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    Kristin C

    Hi-so I am constantly paranoid that my dogs are not getting what they need nutritionally and was wondering if anyone wants to share raw grain free recipes of their own. Today I made chicken meals with:

    80% chicken: 30% breasts, 30 thighs, 15 hearts & gizzards, 5 liver
    15% pumpkin
    5% puréed spinach and green beans
    See Spot Live Longer Dinner Mix
    Omega 3 oil and vit E

    The beef recipes I struggle with percentages as I use more organs such as kidney, lung, thymus. I keep those percentages pretty small 1-2% each.

    Much of the information I read is on the prey model 80/10/10 so it gets confusing. I am looking for experienced raw feeders to share here if possible. Thanks!

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    I use ground raw. Boone gets about 3.5 oz bony and 1 oz boneless. The bony has meat, bone, tripe & organs. I do have some that has no tripe so I add that. He gets eggs and salmon oil a few times a week. He gets rib bones to gnaw on and I skip the boneless at that meal. Thats it.

    Edit: he does get a joint supplement, apple cider vinegar & Bug Off Garlic as well.

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