Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods


The following is a list of our best dog food brands… each found to contain at least one wet grain free dog food.

Dog Food Can

To qualify, each wet dog food product on the list must have been rated at least four stars by the Advisor.

And it must be grain free.

Did we miss your favorite?

If you know of a canned grain free dog food that you believe should have been included on this list, please feel free to share your suggestions in the Comments section below.

Or if you’re looking for some suggestions yourself, be sure to look through our readers’ Comments to find more good ideas.

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Best Wet Grain Free Dog Foods

The following is a list of our top-rated wet dog food brands… each known to contain at least one grain free dog food.

  • Paul Hodge

    Petkind salmon or Petkind green beef tripe why not included …you gave five stars …

  • Mighty Little Enos Burdette

    I also feed 4Health in a rotation (chicken and rice, lamb and rice, salmon and potato, with stretches of chicken grain free)
    I’ve noticed with my current boxer (and previous) that their digestion is much better on a rotational diet.
    I’ve continued that diet onto my mothers rescue mix with naturally dry coat and skin. It has worked wonders.
    4Health non stew foods are calorically dense, (high 400’s to low 500’s in calories per 13.2 oz can ), closer to a limited ingredient diet and economical at $0.99-1.19 per 13,2oz can (locally). Some high end stew dog foods in 13oz cans can cost $3 to $5 per can and only have 350 calories. That could be as much as $7 per 500 calories !!! Some foods won’t even list their calorie counts.
    I round the diet out with good chews, the occasional raw treat and Stonyfield fat free or low fat yogurt (a couple dollops a week).

  • di

    Hi, my vet recommended that I feed my English pointer puppy a wet food called Grancarno by Animonda. The food is German and there is no English language label.
    Can you please review this food and let me know if it is any Good?
    Any others who tried it?

  • Laura Krebsbach

    Darcy, I feed Darwins. It seems expensive but I am feeding three small dogs and it adds up to about $2.50 a day. If people gave one Starbucks it would cover the cost of really good food. Darwins, and the vets on “Dog Fooled” call it Prey Food. And if you have ever had a cat that’s what they prefer. Dogs are domesticated wolves. They eat prey. My dogs are SO HAPPY AND LOOK BETTER!. When I lived on the farm my dogs would drag home all kinds of dead critters and eat them. All this time that is what they wanted. You could go to the store and buy people meat, mix in some veggies and appropriate oils and make your own. I travel too much to do that myself.

  • Darcy Loera

    What exact raw food do you feed your pups? 🙂

  • LK

    I can tell you all from personal experience and actually seeing where the “meat” comes from in most commercial dog food, dead, sick, diseased, animals. I have seen live spent laying hens thrown into grinders to go to the pet food processor. If you wouldn’t eat that, then why feed it to your dog? I spend $100 a month for raw food for my little dogs. It is well worth it! They can’t tell you what they want, but you can tell by how they look, (and their poo looks), tells the story. I live on a farm and know that what an animal would eat in the wild is what they should eat. BTW, off topic, don’t get sucked into vegetarian fed chickens or eggs! Chickens eat meat. My chickens will catch a mouse and chow it down. They also eat LOTS of bugs.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    It’s propaganda from the raw feeding community and the homeopathic vets
    For science based veterinary medicine go here
    check out the latest comments
    I have found this site to be very helpful.

  • Jennifer Stout-Mcneely

    I just watched this yestereday and now I am here….

  • Pitlove

    Hi Nat-

    The dog featured in my picture is predisposed to seizures as well. The only kind of anesthesia he can have safely is Propofol. I would ask your vet if that would be a safe induction agent.

  • Nat

    I was not aware of that. I wish his vet would have mentioned that. I absolutely will be looking into that. Thank you so much.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    The anesthesia they use nowadays is milder and safer. There are geriatric veterinary specialists that can advise you regarding the dental, after all, it’s just day surgery, drop off in the morning and often they on the way home by 1 pm.
    May be worth your while to have the recommended dental.
    Periodontal disease and infection can cause systemic issues, not to mention the pain and discomfort.

  • Nat

    I appreciate the info. Will definitely check it out.

  • Nat

    Thank you. I’ll check it out.

  • heather

    again check clean label project for heavy metal testing in dog cat foods fda just issued warning about arsenic in rice orijen just posted that their human grade dog food has 1500 parts per billion of arsenic in their food epa human water levels cant go over 10ppm arsenic causes digestive issues vomiting gastrointestinal issues what are you feeding him ?

  • heather

    check out clean label project it will list dog and cat foods with lowest and highest heavy metal content then using that find a dog food grain free made in mfg own factory avoid the large companies like purina and mars check out this link its a little dated but still good

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Just asking, but has he had a senior workup? Dental exam?
    If not, I would start there. In case he needs a cleaning and extractions.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Nothing wrong with Nutro or any other AAFCO approved dog food, as long as it agrees with your dog.
    Start with a small portion and see how it goes.
    Hope this helps:

  • Nat

    I’m so overwhelmed by all of these comments. I just started with wet dog food due to my dogs age and lose of teeth. I bought nutro. But now with all these negative comments I’m afraid to feed him wet dog food. Ahhhh HELP.
    does anyone know anything about nutro?

  • joe Broz

    I cook my dog’s fresh foog every day. Ever smell what’s in those cans?

  • Emily Vecere

    Yeah, um, I was just replying to your comment about your dog being “a pussycat with men, but hates others.” Dogs don’t hate. Nor, do they know what eyeglasses are. And, it’s unlikely that your(or any other)dog will take a bullet for you, but ok.

  • joe Broz

    My dogs don’t hate anyone; but they will give up their lives for me. That’s love and loyalty, not hate.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Glocks and Coon Hounds:
    FYI not sure what Cocolicious recipe you are feeding, but they recently had a recall. This company uses Evanger’s for their cannery. I would be hesitant to feed any Cocolicious recipe at this time.

    I don’t feed Evanger’s or any company that uses Evanger’s due to their history in regards to the products they produce and other various legal issues.

    Cocolicious recall:

    Recent Evanger’s recalls:

  • Glocks and Coon Hounds

    we have a dog who was on the Raw food diet eating “Chewy and Stella’s” brand raw food, he got really really sick from it but to the really high amount of Bacteria in the raw food… Mean while our other dog who is older but in better health is still eating the raw food and doing great… she has a lot of energy, is in perfect shape and acts like a puppy again. So we put the other dog on Half a can of the cocoliciuos with a handful of dry food (i forget which brand but its a grain free one) and he is doing great on it.

  • Glocks and Coon Hounds

    go to Netflix and watch “Dog fooled” or “Pet fooled” (I forget which one) it is truly eye opening about the whole pet food industry and how they do what they do to get us to think we are serving our pets the best , freshest ingredients… when in fact they are doing the complete opposite. Watch it, you will never look at pet food the same way again!

  • Kimble Darlington

    I’m interested in your opinion on ‘I and Love and You’ Beef Booyah canned food. I note you recently gave one of the kibble lines 5 stars. How about the canned? Thanks!

  • David Fitch

    Weak accountability in the evaluation process…so what else has been “missed”

  • jojojo90

    It is very expensive, but it does make a difference. My dog is 12 years old, and she tolerates the whole earth farms wet dog food way better than the cheap beneful I used to give her (even though she liked it). The food doesn’t look processed, it looks like actual edible food. Her fur is so much shinier and softer, and she doesn’t have diarrhea from it. Having a dog is like a child, you can’t be cheap on them. You want them to have the best.

  • InkedMarie

    Type “how we rate dog food” into the search here on DFA. Recalls etc have no bearing on the ratings.

  • Juliette Boo

    Why is Blue Buffalo on this list? They lost a class-action lawsuit for falsely labeling their dog food ingredients. It was shown by lab analysis their products had low grade ingredients found in cheaper dog foods and not the high quality organic ingredients labelled on their products.

  • Crazy4cats

    If you have a Costco membership, give the Kirkland Nature’s Domain canned food a try. You have to buy a whole case, but can return them if it doesn’t work out for your dog/s. They are less than $1 per can. In addition, I also feed 4Health found at Tractor Supply.

  • Sumernole

    All of these wet foods are very expensive. Can you indicate the least expensive of the best wet canned food.

  • Emily Vecere

    Joe Broz. One does not train a dog to not hate, but rather trains his dog to hate. You’re quite misguided about dogs. You don’t have to be “Alpha.” The dominance myth, which was based on a study of captive wolves has been disproven.

  • joe Broz

    Nope. I make my ow dog food, I know whats’d in it. and so does my grarnd aughrter,

  • joe Broz

    Loved your commrny, anfds want tobeeed my rer q8mnhj4w8q6r7on44tw5343eRRY

  • joe Broz

    Call me anything, but Ilove my dog, andhe hets fres, foorw ber6 y I believe i anatural fod for dogs. Wht whythin ina caab=n except tyo crticix etuhean

  • joe Broz

    .alwas fresh meat (ulua
    ay) fres meat or pork

  • joe Broz

    My dog gets all fresh food every day, Including egg from three farms and

  • joe Broz


  • joe Broz

    If it’s natural chicken and grain free chicken. I would say” hokay” But i would never feed my dog from a Can. It’s a chore but I cook all my dog’s food. He gets chicken gizzards, liver, and boiled or scrambled eggs, I also use a little some Purina Pro for the extra vitamins. My vet is amazed at what has an monster he since he is 30bs past normal weight, but his body fat is a bout three e percent. An way, Grandma Lucy can suck an egg,

  • joe Broz


  • joe Broz

    See, I don’t feed my dog canned food, e He gets fresh food, every day, cooked by me. I love my dog,and he’s a monster. 30 pounds above normal weight, and a wasp waist and huge chest. Why’szzat? My doc says dogs are omnivores but they really are carnivores. A dog will eat anything, but their preference is protein. I feed my dog meat, cottage cheese, eggs, and a little bit of high-protein dog food,and he’s 2 /3 bigger that his father. He’s all muscle, not fat, and has injured me several times. I wieigh 200 pounds and he accepts me as the alpha, but he challenges me all the time…using his brute strength, which is considerable. I have cut and fang marks all over me, which I engender by playing with him. Fortunately, I wear gasses, or he would bite me in the face, which would cost me a pair of glasses. He is a very aggressive guard dog, which, by now you have guessed he is a German shepherd. This dog is a pussycat with men, but hates others. This is typical of the breed, but can easily be trained out of them. Have I missed something? Oh yeah, they need alot of exercise and a lot of attention.The fur flies continually, so brushing is needed. One other consideration: A German shepherd. Will give up his life to protect his human, and I know from experience. They are usually euthnnized by people who know nothing about dogs. Caeser Milan has proven That 1,000tries over

  • Sabrina Picca

    THIS CAN JUST WENT ON RECALL!!!!!!!!!! oh no!!! stay away!!

  • Christopher Scollard

    It seems that NULO Freestyle Grain-Free isn’t on this list, yet you give it 5 stars in your individual ratings. Have I missed something?

  • sandy

    Weruva and Weruva Dogs in the Kitchen both have non-chicken recipes.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    Newman’s Own Organics Grain-Free Beef Canned Dog Food (or beef and liver)

  • Karen R Davis

    Suggestions on chicken free grain free canned food?

  • MH4life

    Apple Cider Vinegar. Braggs is the best brand to purchase. It will say, “Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother.” You can find it almost anywhere. I buy mine at Walmart.

  • disqus_SBl7sCuYS7

    I think the above poster is making reference to apple cider vinegar.
    Please check with your vet before using any homeopathic remedies or over the counter meds. Sometimes you can make things worse.
    Frequent bathing with a medicated/gentle shampoo may help. Giving a dog pills is easy, there is a trick to it.
    See YouTube, or ask the vet tech at your clinic to demonstrate.
    If his skin condition is really bad despite treatment by the vet, consider seeing a veterinary dermatologist.
    Go to forums at this site and look up allergies for more information.
    What you describe sounds like it could be environmental allergies.

  • TH52

    what is ACV? I have a beagle who has the same issues. We’ve had him on Atopica which will work but now he will refuse to take the pills no matter what I put them in. He also has the ear infections over and over again.

  • Michelle Richards

    is there another canned dog food like Natures Logic where I can get natural whole ingredients without the CLAY?

  • Cee

    Hi Michelle, you did good with NL, I do think they are one of the best out there!

    I feed my dog NL canned venison and he is doing great. I just wish they don’t add Montmorillonite Clay as one of the ingredients, which is the only reason why I am thinking of switching to another brand/formula. Although they stated that their Montmorillonite Clay has been tested to be free of dioxin, I am still being cautious and don’t really want it to be a part of what my dog consumes daily.

    But I do love that NL do not use synthetic vitamins and minerals! Synthetic vitamins and minerals are bad since you don’t really know from where they are sourced. It can be made in the USA but any components of the synthetic vitamins and minerals can still come from China (or printed as PRC). And to get enough vitamins and minerals, a lot more than needs to be consumed since they are not easily absorbed, most of them just pass through your dog’s system. Vitamins and minerals in NL come from fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds etc in the ingredients, and are easily absorbed, so there is no need to consume many times the daily required units just to get enough.

    If NL ever take Montmorillonite Clay out of their canned food, I will switch back in a heartbeat!

  • Michelle Richards

    thank u Lilly, I do feed her carrot and apple slices and have added spinach or broccoli to her diet. she LOVES eggs, and would eat them all day long if I let her. I tried to puree eggshells into her breakfast omelet, but im concerned I might be giving her too much calcium. We also enjoy raw almonds and goji berries as a treat. Am I harming her with too much ‘home-made’ food?

  • Illy

    Michelle, youve got one lucky pup 😉
    Some things to maybe think to do:
    ..Feed a mix of nature’s logic and a higher rated food.
    ..Try feeding a serving of dog safe vegetables with meals
    ..Slowly add a little yogurt (plain, low fat, *no sugar*) into meals
    ..try to feed egg a little more often. (I feed my 2 large dogs a hard-boiled egg 5 or more days a week.)
    ..If you can, quit with all the tuna (too much mercury) and feed small fish like sardines or mackerel (packed in water, *no salt*). They are full of omega 3s and are so so so good for dogs (and salmon is great to give sometimes)
    ..If you have can, get a supplement. There’s probably a lot of good supplements out there (I use wholistic organics canine complete)

  • Michelle Richards

    i thought i was doing good, since I was staying away from synthetics and chemical vitamin sources. is there a better brand of dog food that will meet all her needs?

  • aimee

    Hi Michelle,

    The Nature’s Logic dry foods are all reported as below recommended amounts for the same nutrients so rotating will not help. Also adding canned tuna will not correct these deficiencies.

    If you want to meet recommended values you will need to choose a different brand.

  • Michelle Richards

    what if I rotate the NL can food with NL dry,, like every other day? or maybe I could feed her a can of tuna 3 days a week,,, would that make her diet complete?

  • aimee

    In regards to the canned Natures Logic diets which nutrients are below recommended amounts varies depending on the variety, but most of the diets have problems with one or more of the following: Vit D,E, and Zn.

  • Michelle Richards

    what is it missing? calcium? I dont want her to eat starches, or carbs,, I feed her apple and carrot slices as a daily treat…also beef liver treats, and hard boiled eggs once a week. (ugh, no wonder she is 7 lbs!) I want to give her the most natural/chemical-free food that I can afford. .. suggestions?

  • aimee

    If you look at the nutrient profiles for Nature’s Logics diets you’ll find gross deficiencies. If I were to use their foods I’d only feed them intermittently or for supplemental feeding

  • Michelle Richards

    what about NATURE’S LOGIC?? complete & balanced for all life stages, grain, gluten free, and NO synthetic stuff,, It looks like all the required vit/minerals are obtained from FOOD items instead of being ‘added’ to the product. other than alfalfa (and montmorillonite clay????) it looks like its full of veggies and fruit. I just started feeding it this year so I wondered if anyone has any experience with it?

  • KarlaRusso

    they have a sprinkle out that a few of my friends use….on top of the dry food. Did you dry putting a few drops of oil on it.

  • chris

    I quit Evangers also, for a different reason. I’m tired of opening up a can and finding large white lumps of hardened fat. The last straw was when I found a small egg size lump of pure animal fat and gristle.

  • Stephanie Leach

    in your opinion… my dog could not tolerate he amount of protein – kept getting sick until I changed to a bit lower protein… NRG Raw – dehydrated Raw… In my opinion, that is the best .. different perspectives

  • Yvonne Vrell-Johnson

    I feed my boxer and my bully mix 4health!! 🙂 they do so good!! they love the canned and the dry.. ( one can in the morning, mixed with dry, and one in the evening mixed with dry ) happy healthy babies 🙂

  • john smith

    Orijen is the best dry food period.

  • Jockoliveson1

    I did, too, but unfortunately my dog is allergic to turkey and caused my dog to have seizures, so disco’ed but Love the product.

  • Jockoliveson1

    tia – highly recommend going to Dog Allergy International Group on f/b. It is a closed group but can send request

  • Jockoliveson1

    Had a very bad experience with Evanger’s hand packed canned beef..made my dog very, very sick. Took dog to vet and newly opened can of above. Black solid chunk throughout center of can. Vet sed, “Bad food”. Communicated to Evangers and a very nasty man. ( I had to throw out 3 cans prior due to this, before seeing vet. Won’t ever use them, AGAIN!!!

  • Angelika Peters

    How is she doing nownow? If still active issuesissues, get a scrape test done. Based on age when she started, where it started and the breed, it most likely is dermadex and needs to be treated. Very well known in bully breeds. I had lotslots of that in my rescue. Not a very difficult treatment as long as it doesn’t spread to far. Nothing to do with what you feed.

  • Daniel Gunther

    Where is all the rave for Earthborn! 4health is ok, but if you look at the feed guidelines you end up spending more on feeding them more often 4H 80 pnd 5 cups, EB 80 pnd 3 1/4 cups ex. Tractor carries their feed they just need the can food!

  • Crazy4dogs

    This area of DFA groups the foods by rating. It might be helpful to you:

  • LanaKaneBitches

    I wished there was a comparison chart for all these brands. It would be easier to compare instead of having to open and read each link. Maybe I missed one on the site??

  • MH4life

    Late I know, but this totally sounds like a yeast infection. Start on grain free immediately, spray ACV on underbelly snd groin for immediate relief. Put 1/2 to 1 TBLS of ACV in waterbowl and change water evetyday. If she will eat it, mix ACV in to her food..

  • Lisa Switzer

    I feed Acana Ranchlands to my 12 yr old GSD and he is like a puppy! I also have 3 small rescue dogs who all eat the same food and love it. I am looking for a canned food to add a small amount as a “mix” like maybe 1-2 table spoons for my GSD and 1TBS for the little kids. we usually add ground elk that my husband hunts…so they are spoiled and don’t like to eat without something mixed in. this is a big list to go through. I would like to find a made in USA or Canada… great record on recalls, no other food brands made at the facility, organic…all the things that make Acana and other Champion foods great…. they don’t make a canned food though…any thoughts?

  • Bobby dog

    Hi JWMDMM:
    Here’s a form to fill out to request a review. I feed some TSC 4Health canned in my rotation. I checked out the GF when they first came out and decided not to feed them due to their high fat content.


    Curious to see the content review of the 4Health Grain Free canned dog food options. Two or three of the other 4Health canned dog foods have 5 star reviews, but the Grain Free options have not been reviewed yet. We don’t feed our dogs canned food as their main diet, but add a spoonful to their dry food as a treat, they love it! Still, we’d like for the canned food to be a higher quality food. We currently feed them Whole Earth Farms Grain Free at $1.99/can but Petco is over an hour away so we stock up when we are near there. Tractor Supply in our town carries 4Health Grain Free at $1.19/can so that might be an option depending on the quality. Will patiently await your analysis 🙂

  • Shawn Dunham

    We use Nature’s Domain from Costco, wet and dry and our pugs love it.

  • Bobby dog

    Hi Donna:
    Very lucky pup to be rescued from a puppy mill!! Sounds like each might have several medical conditions to take into consideration. Have you discussed changing foods with your Vet?

  • Donna

    I am in such a mind mix, so many dog foods so many good and really BAD. The quality is what matters and the good nutrition that my fur kids receive is very important. Both of my pets are now on Low Fat I/d Science Diet Chicken Stew. I HATE SCIENCE DIET..So, I am looking for something much better, quality and safe for them. Both are Yorkies, one male, 8 years old about 9 lbs. now. He is a puppymill Rescue and came to be a member of our family 2 years ago at age 6. He had five teeth pulled before he came and our dogtor had to pull 10 more. He is NEVER late for supper but does NOT like the Science Diet at all. But will eat. My other is a 9 year old Yorkie female. She had a high liver count and also suffered a problem with Pancreatitis, Walley did too) Loves vegetables: green pepper, broc. cauliflower, carrots, beets, etc. So, now I am looking for a Low Fat Canned food that is very low in fat but HIGH IN QUALITY and nutrition. They eat z/d dry, nibble more or less, because their older brother is on z/d and I don’t know if I dare change his food. He is 13, his name is Willie Bill and he is a Yorkie also. He has had allergies for many years now, I give him shots VERY ALLERGIC to Beef, potatoes of any kind, tomatoes, egg, to name a few, that doesn’t count weeds, trees, grass, bugs etc. He has a enlarged liver, #4-6 heart murmur, mitral valve problems, etc. He is loosing his eye site. Have had him to ISU Veterinary Medical Center and of course has his own dogtor. I have problems giving him Science Diet but am scared to change him now. Once in a while I give him a piece of chicken, chicken liver. Not keen on vegetables. Any suggestions?

  • Crazy4dogs

    Have you used different protein sources?

  • tia

    I have a 3 year old pitbull, at around 1 year old she started scratching her underbelly and groin area she started getting ear infections recurring all the time now she ALSO chews her paws raw, IVE TRIED EVERYTHING I need help my poor pup is miserable ive tried natures variety, blue widerness grain free, taste of the wild, racheal rays, nothing is helping at all, weve even tried just getting allergy pills and they worked for thr first two months n then stopped working