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    I’m new here so not sure if this is the right place to post this. I am looking for a good, mid priced grain free kibble for my 3 Golden Retrievers. I am in Canada, hoping people can give me some good suggestions that are available here. Thanks!!

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    A grain free kibble I would recommend is acana regionals. They come in beef, chicken, lamb, and fish so it is good for rotation. My picky dog likes it and it is made with quality ingredients that are Canadian.

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    Suburban Gal

    I don’t know Canada well enough to know what can and can’t be gotten there.

    That said, I’d try finding Earthbound Holistic. They have six grain-free dry and five grain-free moist dog food formulas and are a reasonably priced food.

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    Acana is great but hardly mid ranged in price-in the states at least. dunno if it’s cheaper in Canada where it’s made. Suburban Gal is right about EB Holistic, it’s very reasonable for it’s quality. Fromm’s 4 Star is less than some. Simply Nourish Source. Whole Earth Farms

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    What about GO! and Now Fresh? They are supposed to be Canadian-made, and should be more affordable over there – they are not insanely expensive in the US, but I think they were in the mid-high range, from what I recall. Now Fresh is Grain Free, and GO! Fit+Free is grain free. I have fed a bit of the Now Fresh with no issues. Both have coconut oil, which I love to give my dog.

    That being said, Earthborn Holistic is affordable and good in the States, Dr. Tim’s, and Victor (all have grain free options). So check what’s available and affordable to you!

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    Hi 3dognight,

    I’d highly recommend Wholesome Blend or Horizon Legacy and / or Horizon Pulsar.

    I know your prices are higher than prices in the US, but both are excellent quality; and here, budget-friendly foods. Both are made in Canada.

    I have used both and think highly of them.

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    Storm’s Mom is from Canada and she reports that Fromm is one of the most expensive foods there.

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    Thanks everyone! Some of these I have never heard of…so I have my research to do Ugggg hate looking for a new food!! Funny you say Storm’s mom is from Canada….Storm is the name of one of my Goldens!

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    My GSD, pit bull, and Doberman are doing great on Wilderness kibble and home ground raw meat.

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    Lance & Nikki

    Our Great Dane loves the Merrick grain free foods. It comes in Buffalo, Duck, Real Texas Beef, Chicken, and Pork (currently on the flavor and she absolutely loves it), and they just added Salmon and Lamb. Not sure what the price range of this would be in Canada though.

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    I love Taste of the Wild formulas for a grain-free diet. Most are 4- 4.5 star foods. They are reasonably priced too. You can order online w/ free shipping or find a location near you in Canada here –

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