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    Tao G

    I have a 14 weeks Samoyed puppy, I’m feeding him bones products from this brand. Recently, I wanna switch his diet to full raw food, does anyone try raw frozen from this brand?

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    Hi Tao,

    Never heard of this company.
    There are a lot of new frozen raw food brands coming out. If you can’t find any information on this company than stay away. Me personally I prefer to source my own raw meat but if you must use a frozen company stick to the ones people write about here. Such as Hare today gone tomorrow, Miami Raw(great feedback on yelp), My pet carnivore, etc.

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    Congo is a Canadian company (and as far as I know only sell to Canadian retailers) and they are using locally sourced food. The meat for the beef, chicken and lamb are raised on local farms and grass fed, rather than grain fed.

    I use the blend not the dinners since I cook or steam vegetables for my dogs and always add fresh fruit to their diet. I have been using Congo raw for 7 months and all my 3 Shepherds love the food. As for bones, they recommend lamb necks (comes in 2 or 4 lbs bag) since they are a lot easier on the dog’s teeth than beef bones. One of my dog is 12 years old and her teeth are worn down so I buy the frozen chicken necks for her to achieve a good meat/bone ratio.

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    Sloane K

    I haven’t personally used them, but I noticed they don’t seem to have many reviews yet so until they build some reviews I would be conservative and wait it out. There are plenty of other raw food brands out there as it seems like this industry is growing rather quickly.

    Wish your pet the best.

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    Nicole H

    I’ve been feeding congo raw for along time to my boxers. First boxer, the raw diet cleared up all her tumors. My second and third guy have been fed congorawsince birth. They are both in great shape and optimal health.

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