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    Hound Dog Mom

    I see several users are posting about new information that has recently come out about dogs being adapted to handle a high carbohydrate diet. Most of us know that it will only be a matter of time before the big name pet food companies jump all over this and skew the information to push their carbohydrate, gmo and preservative laden dog “food.” I personally have seen the benefits of a high protein, grain-free diet and have been patiently waiting for knowledgeable veterinarians to start setting the record straight. The wait is up – the first article is out! Today, on “Truth About Pet Food”, Susan Thixton published an article written by Dr. Michael Fox. Dr. Fox clarifies the findings for us dog owners and urges us to consider what these new findings really mean (hint: they don’t mean feed your dog a high carbohydrate diet!).

    Here’s the link to the Susan Thixton’s article where you’ll also find Dr. Fox’s article.

    “Don’t be Misled!”

    I’ll be keeping a lookout for more articles – I’m sure there will be some out in the near future debunking the misinterpretations that are sure to spew from this study. I’m hoping Dr. Becker will open up about it soon on the Mercola website.

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    Rambo and Fancy

    Thanks for the link.

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    Having witnessed quite a few dietary trends in my years, I offer only the advice to keep an open mind. As Dr. Mike says elsewhere on this blog,we have to be careful not to fall into “nutrition-ism.” I would define nutrition-ism as allowing feelings from other segments of life to overly influence how we view nutritional information. Just one example of that would be to insist that dogs should have a vegetarian diet. (Nope, sounds silly to me!)

    I’d like to respectfully suggest that having SOME carbohydrates in your dog’s’ diets is not advocating for a high carbohydrate diet. Further, vegetables have starches in them so we’re not just talking about grain Generalizing about all dogs is not helpful when each of us has one or more specific dogs, i.e. real individuals. We humans have different digestive and dietary experiences, right???? I know what my dogs can and cannot digest, and will continue to vary their diets to get them the nutrition they need. I don’t give my dogs grains in significant amounts, but their kibble does have carbs from sweet potatoes. And lots of vitamin A!!

    I’ve met several dog owners who feed kibble to one dog and raw to another, based on real individual experience with each critter. Let’s continue to love one another and our dogs, and not get tensed up about dietary concepts.

    Pax vobicsum from Richmond, Va, Y’all!


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