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    Karen K

    My dog has been on Orijen foot topped with primal raw since I adopted her 2.5 years ago. I recently had her taurine levels tested and they were low. I need a new food. She also has an sensitivity to chicken. Does anyone have any suggestions for a GMO free food that would work for her?

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    Ann B

    Our mixed breed is the same age. She has been on Zignature for about 1-1/2 years now and is doing great. She also has a sensitivity to chicken. With Zignature, everyone comments about how healthy her coat is; overall she is very healthy. There are a number of flavor options that can be alternated weekly without any adverse effects. Hope that helps!

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    Patricia A

    Don’t have suggestions Karen. My dogs are on Primal also. However they are Chihuahuas’ who are not as prone to this disease. Still checking with blood work though. Sorry Ann but can’t agree with the recommendation of Zignature. This dog food brand has I believe shown up more then any other as dogs being fed this with low taurine .
    “Until recently, Dilated Cardiomyopathy has not been a condition seen with any regularity in Golden Retrievers. While they have seen an occasional Golden or other atypical breed show up with DCM in recent years, something has changed in the past few months. There has been a noticeable rise in the number of calls UPenn has rec’d from Veterinarians reporting cases similar to Oliver’s and they are concerned. They are also beginning to make a direct correlation between these new cases and the diets the affected dogs have been fed. While they suspect MANY different brands to be problematic, one brand that has shown up several times is Zignature Grain-Free… The brand I have fed Oliver and Riley for several years.

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    Joelle V

    Some of this is trial and error. I have Portuguese Water Dogs who have many genetic issues but also strict testing by ethical breeders. I feed fish based foods, grain free. Taurine levels are normal. I also give a probiotic (one Thorne bacillus coagulants), human ester c, 500 mg tablet that I break in two for 250mg a day, and human vitamin e (Nordic ultimate omega, one mini per day), all prescribed by a holistic vet as my dog has a sensitive stomach, manageable IBS. I like Annamaet for a dry food, and use the one with fish. I add Sensibites for my pup and top it off with a good bit of Kasiks Salmon canned food and hot water to soften and make a broth. My 13 year old is on canned food only, three types, all grain free fish. If a canned fish approach interests you, let me know and I am happy to share the brands, which always include the salmon by Kasiks. I have not researched the fish approach for Taurine levels, although I would consult a holistic vet. Good luck!

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    Ann B

    Just an update on Zignature. We feed canned food plus dry Zignature…lots of options including Salmon, Whitefish and others. Our dog has NO issues with low Taurine levels.
    We used to feed prescription food and had lots of issues with GI etc. Very happy with the variety of “flavors” and again absolutely no issues with diet or blood levels. Zignature is highly rated with Dog Food Advisor. (I have no financial incentive to add my opinion; just an honest related experience with the brand.)

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    Linda K

    My dog was tested in Septemer and found to have extremely low taurine. Subsequent echocardiogram revealed no cardiac enlargement. The cardiologist advised me to stop grain-free Zignature Zssentials (Drat! It worked perfectly), supplement with taurine, and re-check taurine in April. I am feeding him Real Meat Company Air-Dried Turkey Recipe Dog Food, religiously supplementing with taurine, and waiting anxiously for April and our follow-up taurine check. I wish you the best.

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