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    I love the new search feature!!

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    Where is there a search? I’m on my iPad & don’t see one

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    Never mind. I can’t even blame it on my glasses; I’m wearing my newest ones!

    Yes dr Mike, thank you!

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    I don’t know if you are like me, I stay logged in here. But if you get logged out, you will have to get that new password that the email was about. Just click on “Lost Password” and you will immediately be sent a new one. When you log back in, go to your profile and click on “Edit” to change your password to whatever you want.

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    I just logged in with old password with no problem.

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    So maybe it didn’t reset all the passwords?

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    Got a second email, saying all passwords were secured. You still use the old password you were using..


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    okay. Now I must be blind. Where is the search feature?

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    Never mind. Duh..on the main page. I was looking on this one for it!

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    Has anyone else noticed that with iPad using iOS7 the forum keeps logging you out? I don’t have this problem using my PC laptop but I do with the new iOS7.

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    It logs me out on my iPod too. iOS 6.1.3

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    Thanks for your help. Patti. How long have you noticed this problem? When did you first observe this behavior?

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    I haven’t had a problem w/ iOS7. I have stayed logged in thru both updates (here & Apples’s) on my iPad

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    I’m computer stupid but if iOS7 is the update I had to do last weekend then no, I’m staying logged in just fine.

    Regarding computer stupid: I’m friendly with an instate country band that we see whenver possible. The first time I met one of them, we somehow got talking about cell phones. We concluded that we’re both too stupid for smart phones LOL

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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