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    Hi guys,

    My 5 year old rescue Coon hound is new to raw and we have started her gradually onto the fine ground raw meat, bone and organ chubs from Hare Today. She does wonderful with the finely ground raw, but I switched her to coarsely ground turkey meat bone and organ this week and she has vomited up a small amount of bile and fingernail sized or smaller bone shards. I’m not thinking she is in any kind of discomfort, but I am concerned about a possible GI blockage and/or upset occurring from these bone shards. She has a VERY sensitive system and at this point I’m not sure moving her past FINELY ground raw grinds to prey model will ever be a good choice for her.

    Any advice or feedback regarding this would be greatly appreciated, although obviously if anything more serious occurs she will go to the vet immediately.

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    Raw is not for all dogs. Have you tried the search engine here?
    Example: /forums/topic/rectal-issues/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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