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    Richard B

    I have a nine week old pit bull puppy. Very active. Very playful. I fed him twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening.
    My problem is this. My puppy poops atleast twice an hour, sometimes three or four. This goes on all day and all night except at night he may get lucky and skip and hour. This has been happening for three weeks. We got him at five weeks old and after a week this started. When he does poop it’s always runny and he acts as if it happens out of the blue. I can’t really afford to take him to the vet so is there any one who could help me. Is there something bad wrong with my puppy or is there a simple fix for this.

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    I know this is not what you are requesting, but, I think you should schedule a visit to the vet (if you haven’t already) for the initial puppy checkup and evaluation.
    Below is an excerpt from http://www.petsplusfl.com/pages/Puppy-Vet-Visits.html

    Young puppies receive protection from diseases in their mother’s milk. Unfortunately, this protection begins to fade when your puppy is between six and twenty weeks old, making the need for vaccinations and veterinary care extremely important during this time. Make an appointment as soon as possible so your new puppy will get the medical treatment it needs.
    Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests
    The first visit to the veterinarian should be done at approximately six to eight weeks of age. It is best to bring in a small, fresh fecal sample in a plastic bag for the vet to look at to see if there are any intestinal worms. It is not uncommon for puppies to pick up worms from their mother and/or from outside. Deworming is usually done, whether worms are detected or not, at the first visit and the next visit four weeks later just to be on the safe side since intestinal worms are so common.  Don’t worry, worms are common, but very easy to treat.

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    Rosanne M

    Hi Richard, so sorry for your puppy. Having loose poops is so uncomfortable. A pup away from its mom at 5 weeks is by far too young – it likely has some sort of parasite like worms. These DO NOT go away and must be treated. I agree with anon101 – young puppies are prone to so many things that it is best to start with a fecal sample. If you cannot afford a vet go to your local humane society as they often have reduced prices and treatment options.

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    How is the pup doing? Why do you have a pup if you can’t afford a vet?

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