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    I have been using the veg-to-bowl fine ground mix. It calls for 4ozs of protein a day which would be 1/4 cup in morning and night and then 1 scoop of mix which makes 1/4 cup. When I do this he’s getting 3/4 cup a day. He’s gaining wt. He needs 1/2 cup a day. If I give him only 1/4 cup of meat he’s only getting 2 ozs of protein a day. Is this enough protein or can I give him less mix and if I give him less mix will he still be getting all vitamins,etc. that he needs. He gains weight so easy and we walk a mile in morning and mile at night. He did weigh 7.3 and this morning he weighed 8.2. I noticed that grand ma lucys premixes said 1/4 cup of mix and 1/4 cup of meat all day.Any suggestions. I might have to go back to canned food. He loves the cooked meat I give him so I hate to go back.

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    Hi weezerweeks,

    When i looked at pre mixes the only ones that made sense to me were the balance it products. That said when I looked on the website for Veg to bowl I didn’t find a full nutrient analysis of the product which you’ll need to know how much you can restrict the mix and still meet nutritional needs. I asked for a full NA but they said they couldn’t send me one. Maybe you’ll have better luck. The meat amount isn’t clear to me. Are you supposed to add 4 ounces by weight as that is different from a volume measurement. Also are you to measure before or after cooking retain the fat or drain it and what meat source do they recommend. You’ll get wildly different diets depending on the fat content of the meat you are adding. Also specific oils and amounts to be used will vary with meat source.

    If you post the full nutrient analysis for the product and the meat and oil you are using I can try to help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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