Best Grain Free Wet Dog Foods


What’s the Best
Grain-Free Wet Dog Food?

The best grain free wet dog foods are likely to contain more protein than their grain-based counterparts.


Many are made using plant-based protein ingredients that can disturb the delicate nutrient balance of the finished product.

Which is why we recommend grain-free wet dog foods where meat remains the primary source of protein in each recipe.

The Dog Food Advisor’s
Top Wet Grain-Free Brands

The following list includes The Dog Food Advisor’s safest and most recommended wet grain-free dog food brands.

Each boasts above-average amounts of meat-based protein

And reasonable amounts of vegetable protein.

In addition, the ingredients list of every selection contains…

  1. No cancer-causing chemical preservatives
  2. No anonymous meat ingredients
  3. No high risk coloring agents
  4. No generic animal fat
  5. Above-average meat content
  6. Favorable fat-to-protein ratio
  7. Modest carbohydrate content

Best Grain-Free Wet Dog Foods
December 2018

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