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    I’m the crazy lady who has the stray kittens behind our Subway Store. They are about 5 months old now. I’m taking them to the vet Mon. to see about shots and spaying and neutering. Are they old enough to get their regular vaccines. I can not afford to give them kitten shots plus their too old for them now. If they get rabies and other vaccines are they good for a year? Are they old enough to be fixed? I’ m keeping these 6 behind the store. I had a 300lb cat condo made for them. They love it and I can put blankets in it in the winter. It’s huge and room enough for them all. My vet is going to only charge me 25$ a cat to fix them. It will be 75$ a cat for shots and fixing. I just want to make sure they are old enough for the vaccines to work. Maybe HDM who works at the shelter can answer these questions. Thanks, cats are new to me because I’m a dog person but I have to admit I’ve fallen in love with these precious kitties.

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    The only question I can pretty much be almost positive about answering is that they ARE old enough to be fixed and I’m also pretty sure they are fine for the shots too.

    Also just wanted to bump up your post so hopefully someone else can help you out!

    Good Luck! 🙂 Oh, and where’s the pics?? 😉

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    All shots can be done at 16 weeks, according to the vet I’m interning with. That’s about when they (veterinary medicine) think mommas immunity starts to wear out of their systems.

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    Hi fellow crazy cat lady-
    Welcome to the club! I haven’t seen any posts from you lately and I assumed your story had a sad ending. I’m glad you found a way to save six of the kittens. My last two kittens were fixed at about 5 months. One was male and one female. I didn’t want to take any chances! They can reproduce so young. Thank you again for doing this. You are awesome!

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    Thank u crazy4cats. My husband says I’m a sucker and that I like animals better than people. I guess u have to be like so many of us on this forum to understand that kind of love for the fur babies of the world!

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    Hi Weezer. ..rabies will be good for one year. Fvrcp is the distemper and should have a series of two. Felv is leukemia and also needs a series of two. There is no difference such thing as puppy shots or kitten shots-they are the same product just the when started younger fvrcp needs to be done in a series of 3 or 4. Lets face it vaccine is better than none if cost is an issue.

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