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    Jenn H

    Does anyone have a dog with IBD and tried using Perfect Form long term to treat/prevent flare ups?
    I have a GSD who was doing very well for 7 months. Then suddenly she had 2 flare ups in 1 month.
    The vet put her on Purina Fortiflora permanently. She’s also on a i/d and boiled chicken until I decided whether or not to try Royal Canin Ultamino. I’m reluctant because it’s almost $50 for 8 lbs. That’s way beyond my affordability. I would literally have to get another job to afford it. (I would do anything for her so that’s not as much of a big deal except there aren’t enough hrs in the day to work more and still take care of all the animals.)

    Perfect Form worked instantly on another dog I have who was vomiting & had diarrhea for a couple of days. I was amazed.
    Because it’s for GI upset and says it’s for GI support and bowel health I was wondering I anyone has tried it long term with a dog that has chronic gastroenteritis/IBD.
    My hesitation is that I don’t want to cause a flare up or new problems. At the same time if this is the miracle supplement that will finally give her permanent relief I don’t want to deny her of it.

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    Hi Jenn H-
    I also think that THK’s Perfect Form is marvelous! My dogs have sensitive tummies and I use this supplement intermittently. I also considered using it long term, but after research, I came to the conclusion that the slippery elm in it can over time hinder with nutrient absorption. So, no, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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    Jenn H

    Thank you for that reply.
    I haven’t yet researched the ingredients individually. Good to know that about slippery elm.
    Maybe I’ll look into it as a supplement to use once/wk or month or just when she has a belly issue. I was just hoping it would prevent future episodes.

    Thanks again.

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    You’re welcome. I also use Forti Flora once every week or two and Perfect Form if they get a bad belly or when transitioning to a new kibble. I’ve also used Gastriplex, Vetri Pro BD, Phytomucil, and Fruitables Digestive Supplement with pretty good success. Luckily, they’ve improved and I don’t have to use them much anymore. has some good info on this as well.

    I hope you have success as well! 🐶

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    Jenn H

    I’m glad your animals are feeling better. Continued good health.
    My poor baby has been through so much. It can all be traced back to the Lyme and the treatments for it. Before the vets blamed everything on it. Now they say it isn’t from that. She was fine before having to take such hardcore antibiotics.
    Anyway I will put your suggestions on my list of things to try.
    No vets have found a need to do more invasive tests like endoscopy or biopsy (gasp). Thankfully her most recent blood work was normal.

    Fruitables just put out bone broth. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s on the tummy trouble shelf when the occasion arises.

    I’m definitely going to check out the other site. It’s been so difficult getting answers or finding food that won’t require mortgaging my house.

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    Hi Jenn-

    Wow! $50 for 8 lbs! That is way expensive, especially for long term feeding. Have you looked into the Balance IT website? You can formulate homemade recipes and use their supplements to balance them. I used it when my dogs had bad tummies a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure how much chicken and pumpkin to give them so I used their site for help. Since then, I’ve printed a few recipes using ground turkey and ground beef with rice and veggies that I plan on feeding once a week. We’ll see if I follow through. 😬

    My dogs also have had several rounds of antibiotics when puppies and have been sensitive ever since.

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    Hello Jenn H, sorry to hear about your IBD pup.

    One of my dogs has confirmed IBD (endoscopy with biopsy) and before we saw the specialist and got him into remission, I did try Perfect Form for a few months. It didn’t seem to do anything, either good or bad. Same thing with pure slippery elm tea. Perhaps these things can help some dogs, but they didn’t seem to help my IBD dog.

    Good luck!

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