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    Ryan K

    My dog has recently been having issues with his anal glands and I have been constantly having to have them expressed at the vets office. This is no problem to me but I am wondering if there is a better food I could put him on that might alleviate those issues and make him more comfortable for longer periods between those expressing sessions? He is currently on California Natural’s Grain Free Salmon Meal & Peas. I do not know of any specific protein allergies although he does get itchy with some foods *lamb, chicken*. Please let me know if there is a brand or food that is recommended for better anal gland health in pups.

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    Hi Ryan, I had to have Patches anal glandes expressed every month, I started adding boiled pumkin with his meals about 1 tablespoon, I’d cut up the pumkin & boil it then freeze little sections….I’d pull out the night before for the next day…I stopped the pumkin about 2 months ago & Patch started his scooting alone my carpets again, now he’s back on his pumkin the scooting has stopped…

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    Hi Ryan

    Anal gland issues are common among dogs with food hypersensitivities, so watching for other signs and avoiding foods that bother your pup is a good start. As Susan eluded, getting the fiber level right for your dog helps them to express their glands on their own, so you may want to check the fiber level in your current food and look for a higher fiber level on the next food, or add pumpkin, chia seeds, or psyllium to increase the fiber.

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    I have Cavaliers, who as a breed are known for anal gland problems. I have two that tend to have issues. I found that it is definitely food/fiber related. I am feeding grain free and found a supplement from my vet that has helped better than anything I have found, yet, even the Firm Up. It’s from Vet Classics and is their Allergy skin and coat chews. I give them 2 a day and have not had any anal gland problems since. I get them from my vet and have ordered online, but they are getting harder to find. Vet Classics is the same company as Natur Vet, though, which has the same product avaliable at Petco. The only thing the Natur Vet product is missing colustrum as an ingredient, which I think helps a lot.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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