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Is Fresh Dog Food Worth the Cost?

Fresh dog food is more popular than ever. Whether raw or gently cooked, there’s a growing demand — one being met by an increasing number of companies, many of which

CBD for Dogs: Q&A with an Expert Veterinarian

How and what humans feed our dogs has often been influenced by how and what we feed ourselves — from handing down scraps from our tables to modern advances in

The Rights and Wrongs of Dog Treats

An unspoken fact about owning a dog is that you’ll probably have half-empty packets of dog treats all over your house. Whether treats for training, dental chews to keep your

How the Best Dog Food Brands Avoid Recalls

The Dog Food Advisor was born out of tragedy when Dr. Mike Sagman’s dog, Penny, died in 2007. She’d been eating a food that was part of the U.S.’s biggest

Why You Need to Check Your Dog’s Poop

Dog poop. It’s not glamorous, but it’s part of every dog parent’s daily life. And every responsible dog parent needs to be clued up on what comes out of the

Can Dogs Be Vegetarian or Vegan?

It’s thought that up to 14% of Americans follow a diet of some kind and this is a figure expected to rise even further if the projected growth of the

How Important is Taurine for Dogs?

When doing research on pet food, you’ll inevitably come across the word taurine at some point or other and quite naturally, you’ll wonder just what exactly it is. Put simply,

Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

To the untrained eye, cat and dog food can look pretty similar when they’re served up side-by-side. What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to share a home with both cats