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    Cindy S

    We have a 3 y/o male retired racing greyhound who is a fussy eater. He also gets easily bored with the same food, which means I have to switch things up every few weeks. This is a problem b/c I have to transition him off one brand and on to another very slowly due to the breed’s sensitive digestive system and tendency for very loose stools. They typically do best on dry kibble; however, I have tried many (many!) brands and flavors and he won’t eat the dry food unless I add something to it. That “something” right now is the canned Tripett (original formula) by PetKind, which he loves. I do think, though, that the canned foods contribute to his runny BMs. I am wondering if others who have this breed have had success with particular brands of dry and canned foods … ?

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    Hi Cindy- I work for a couple who own a small pet store and they have 2 senior greyhounds amoung other dogs. They also work closely with greyhound rescues. They feed them everything from multiple different brands, to different types of food (kibble, canned, dehydrated raw) and even expired food we take off the shelves. As far as they have told me they have no issues with their stomach’s being sensitive. Sensitive stomach to me has never really been a “breed issue” as a sensitive stomach is more likely to occur by being fed the same food for too long. If you are feeding a variety of foods and still having GI issues you may want to consider seeing a vet, if you haven’t already. Could be more than just a sensitive stomach.

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    Cindy S-

    My dogs love tripe as well. I notice that you feed canned Tripett by Petkind. Their canned tripe has carrageenan in it. Many dogs (including mind) seem to be sensitive to this ingredient. K9 Naturals sells both frozen and freeze dried tripe that does not contain carrageenan and it works much better for my dogs. They also have sensitive stomachs.

    But, yes, Pitlove is correct, it could be more than a sensitive stomach and you may want to see a vet and/or at least bring in a stool sample to be tested.

    Good luck!

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    Nice catch C4C! It’s true a lot of dogs do not tolerate carrageenan well. Try a different canned food without it and see if that makes a difference perhaps?

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    Steve M

    Trying Wellness Simple now for my two greyhounds. So far so good. One definitely has a touchy stomach (9 yrs. old). The other (6 yrs. old) is a very finicky eater. Consider reading “Canine Nutrigenomics” (free sample in Kindle). Brand new book and excellent. Among other issues, discusses food depending on your time and budget. Highly recommended.

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