Best Grain Free Dog Foods… Report Now Posted


By popular request, the Dog Food Advisor has now prepared a report detailing the best grain free dog foods.

Bowl of Dog Food Grains The article includes two lists… one includes the best dry grain free dog foods.

And the other, our best canned grain free products.

For immediate access to this report, please click one of the following links…

If you know of a grain free dog food you believe we should have included on these lists, feel free to share your suggestions in the Comments section at the bottom of each report.

  • Orios123

    If your dog has a frito like smell, it may be a yeast infection instead of an allergy. Go to this site for recommendations:

  • Mike P

    Deb , my dog puked from the greek yogurt on two different occassions . She is a 2 yr old boxer rescue . She is prone to allergy but does wonderfully on grain free .

  • Deb

    On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 8:46 PM, Deb wrote:

    I adopted a 4 yr old Westie that scratches her face and neck. I learned that this breed is prone to allergies. Do I feed a high protein diet, what %..
    or stick with the grain free? I would like to stay away from sugar of any kind as it feeds yeast. I currently am feeding her california natural venison with some primrose oil and salmon oil added. I gave her greek plain yogurt but wonder if this adds to the sugar? I have talked to the vet and she didn’t learn feeding in school. She just suggests what other people try. The dog so far has no other allergies. I talk to everyone and look all over the internet for the proper diet. I just found you and really hope you can help us. Thank You from Lady too.

  • Hi Dr. Sagman, Just wanted to let you know that we posted this in our Tripawds Nutrition blog. Thanks for this incredible resource!