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    Hi Everyone,
    My doggie friend, a five and half year old Belgian Malinois, was hit by a car several years ago. He suffered two broken legs, but has returned to his 35 MPH running speed. He also sustained permanent nerve damage in his esophagus such that if he eats by himself he panics and regurgitates a large bolus of food immediately and therefore would receive no nutrition. He and I have solved the problem. I feed him two to three nuggets and a slow pace and he is able to chew and swallow while his neck is in a neutral position. This is working just fine. I have been feeding Flint River Ranch Nuggets, but I read the review on this site and that brand while acceptable is not the finest. I am looking for another suggested food that I could use, preferably a food made in the form of larger nuggets-that are somewhat smooth to aid swallowing rather than rugged kibble which can get caught in his throat.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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