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    Johnnie W

    What is the best food for miniature schnauzers? We are getting a new puppy and do not want to make a bad choice for her food. We know that schnauzers are prone to getting bladder stones so we want to be sure that the food we choose does not contribute by having ingredients that would be bad for our puppy

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    Hi Johnny. I have owned Schwartz for over 20 yrs and to date have never had a problem with stones. I feed higher quality kibble raw dehydrated etc. Avoid carp foods with lots of fillers dyes and chemic as last. They are more prone to pancreatitis so use caution with high fat foods.

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    I really hate my phones auto correct…make that schnauzers, not

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    LOL!! I noticed that Melissa! You had some doozies in that one. I also liked your suggestion to avoid “carp” foods with lots of fillers dyes and “chemic at last.”

    Auto correct makes me crazy. How do I not see some of that stuff before I hit submit? I actually fired up the old desktop so I could type out a longer response to someone in another thread the old fashioned way!

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    I hate the stupid thing. I thought the same thing about not noticing before I hit send/reply and watched it one day/ My phone lets me type it correctly, and the minute I hit send, it changes it. I try not to use my phone for emails and posting, but sometimes I just don’t have the laptop handy. argh!

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    And, obviously that should be crap food, and chemicals, lol..

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    Lol at Schwartz!

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    Lol!! Melissa, when I read “Schwartz”, I just thought you had a schnauzer named Schwartz, lol! Also thought it was odd that you had a schnauzer, named Schwartz, that was 20 years old, lol! I never thought it was a typo. Now it IS funny! Lol!

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    Lol. Might have to name my next one Schwartz 🙂

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    Lol. I too thought your dogs name was Schwartz which I thought was kinda cute. Didn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to eat carp though. I thought maybe carp had too much mercury or something and was going to add it to my Do Not Feed list. Haha.

    I will definitely try not to feed them crap.

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