , Aussie started eating grass like her tummy was hurting and threw up a bit of food a couple of times. German shepherd is a mess, scratching, bad hot spots and now an ear infection. Treating ear with Monistat. Going to feed fresh cooked ground turkey, rice and romaine lettuce for a couple of weeks to clean the dogs out, then not sure what to feed….

  • Vonhausman

    I was involved in the last time with their bad food and almost lost 4 dogs. I had to bring the dogs in every couple of weeks to the vet for liver function tests, which turned out to be low on all 4 of them. Diamond did pay for all this, but it was really scary. I quit using Diamond, then went back to using it again thinking, well their quality assurance must be good?? Now this and my one boy who is 14 was one that was sick the last time, was throwing up the last two weeks, and I was feeding Diamond Natural chickin and rice. Might run in him in for a liver function just to make sure. There was a class action lawsuit last time, Diamond did pay out. If this is the case this time all hell will break out in the dog world!

  • Rpineda831

    What is benison? A mix?

  • Bob K

    Khirsa РVoluntary recall РThat is so honorable to do the right thing.  The problem is Diamond had a huge recall about 6 years ago and on their website they brag about the 151 Inspections they do on their food to make sure its safe.  Well Surprise surprise I guess they need at least 152 inspection points as they still have problems with their products.  They did not shutdown the plant because of the goodness of their heart or wanting to loose money.  They shut it down because they have huge problems there and want to avoid sick dogs,class action lawsuits and mitigate damages.    Yes mistakes happen but to accept them as normal expected problems is not acceptable and then brag about the 151 inspections Diamond says they perform.  This is a large multimillion dollar operation that sells products through some of the largest retailers in the US.    Maybe they need to raise their prices 5% to cover better inspections and more reliable sources for ingredients.       

    I have been a supporter of Diamond and have used and continue to use their products, in fact I bought a bag of Lamb and Rice kibble today at 7:30 am at my local Menards store.   I also know of several people who use other Diamond brands including Taste os the Wild and Kirklands with great success at an affordable price. 

  • melissa

     Interesting! I will have to check that one out. Thans for the heads up Sandy.

  • melissa

     Hmm..last manufacturer  list I looked at (a while ago) stated that Diamond did make some of the Wellness Brand foods..but I have no idea which ones

  • Svandeberghe

    Check out Wellness at wellnesspetfood.com.

  • Svandeberghe

    I use Wellness exclusively.  Check out their website and look at their list of ingredients. 

  • BTW, Instinct is coming out in May with a combo food – kibble and small bits of freeze dried together.

  • Mike P

    I believe you can add Fromms (wisconsin) to the list.

  • Yes Merrick has their own facility in Texas. And¬†Pied Piper in Texas has not had a recall. I believe they make Instinct, Great Life and Brothers Complete.¬† This is an old list and is not updated.


  • kelley king

    Is there anywhere on this list (or elsewhere) where I can find a list of foods produced by plants other than Diamond?¬† Like other posters have said, we are all doing the dog food dance and just switching from one thing to the next, thinking we are getting the best food available.¬† We are all spending tons of money and not getting what we’re hoping for.¬† And the stories of sickness and death here, have been so sad.
    What about companies like Wellness?¬† And Blue Buffalo?¬† What’s upsetting is that labels state where their headquarters are (Tewksbury, MA or Wilton, CT), but doesn’t exactly say where the food is manufactured.¬†

    Surely, there has to be some company out there with its own factory and controls, here in the USA.  I have been told Merrick has their own facility.

    I’m totally confused and wary of changing foods, as I’m sure others are also.

  • kelleyking

    So true, Khirsta.¬† It doesn’t seem safe for man nor beast to eat food anymore.¬† I wish I¬† had the ability to grow and prepare my own foods.¬† ūüôĀ

  • Mike P

    Becky all I can say is that in the last 18 months my dog has thrown up 3 times. # 1 bully stick, # 2 esphagus treat , # 3 TOTW sample. I rotate brands and have used Merrick BG, Fromms GF, Blue Wilderness, Nature’s Variety Instict, and the best of all Brothers Complete with NO problems… TOTW just seemed the worst in freshness,smell and kinda stale.

  • Gatorblu

    A few months ago TOTW adid change their bison/venison formula. They added more bison. It states it righ on the bags.

  • Gatorblu

    The article states Natural Balance, not Natural Choice.

  • OH Great! Now what I just purchased a bag but made sure it wasn’t the recall ones so I know I am safe but I am reading here about the itching and my 1 dog is weird acting maybe I need to change food..I buy my cat Taste of the Wild and just lately they have been throwing it up..I use to but Purina Brands and never had problems for my dogs but read it was bad!!! My cats couldn’t keep it down so now what do I feed!!

  • Idefendfreedom

    Nutro makes Natural Choice, not Diamond. FYI.

    Check out this video on YouTube:


  • Gizmos’s Mom

    My dog has been feed Chicken soup since he was 6 weeks old, he is now 16 months old. I really wanted to make sure I was feeding him the best food possible, as he is very much loved and a part of our family. In the last month he has thrown up three times and had¬†diarrhea a couple of days ago. He’s an inside dog so I know he didn’t get into something outside, now I’m scared. How can I be sure I’m buying the safest and best food, I don’t trust any of them.¬†

  • Khirsa

    Diamond recalled on a volunitary basis and has answered questions from the public.  They closed the plant voluntarily.  What more do you want them to do?  Purnia and DelMonte can continue to sell jerky treats we know are killing dogs.  They wont answer questions and close down a plant or do a vol recall???? No way!  That is the kind of company that does not care.  I applaud a company that does the right thing and is not forced to recall or shut down.  There has been no illnesses linked with this recall at this point.  We can complain but the truth of the matter is our food supply is in dire straits.  Human food, dog food, horse feed.  All companies will have recalls at some point, the only way to avoid a recall and a 100% safe product is to grow it and process it yourself.  Even then mistakes get made and people/animals can get sick. 

  • Stacey

    That is what we use ~ I’m looking for info on it also.

  • Chavoya

    Is all. The taste of the wild contaminated? My little one eats bison/benison what should I do???

  • Straecatz2

    I feed my dogs Natural Choice small breed puppy and Blue (Buffalo) Freedom (grain free)….I wish this named all other foods coming from this plant….

  • Diamond makes the Natures Domain food for Cost-Co – anyone heard any problems with that?

  • Hankandella

    Does anyone know if cat foods are also affected?

  • Bob K

    Dixie Chic – That answer is total BS if its true – This problem happened well over a week ago as the original recall was dated April 6.¬† Just now they are sending inspectors to the plant?¬† Something is wrong with this story.¬†¬† I can’t believe they did not react sooner since every minute the plant is shutdown they loose money.¬† No way they would wait a week to send in inspectors and clean up the problem.¬†¬† I suspect their plants run multiple shifts a day producing tons of kibble with tons or ingredients on order waiting to be formed into kibble – Something is wrong with your story.¬†

  • melissa


    I am with you. If a company will not tell me who makes it, its a big old fat NO for purchasing.

  • farfetched

    For those feeding Kirkland, Costco is usually pretty good about recalls.

  • Jan_Mom2Cavs

    Just a question for you…..do you know who makes Halo?¬† According to TWDJ, Halo won’t reveal who makes them (they say it’s proprietary!)¬†so they are not included on their “best dog food lists” and I believe even Susan Thixton (well known pet food advocate) couldn’t get them to reveal who makes them!¬† Why are they so secretive about that?¬† I used to feed Halo, but I just couldn’t get past that issue with them.

  • Lorrie

    So what to do?  My dogs are on TOTW and recently both had diarrhea.  Took them off for two days and about to resume.

  • Dixie Chic

    Well… just got off the phone with TOTW.¬† They assured me that it is only the Diamond Brand Lamb and Rice that is affected.¬† Told me¬†it was a salmonella issue.¬† Inspectors are being sent to the plant to inspect.

    After reading the other reviews and seeing the ‘insane itching’ dilemma that another dog has experienced, I’m done.¬† I’m returning the food to PetSupermarket.

  • Stormy’s mom

    I used to feed Diamond Natural chicken and out of a clear blue sky, 2 of my 3 Salukis became extremely ill – thyroid crash! My older male nearly died, and suffered permanent neurological damage from that. The vet hospital they were treated at suggested it was most likely the food since they both went down within days of each other, and neither had ever had any thyroid issues. They were 4 years apart in age. Shortly after that happened was the first recall. My other Saluki was being fed a holistic diet due to a surgery for an injury and she didn’t get sick. I don’t feed anything Diamond any more.

  • Dixie Chic

    Two months ago I emailed Taste of the Wild.  I asked them if they changed their formula because I had a new bag of the Bison/Venison and that my dog was scratching like crazy.  Never had this problem before.  A VET answered my email saying that no changes were made and gave me some blah blah blah about allergies.

    I went and bought a different flavor this time.  Taste of the Wild Lamb.  Same problem.  Only now she his tearing up her skin with scratching.

    I am so pissed right now.  I just emailed them and demanded a phone call from them.  I want to know what is wrong with this food.

    Looks like I’m going back to making homemade dog food.

  • daisy1999

    I posted my story over on the recall page today.¬† I originally thought that I had just gotten a “bad bag”-isolated incedent.¬† So, I never posted a complaint.¬† Now I see that there was most likely much more to it.

  • Railthrill

    I had 2 bad bags of chicken soup and my danes were very ill,,please read the comment from railthrill above,,whether they recall it or not,,,mine was really BAD!

  • Railthrill

    I can’t believe I avoided Diamond for years because i lost my lil shih-tzu to the first afloxtoxin poisoning from the SC plant. I decided to try and feed Chicken Soup (since all the dane breeders were recomending it)and wrote Diamond as my 2 danes had diarrhea and vomiting and then started insane itching, not to mention they were starved and looking for food,,from there we switched to the TOTW Pacific Stream and no eating problems on it but we could never feed them enuf,,they were always hungry and lost weight so we had to feed 2x’s as much as the food to them to satisfy them,,,and I thought quality foods were supposed to consume less??. So a couple of weeks ago I wrote them and they had their vet contact me and she said “NO> there were not problems with chicken soup and then I saw another post from a fellow that complained about the Chicken Soup he purchased in March and his dogs were very ill and they denied any problems,,yet he had fed it for a few years. My dogs were pulled off it before they finished the 1st bag and I asked them if they wanted to take the bags back for testing and they never replied,,,,just sent me a check for what I paid for them…luckily this time my dogs were just sick(which can be a big mess for danes so they slept in my barn a couple of nights) and they did not die……will never go back to a Diamond product,,,would sooner feed store brand cr*p!! I put the other entire bag out in the trash and marked the outside “Posion” with a skull! Good Riddings Diamond!

  • Concerned Mama

    Where do you look on the bag to find out if it was made at the Gaston plant??

  • Jenn


  • Jenn

    I also buy local and a pet boutique. I research all dog foods. ALL dog foods have some people from time to time. 

  • Jenn

    Taste of the Wild and other Diamond products ARE NOT supermarket chain dog foods. They are high quality dog foods, unfortunately not right now. I have tried all brands and yes I feed my dog raw along with Chicken Soup. 

  • Jon B.

    This is horrible! Like Melissa said, I really hope Diamond steps up to the plate sooner rather than later to let everyone know exactly which foods are in question. Diamond customers must indeed be biting their nails just waiting for more information. I’m so glad I feed my dogs Azmira – they haven’t had a recall in their 30 years of being in business.¬†

  • melissa

    It will be interesting to see what other information comes available later today. Lets hope Diamond steps up and makes whatever announcement in a timely manner .¬† I can’t imagine being an owner feeding these products and sitting on pins and needles and hoping its nothing…

  • Quickenings02

    Hi Jean, Taste of the wild has been recalled before, once recalled you never go back, takes years to clean up a tainted food. Go to dog food recalls and read, stay away from supermarket, big chains(petco,petsmart etc) they don’t remove it from the shelves. Many dogs die this way because profit comes first.

  • Quickenings02

    Rusty, Your concidering it! don’t you think one recall was enough to get away from the crappy foods. Do you research and find a better quality food, cause you love your dog n¬†you want him around awhile

  • Quickenings02

    or should I say safest

  • Quickenings02

    So far if Im not feeding Raw, I did research and discovered Halo  is rated one of the top foods   5 stars. The protein is 28% and one of my girls ears is red and inflamed but everyone else is fine, Just gonna keep her on the raw. Big dogs can react to protein above 24% but this is one of the best foods.

  • Jenn

    We¬†switched¬†to Chicken Soup as well. All the pet food companies are letting us down and emptying our wallets. This is supposed to be a top brand. I’m disgusted with them right now and I’m not getting any answers. They know more than what they are telling us.

  • WOW I just changed to Taste of the Wild because of all the bad dog & cat food. U just don’t know what to feed your pets anymore. Taste of the Wild is not cheap either.

  • Northeastfishman

    No one ever seems to notice that some how some way everything made at Diamond Pet Food has a great label but costs about 30% less than anything else comprable…. and now we are seeing why

  • Diamond needs to get their act together. I have been using their product for many years and Im really considering changing¬†the dog food to another brand. This is the second recall¬†I have seen in the past years, and now this….¬†