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    Mary S

    Long story….Almost 3 years ago my thrn 3 yr old adopted beagle/ terrier mix was stricken with hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Very scary and no obvious causes were identified..apparently this is Often seen In young dogs…Anyway..meds given..hospitalized to give fluids..and after a week all better. During this time an ultrasound was given which did reveal ulceration and some stomach thickening..which Inwas told was a result of the inflammation. Ok, move ahead to present…4 weeks ago, my little guy began vomiting…quickly I held food for a bit, then gave him chicken and rice..and he seemed to respond. Took him to my vet..he was acting fine…no symptoms of dehydration, good bowel movements..very bright and active. She released him with instructions that if he were to begin vomiting again, to bring him back…well he did, as I tried to slowly reintroduce his regular food in with the chicken and rice. Brought him back…ultrasound, bloodwork and xrays given..the same stomach thickening was seen and she felt he should be seen by a specialist…so, I made the appointment, had to wait a few weeks. in the meantime…hes on the chicken and rice and I slowly began to try pumpkin…then some sweet potato…then some green beans with the chicken mixture..Hes been terrific..great energy, no throwing up…However, he does seem to have some difficulty with his regular food which is z/d…I feel whatever it was has improved but both Specialist and my vet feel he mayhave a “chronic” condition so and endoscope with biopsies is recommended…chronic? His first episode was almost 3 years ago? Im very concerned about having my nervous little guys go through this as he seems better now…hate to put him through this…and $3200…ill pay anything for my dogs…but is this procedreally overkill at this point? What do you guys think?

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