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Why You Should Avoid Propyl Gallate in Your Dog’s Food

Mike Sagman

By Mike Sagman

Updated: September 27, 2023

New research suggests the dog food preservative, propyl gallate, may be responsible for causing a potentially dangerous health issue for dogs.
Watch Out for Propyl Gallate

That’s because of the chemical’s unique ability to mimic the negative effects of the female hormone, estrogen.

Although the FDA insists the agent can be considered safe1, recent studies have linked propyl gallate with a special group of hormone-like compounds known as xenoestrogens (zee-no-es’-tro-jenz).2

Xenoestrogens have the potential to adversely affect reproductive health.3

In humans, they have the ability to transform a normal breast cell into a cancer cell.4

Propyl gallate can also affect a developing fetus as well as decrease the sperm count in males.

Feeding a dog the same chemical additive — not just occasionally, but with every meal — certainly favors the creation of problems associated with long term exposure to any toxic substance.

My recommendation? Whenever you spot propyl gallate on a dog food label, step aside. Look for a safer naturally-preserved product.

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