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    Taelor R

    Hello, I have a 21 Lb Poodle mix, possibly with terrier, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on a good affordable food for him. A little background on him, hes really hyper, about 2 years old, ive had trouble with him in the last year, taking him to the vet for vomiting, diarrhea and loss of appetite, he had to go 3 rounds of medication for coccidia and another parasite, so ive been reluctant on changing food because of a sensitive stomach. He has gotten a lot better besides the occasional vomit and loose stool. Ive been feeding him Cesar filets, and im not sure its giving him all the nutrients he needs since its mostly meat. Hes also gained a few lbs, from 19 to 21, besides exercising him more, what kind of food do you think would be good for him?

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    I like Fromm

    I use kibble as a base, add a splash of water and a tablespoon of soft food mixed in.
    Small dogs like Purina Mighty Dog and it comes in small cans, sold at most supermarkets.

    I have a 20 pound terrier that gets 1/3 cup of kibble with a bit of chopped up boiled chicken meat and water twice a day. An occasional snack. Long walks when weather permits.

    Don’t free feed, leave food down all day. Pick up food if not eaten in 10 minutes, cover and store in the fridg, offer at the next meal time.

    A 15 lb bag of kibble should last you at least a month.

    Here is another idea for a topper if you have the time
    “I add a little chopped boiled chicken, plain chicken broth or water, sometimes scrambled egg or a little tuna or something.”
    My chicken broth recipe /forums/topic/grain-free-2/#post-109751

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    Taelor R

    thank you for your suggestion, i dont see myself making chicken for him all the time, and i was told by my vet that wet food would be better for him, and i would like his diet to include veggies also. also ive been feeding him the 3.5 oz cups 3 times a day with only a little dry food every once in awhile, after doing a little research i think i may have been giving him too much, although he acts like he is starving all the time.

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    Lol They all act like they are starving! Don’t believe it. I give my dogs 1/3 of a raw carrot to chew once a day. Low calorie and the chewing is good for the jaw/teeth.

    Not the baby carrots, they are bleached and can be a choking hazard due to their size (dogs may gulp them in one bite).

    Fromm has a small breed kibble “Gold” Some of their kibbles have veggies, just stay with grain inclusive. They also have canned foods. You can soak kibble overnight and it will be soft like wet food plus it puffs up and they think they are getting more food.

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    You can freeze the carrots and it will make them crunchier and it will take him longer to chew them.
    If he likes them….not all dogs are interested in veggies. Too much fruit/veggies can cause loose stools. So, don’t over do it.

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    So he only gets 3 of the small ceasers a day? For a 21 lbs dog they recommned 5 a day. Are you sure there are no extra calories you’re giving him? Is he not very active?
    Also the food is 100% balanced food so no worries he’s not getting all he needs. It is a lower quality food however. Lots of unnamed meats and fillers like flour, corn starch, and pea fiber.
    You may look into a higher quality canned food. Or try freshpet dog food. It’s pretty good and has fresh veggies in it. I know several small dogs who love the stuff and for a smaller dog it’s not too outrageously priced to feed.
    As far as weight I would just continue to cut back and maybe ask the vet? If he’s seriously gaining weight on 300 calories a day I’d be concerned. Most dogs need 30 caps per pound of weight, small dogs should be ok at 40 cats per pound if they’re energetic. So definitely something wrong.

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    Hi! This may sound so simple but it helped for me. I have a small dog. 11 lbs. Years ago he was diagnosed with a sensitive stomach. Whatever the heck that is. He presented with similar issues. Vomiting, diarrhea etc. He is a very, very picky eater too. Anyway, about 5 years ago ( he’s 10 now) I started him on probiotics. He’s been awesome ever since. He moves his bowels 2 times a day and it’s beautiful!!! He’s still a picky eater. He eats Freshpet roll food and Nutro wet food trays. ( he doesn’t love hard food) They have varieties for larger dogs too. Both of these foods are given a decent rating here. I hope you figure out whats good for the both of you.

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    Ashlee B

    Thank you so much. Actually here I found much more effective information about the right food. But, I have a question for you. Which is the best food for a pregnant dog. Can anyone tell me details?

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